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The Shortridge 

Annual 1980 

Volume 66 


Laura Smirh 
Kevin Hormon 

Student Life editors: 

Janer Molzon 
Laura Henr^ 

Sports editors: 

Dersy DIankenbaker 
Keirh Parks 

Studies editors: 

Jill Morford 
Carole Moss 

Services editor: 

Jasmin Dehroozi 

Speciol People editors: 

Lisa Flint 
Jane Creveling 
Hiedi Vail 
Angela Graves 

Promotions Monogers: 

Ted Morgan 
Chrisry Calvin 

Student Photogropiier: 

Kurr Crosslond 

Advisory editor: 

Susan Earnhorr 


Tom Dirk 

Josten's Representotive: 

Dick Mourer 

Professionoi Photographer: 

Chose Studios 

Shortridge High School 
3401 N. Meridian 
Indianapolis, IN 46208 


■ne 3 

THE FOOTBALL TEAM drew many people ro rhe gome rhis 
year, proving rhor spirir lives in S H,S 

2 Theme 

Shortridge Lives! 

Shorrridge has occupied ir's piece or 
34rh and Meridian since 1928, For ren 
years if hod needed renovorion, yer none 
hod been given. Finally in rhe spring of 
1977, when rhe school boord vored ro 
keep SHS open, rhings begon ro look up. A 
mogner school for rhe performing arts was 
odded in rhe fall of 1978 and rhe school 
boord commired irself ro a renovation 
plan. Originally ir was ro hove been for 18 
million bur ir was lorer reduced ro 5 million. 
A separate $475,000 was also ollored for 
repairs needing immediore ortention. In 
rhe fall of 1979 some preliminary work 
hod been srorred bur there was not much 
indication that SHS wos getting what hod 
been promised. 

Although we or Shorrridge have woired 

PRINCIPLE, DEN JOHNSON, gives a fond farewell ro o 1979 

ALTHOUGH THE SCHOOL BOARD members could nor 
moke rhe final decision, rhey ployed on imporronr porr in 
finalizing rhe renovorion plan for S.H.S. 

poriently for rhe plans ro be finalized, we 
conrinue ro owoir irs beginning with enthu- 
siosm. We hove not lost interesr in our 
cause or ler ir die for we or Shorrridge ore 
srill very much olive. From our firsr days as 
freshmen ro rhe groduorion ceremony, 
everything from foorboll gomes ro english 
class hove been kepr olive. 

The people, of course, are whar really 
moke up SHS. The tangible port of the 
school, the building and it's facilities ore 
also a parr of Shorrridge as o whole. Dur ir 
hos been proven rhot excellent facilities do 
not Q school moke. We ot Shorrridge de- 
serve firsr rore fociliries bur, as in rhe posr, 
we hove learned to live without. What is 
imporronr is rhe foa rhor we hove moin- 
toined on identity as o living funaioning 
school body. With the new buildings and 
equipment the school will hove on even 
better chonce to live. 


The opening of school found things quire 
Q bir different rhon we expected. The firsr 
sight to greet us was picketing teachers 
who hod gone on stril^e. This was, of 
course, quire o blow ro rhe orgonizorion of 
the first days ocrivities. But even though 
things were more disorganized than usual 
this wos not to be rhe only resuir of rhe 

The reacher's job acrion forced rhe clos- 
ing of schools, coused disruprion of rhe be- 
ginning of school and on o lighrer nore influ- 
enced rhe changing of rhe Shorrridge soccer 
ream's name, rhe new nome, rhe Shor- 
rridge Srrikes. Dur all of this was nor wholly 
rhe fauir of rhe teachers. The more occu- 
rare place ro pur rhe blome would be ro 
divide ir berween rhe reochers and rhe 
school board. Firsr, a clarifocarion of rhe 
parries involved. The rwo orgonizorions in- 
volved were rhe I.E. A. (Indionopolis Educa- 
rion Associarion) which is rhe lorgesr reoch- 
ers union (opproximarely 0800 members) in 
Indianapolis, and rhe Indianapolis School 
Board of Commissioners, rhe governing 
body of rhe Indianapolis Public School sys- 

The problems began when rhe rwo par- 
ries failed ro reach on ogreemenr on a 
reacher's conrrocr by rhe firsr doy of school. 
The main issue in quesrion was o raise in 
pay for rhe reochers. The reochers asked 
for an 11.5% raise in addirion ro o 0% cosr of 

Ridge Lives Tiirougli It 

living increase. The school board moinroined 
rhar because of funding problems wirh rhe 
srore ir could offer no more rhon rhe rorol 
4% raise. The orher issues involved were 
reocher prepararory rime, splir classes, and 
reimbursement for purchase of materials. 

The reochers hod vored ro go on strike if 
rhey did not have a controcr rhe firsr day of 
school. Ar 6:00 A.M., Seprember 4, or a 
reochers' roily or Durler Universiry, o srrike 
was called. For rhe srudenrs, rhe firsr day of 
the strike was nor entirely unwelcome. Sen- 
ior Susie Srillwell sold, "The firsr few days 
were greor. Ir was exciring end seeing rhor 
no one was ready ro srarr bock ir was a lor 
of fun." The firsr day, I.P.S. reporred 51% of 
rhe reochers obsenr while rhe I.E. A. report- 
ed 76% out. Dy rhe second day, rhe figures 
hod grown and or Shorrridge only 18 of rhe 
regular 60 reochers showed up. Bur as rhe 
firsr srrike ro hir the Indianapolis school sys- 
tem since 1972 lengthened, student and 
community opinion begon to change. "It 
began ro ger boring ofrer owhile, and I 
hoped it wouldn't lost long." Sophomore 
Debbie Dougherry commenred. 

con'r on p 7 

MP, P,OY ADEP-SON addresses scliool board ar rlie 
Seprember 25\h meering Mr Aberson wos rlie orily 
Slnorrndge reoclner ro address \he boord during rine 
regular speecin segment of rlie meering 


■^■^ s 4 

4 Srrilse 

CHAOS APLENTY as sophomores ger rheir schedule on rhe 
firsr doy of school Decouse of rhe shortage of reochers 
guidance dosses, where schedules ore usuolly passed our, 
were reploced wirh moss schedule pass ours, 

SHOrXTRIDGE TEACHER, Mr Dorron Richardson, pickers on 
Meridian Srreer in fronr of rhe school The reochers olrernar- 
ed shifrs ro mainroin o consronr presence in fronr of rhe 
school, leaving only for LEA rollys, police crockdowns and 
when school hours were finished. 

Srrike 5 

Karl Kolp, Doord Commissioners Dr. Mary Dusch and Porricio 
Velch lisren ro inrroducrions of people in orrendonce or rhe 
September 25rh meeting. During the meeting severe! 
teachers, parents and community leaders addressed rhe 
board on rheir concern about the continuation of the strike. 

MR HOOVER, BAKER and Mr Phillip Hirsch picket in front of 
the school during one of the first days of rhe strike. Mr. 
Doker was one of several teachers orrested by rhe Indiana- 
polis Police several days later for violating Judge Huse's 
order to cease picketing 

=«sa -^ 

M i 

6 Strike 

Strike Con J, 

con'r from p. 4 

Bur conrinue ir did, posr rhe firsr week, 
through rhe second, and inro rhe rhird unril 
some Qcrion wos finally token. During rhe 
rhird week. Judge Huse handed down o 
courr order rhor ordered rhe reochers bock 
ro work ond ordered pickers orresred by 
rhe Indianapolis police. One sripulorion of 
rhe order wos rhor reochers nor rerurning ro 
rhe classroom would foce o $25 a day fine 
rhor would hove ro be marched by rhe 
I.E. A. The order hod no effecr rhough as 
reochers remoined our of school. Some 
reochers olso tried to continue picketing, but 
were promptly arrested. Among those ar- 
rested were Shortridge reochers Mr. Barron 
Richardson, Mr. Hoover Baker, and Mr. Da- 
vid Hammer. As rhe fourrh week passed, 
rempers became shorr berween oil parries 
involved, and wirh rhe ourside communiry 

MR, THOMAS PAYNE rolks wirh Mary Ann Endsley during o 
break berween dosses. Mr Payne was one of rhe few 
reochers found in rhe school during rhe firsr few days of rhe 
srrii^e All deporrmenr heads, like Mr Payne, were in school 
because rheir conrracr was srill in effecr. 

breorhing fire, rhe parries rerurned ro rhe 
bargaining roble. Finolly, during rhe fifrh 
week rhe reochers rerurned ro rhe school 
and rhe conrrocr negoriorions wenr ro bind- 
ing orbirrorion. 

The end resuir of rhe srrike will be rhe 
lingering emorions and rension hanging 
over rhe school sysrem. Ir has been agreed 
rhor neirher side will win o clear cur Vicrory 
bur rhere is nor doubr that there was o 
loser; the students. 

Srnke 7 

live It Up' Before Winter 

There is no opprooch of ourumn. Ir simply 
occurs every year, wirhour foil. The only on- 
sloughr of foil is summer, so when we feel rhe 
cooler breezes and see rhe changing colors, ir is 
nor rhe opprooch of ourumn. Confusing? Well, 
anyway, enough philosophy. Ar rhis poinr ou- 
rumn has already arrived ond posr. The our- 
ward changes ore all foirly obvious. However, 
rhere ore inword changes rhor lead ro whor 
we see. An opening or rhe srem of o leaf 
grows dosed. The chlorophyl, which gives 
leaves rheir green appearance, fodes. Corp- 
rene and zonrhrophyll, other pigments in rhe 
leaves, become more prevolenr and give us 
rhe blazing fall colors. The leaf rhen eventually 
dies for lock of worer and sop. 

The remperotures begin ro take a gradual 
nosedive. Nature follows a course of slow de- 
mise, until ir reaches o period of dormancy. In 
rhis srore it remains until spring (nor until the 
onslaught of spring, because that is winter). 

However, while narure slowly winds down 
ro a srop, school ocriviry picte up or o fosr and 
furious rare. Sporring evenrs increase, dosses 
and clubs ger rheir yearly projecrs srorted and 
students, anxious to moke the best of the lost 
few warm doys, head for the great outdoors. 
Armed to the teeth with frisbees, soccer bolls 
and somerhing cold ro drink, srudenrs take to 
the pork ro soak up the sun and enjoy the color 
of fall. "We jusr live ir up. All i need is a soccer 
boll o lirrle beer ond a worm day ro hove o lor 
of fun," Junior, Croig Harmon said. For rhe 
srudenrs, fall is probobly rhe besr seoson of all, it 
combines near perfecr weorher, beouriful sce- 
nery and chonce ro "live ir up" before rhe 
roke over by winter. 

VILL NEY AND KEITH PARKS srond amazed os Druce Drosius 
gers reody ro collecr his case of Lire beer. Acruolly irs no 
rricl^ jusr soccer procrice. 


NOV FOR A BIT OF FALL FUN. Here Tim Crean rakes some 
Qurumnol gold on a grimocing Edie Cossell, 

A TOUCH OF THE COUNTRY con be found if you lool^ hard 
enough for ir. This view is from rhe Kessler srreer bridge 
looking our over Whire River. 

Fell 9 

The school day, rhe rime oppoinred each 
day for rhe rosk of culrivoring rhe mind. Bur 
rhor is on inodequore definirion. For or Shor- 
rridge rhere was more rhon rhe academic 

All of ir began brighr and early wirh rhe 
ring of rhe olorm or rhe shrill cry of rhe oil ro 
wide owake morher. From rhere ir was a 
bire of Caprain Crunch, o quick shower, and 
our rhe door. Then rhere was rhe corpool, 
rhe bus, ond for rhe more odvenrurous, rhe 
rhumb as rhe oil imporronr ride ro school is 

Nexr, rhere was rhe firsr period class ond 
rhe impersonal bong of rhe inrercom de- 
manded your immediore presence in class. 
On you rrudge up rhe sroirs (six flighrs in all) 
ro rhar blue cubide rhar held oil of your 
scholarly possessions. You rhrew your coor 

Living Ttie Ridge Life 

in, grabbed your boote and sprinred down 
rhe holl ro begin rhe academic process. 

The cycle wos iniriored, firsr period, sec- 
ond, rhird, ere. Dur woir, rhere was more 
rhon robor like exisrence. There was rhe 
living parr of rhe P«idge; rhe people. Friends 
surrounded you in all your classes ond rhen 
of course rhere was rhar fabulous five min- 
ures inberween classes. 

No one crammed as much inro five min- 
ures as rhe overage Ridge srudenr. There 
was a nicorine fir ro rake care of, a hair rhar 
was our of ploce, a candy bar ro buy and a 
myraid of orher rhings ro accomplish. 

Wirhin no rime or oil, lunch hod arrived 
and lo ond behold rhe end of rhe doy was 
righr oround rhe corner. Dur rhor end was 
only for awhile. Tomorrow wos onorher 
day ro live or rhe Ridge. 

'Jffl^fl**! " " MJ^fl S W.^ ^j y , 


TONIA GI^AY AND RHONDA JACKSON illusrrore riieir rrue 
feelings through rheir expressions of how rhey feel mosr 
every day or rhe beginning of rhe firsr period. 

WENDALL WESTMORELAND SEEMS ro be srudying his com- 
panions more rhon rhe booh which he is supposed ro be 

10 School Doy 

School Day 11 

Weekends Live At SHS 

Weekends, rhe crazy rime of rhe week 
where you can sroy our lore wirhour having 
ro rise bleary eyed ro o 7:30 olorm and o 
day of school. Ridgers, like every high 
school srudenr in rhe good old U.S. of A., use 
rhis rime wisely. Divesring rhemselves of 
rheir scholarly responsibiliries rhe srudenrs 
slide inro rheir casuals and head for wher- 
ever pleasure awoirs rhem. For some ir's 
blue jeans and on old swearer as rhey 
drown our rhe week wirh rhe mellowness 
(or rowdiness) of rhe much owaired parry. 
For orhers ir's dancing shoes and rhar fam- 
ous "Fever" as rhey groove ro rhe moving 
sounds of rhe disco jam. The more spirired 
break our rhe blue and whire and head for 
rhe neoresr Shorrridge orhleric evenr ro 
show rhey believe rhe Devils "con do ir." 
Lasr bur always rhe leasr popular is rhe 
weekend job. Wherher ir's scolding your 
hands washing dishes or selling someone 
somerhing "rhor everyone musr hove one 
of", rhe weekend job for many is o necessi- 
ry. Dur never fear rhe worker gers his 
wages and rhere's always rhar weekend 
off ro make up for ir. So, wherher ir be rhe 

parry life, rhe disco dance, rhe gome of rhe 
week or rhe labor grind, resr assured rhor 
rhe srudenrs of SHS moke rheir weekends 
live. As Junior Joner Molzan said, "Week- 
ends are a rime ro relax and nor worry 
abour all rhe sruff I need ro do." 

srudenrs jom ro rhe Fridoy nighr foorball gome or Julius 

Kim Johnson orremprs a forehand rerurn. 

12 Weekends 

Weekends 10 

PP>OTESTING THE NUCLEAR movemenr, Marry Henn and 
Joner Molzon proudly wear rheir no-NUKE shirrs and bur- 

DUE TO THE RISING cosr of gasolirie, many srudenrs were 
forced ro cor pool ro school Here Kennerh Warkins, Jeff 
Cohen, Corhy Moyberry, Willie Ney, Suson LoFollerre and 
Marry Henn ride home rogerher 

14 Currenr Evenrs 

Energy Effects SHS Living. 

The gas shortage, inflorion and nuclear 
proresrs — rhese evenrs and orhers shape 
how our day ro day lives proceed. Wheth- 
er it's cor pooling, forgetting about that 
fabulous sweater or a feeling of moral re- 
sponsibility, students have found that world- 
ly events shape their lives. 

At this time the United Stotes as o whole 
faces many dilemnos. To generolize, the 
United States has found itself cought in the 
middle of a world wide oil shortage. This, 
directly and indirectly has led to other prob- 
lems facing our country. Because of the 
high price of gasoline and other oil related 
products, industry has been forced to lay off 
employees and hike prices of it's products. 
These circumstances have erected massive 
unemployment, inflation ond a search for 
alternate energy sources. 

One problem that has directly resulted 
from the oil shortage is a rise in gasoline 
prices. This con be attributed to disturbances 
and raised prices in the OPEC (Organization 
of Petroleum Exporting Countries) countries. 
For Shorrridge students this has mode cor 
pooling, riding the bus or that lost resort, 
walking, a necessity, "i ride the bus or get a 
ride with a freind's father," freshmen 
Chris Helft soid. "Also my mom and dad 
don't take me as many places." 

Along with the high price of gasoline the 
price of everything has skyrod-^eted. Infla- 
tion has hit the pocketbook of Ridge stu- 
dents just as hard as it has the rest of the 
country. Coupled with a high percentage of 
high school unemployment students buying 
power has been extremely limited. Sopho- 
more Mike Selby commented, "I used to 
have on allowance but now I don't. De- 
cause of that I can't go to as many parties 
or go on spending sprees like I used ro." 

Another view was given by on employed 
student. "My paychecks ore going faster 
because of the prices. I spend all my money 
before I con get to the bonk," said Junior 
Mike Dohrenwend. Because of the short- 
oge of oil and it's high price olternote ener- 
gy sources hove been sought out. One 
source is nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is 
a cheap source of energy but has come 
under enormous protest becouse of the 
Three Mile Island incident at Horrisburg, 
Pennsylvania and the dongers ossociated 
with nuclear power. Senior Marty Henn 
summed up the protest, "There is danger of 
radioactive isotopes escaping during mining, 
there is also a danger of meltdown in the 
plant ond to complicate matters there is no 
permanent dumping ground for nuclear 
woste. It's possible thot it could be destruc- 
tive to the human race." 

Current events at Shorrridge echo the 
events of our world. We as students adapt 
to changes and flow with the tide of hap- 
penings, oil of it is part of living. 

NEW TO THE Shorrridge neighborhood rhis yeor wos 
Greiner's Subshop. Irs' delicious pizza and sandwiches 
expended rhe "ideas" for lunch. 

Current Evenrs 15 

Fods That Lived In 1930 

New books,, new dosses and new reoch- 
ers oren'r rhe only rhing rhor moke up o 
school year. Magazines, shopping centers 
and drug stores are among rhe monopoliz- 
ers of the "bock to school" doys. Every 
year each one of us blows our hard eorned 
money (or our parent's money, as the cose 
may be) on new clothes for school ond this 
year was no exception. 

This year some of the "in" things on the 
fashion scene were,- the suede saddle 
shoes, the double belt, the blazer, the nar- 
row shirt, tweed ponts ond the small col- 
lared shirr. Many of the fashions and hair- 
styles seemed to have taken a step back- 
ward toward the earlier port of this century. 

But, fashion wasn't the only other thing 
new this year. Jogging and rollerskoting, 
although not brand new to rhe scene, were 
token up with a new flair. Jogging is not just 
for the trock stars anymore. Many 'Ridgers 
hove taken it up just for personal pleasure 
ond exercise. Senior, Nathan Blond, on irreg- 
ular jogger, soys he jogs when he feels out 

of shape and needs some exercise. "It 
keeps you limber." 

Rollerskoting come bock from the roller 
rinte of rhe "Fifties" to the sidewolte of the 
"Eighties." It was not only a new way of 
tronsporrorion, but it was greet exercise 
also, Freshmon, Joe Srilwell soys, "it beats 

Of course, along with the fads ond fash- 
ions that started, there were rhose that 
died, like goucho pants and the crew cut. 
These were jusr some of rhem that lived this 

ENJOYING THE EXCERCI5E he gers, Bruce Drosius jogs 
around Dufler Universiry, 

JOE STILWELL AND David Guernsey save rheir bus mon- 
ey by rollerskcring ro school. 

16 Fods And Foshions 


BOOKS, CAMERAS, COATS, and purses, ir's omozing whor 
you con ger in a backpack Here Jane Creveling, Liso Flint, 
ond Suson Earnharr model several sryles of rhem 

Alexander, Carole Moss ond LoTonyo Bass model rhe 
fashions of 1980. 


Fads And Fashions 17 

Getting The Knock 

Homecoming 79 

The gome was guoronreed ro be a breeze, 
rhe floors were promised ro "ignire" our spirits, 
or^d rhe porries were sure ro succeed ^ Wirh oil 
rhis confidence, Ridgers eagerly owoired rhe 
Homecoming Gome of 79. 

Prepororion began earlier in rhe week wirh 
floor building, football procrice and election of 
the Homecoming Court. Loyal fans gove their 
imoginorions a workout by making banners to 
urge rhe Blue Devils on ro victory. Even rhe 
French Club joined in wirh a message for rhe 
ream relling rhem ro "Chossez les Chevaliers!" 
(Chase the Knights.) 

When the evening finally arrived, ir proved 
well worth waiting for. Still unknown to every- 
one's knowledge is what Paul West and Julio 
Wegener were doing inside rhe sophomore 
float; they received rhe ritle of "Most Unusual." 
To the disappointment of the juniors, the dry 
ice on rheir float kind of "dried up." Even so, 
they captured rhe "Mosr Creotive" Award. 
The seniors ran inro o "hidden" power line 
with their "Best of Show" float and all col- 
lapsed, laughing on the ground. Bur the ques- 
tion on everybody's mind is, "Who kidnopped 
rhe freshman floor?" The mysrery remains un- 

The gome wenr as forecosred wirh rhe 
team tearing up Arlingron 48 ro 6. Afrer rhe 
usual pre-gome rension, we all began ro relax 
and have o good rime. We even hod rhe 
confidence ro lough when the Knights scored 
rheir only rouchdown. Our hopes of rhe posr 
week hod been fulfilled. 

Then come what oil of us were woiting for: 
rhe post-gome parties. As we drove off tooting 
our horns and screaming ourlondish rhings, rhe 
foremosr rhought on everyone's mind was, 
"We're gonno hove some fun now." 

connnued on p. 21 

WHO'S HELPING WHO' Ir's hard ro soy, bur Koren Cormody 
ond Sreve Helmer were obviously doing somerhing righr 

THE VICTORY seemed o breeze ro specrorors, bur up close 
you could see rhor our Sorons worked for ir. 

18 Homecoming 

JULIE PEACOCK, chosen Freshman princess, enjoys rhe glo- 
ry as she is driven around rhe rrock 

DEATH AND DEVASTATION! who would hove rhoughr 
somerhing like rhis could happen or a Shorrridge Home- 
coming' Paul Vesr and Julio Wagener display rheir wry 

Homecoming 19 

HEAVE-HOI Ir rook lors of Junior spinr and person-power ro 
Keep rhis one moving 

SAY "CHEESE" and smile prerry The comeros coprure o 
proud momenr as Seniors pose wirh rheir "Besr of Show" 

20 Homecoming 

Homecoming '79 Con J. 

con'r from p 18 

A craving for pizzo seemed evident rhor 
nighr as various resrouronr chains were invad- 
ed. Ar one Godfather's a rowdy Eric Johnson 
rold us, "We were having a good rime — unril 
rhey rhrew us our." To Eric Galloway, ir looked 
OS if King Arthur's didn't have room for thirteen 
more so he and his friends ended up on the 
front lawn of the home of a sleeping Mr. and 
Mrs. Childers. Some students ran home to 
chonge into their party rogs, while a lucky few 
sped off into the night to such faraway destina- 
tions OS Drown County and the "Hilly Hundred" 
near DIoomington. 

Wherever the celebrating takes place, it al- 
ways proves to be the most fun of all. 

"FLICK MY Die," shours Jane Creveling as she cheers her 
floor on 

BEAUTY AND DP, AWN, Whor o combincrion for rhe Closs of 
80's Homecoming King end Queen Derr Porks . . . er Mr 
Johnson congrorulores I3ernice Warren and Kennerh Doll 

Homecoming 21 

Live From Indy, It's 

Senior Night Live! 

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and 
welcome ro Sror Tracks, rhe show rhor traces 
the lives of Hollywood's most famous show biz 

Tonight we're going to talk about o whole 
group of people who all hoil from rhe some 
high school. All rhe wonderful stars thor ore 
with us this evening got their start at Shorrridge 
High School in the 1979 Senior Variety Show, 
Senior Night Live, 

The show was opened with those immortal 
words, "From Shorrridge High, it's Senior Night 
Live," and from there the rest is history 

Two strictly instrumental groups, rhe SHS 
Band under the direction of Dilly Wooten and 
the duo of Peter Craig and Paul Gollowoy, 
performed, as did Potrici-; Appleron, Anthony 
Appleron, and Keith Butler in a unicycle act. 

Many of our well-known, present day danc- 
ers such as Lucia Bardwell, the SHS Dance 
Troupe, and rhe Disco Dance Troupe displayed 
their tolent on stage. 

Some of the best comedians in the business 

today were in rhe opening and the Senior 
Nighr Live Weekend Updote skit. 

There is o whole bevy of singers who were 
parr of rhe show. Jessica Hayes, Clara Burnett, 
Richord Perrie, Michelle Brown, Sola Bewers, 
Ingrid Hollingsworrh, Dione Gore, Anthony Vin- 
son, Coilette Ross, Mark Durhom, Georgio 
Woodruff, Kenny Boll, and Tomoro Whirred all 
managed to drive rhe audience wild with their 
beautiful voices and unique singing styles. In 
fact, Clara Burnett and Richard Pertie won first 
place for their rendition of "Too Much, Too 
Little, Too Late." 

The collection of talent on stage for rhe SHS 
'79 Senior Voriery Show has grown inro a 
collection of talent that goes on srage all 
around the world todoy. It must've been some 

PRECARIOUSLY BALANCED on his unique one-wheeler, 
Anrhony Appleron pedals rhe rood ro srordom. 

HARMONY IS THE DEST POLICY for Cloro Durnerr and Rich- 
ard Perrie 

22 Senior Voriery Show 

nor bur rhese Ridgerres really Knew how ro jom 

MASTER OF CEREMONIES Mr Hoover DoKer dozzled rhe 
audience wirh his "inreresnng" apparel. 

Senior Voriery Show 20 

Okies Find A Home At Siiortridge 

"Oklahoma, where rhe wind comes sweep- 
ing down rhe plain!" Even rhe mosr norrhern 
minded ciry slickers recognize rhe rheme song 
of rhis year's senior musical producrion. The old- 
foshioned, lyrical Western creared by rhe fam- 
ous song-wriring reom of Rogers and Hommer- 
srein, was presenred in Caleb Mills Holl on No- 
vember 28rh and 29rh, Ir hod a rarher omoz- 
ing effecr on rhe casr which was evidenr when 
snorches of "Oh, whar a beautiful Morning" 
could be heard echoing rhrough rhe halls. Rich- 
ard Perrie refused ro answer ro any orher 
name bur "Will" Even rhose nor involved gor 
a whiff of waving wheor from rhe srage door. 

When opening nighr finally arrived ir was 
clear ro see whar rhe exciremenr and weeks 
of rehearsol were oil abour We sow our 
friends magically transformed inro members of 
rhe Wild Wesr, complere wirh perncoors, long 
gowns, and ren gallon hars, Desr of all was rhe 
singingi The firsr number, "Oh whor a beouriful 
Morning I" rook rhe audience back ro rhe Wesr 
when ir was a new and rhriving rerrirory of 
cowhands and farmers rrying rheir besr ro ger 
along. The sly peddler, Ali Hockhom, played by 
Drenr Hendon, added o rouch of humor wirh 
his carperbog of "inreresring" rrinkers and his 
shorr-lived odmirarion for Ado Annie, played 
by Dorlo Young. Romance was in rhe oir for 
rhe two leoding chorocrers, Curly and Laurey, 
ployed by Mork Durham and Ingrid Hollings- 
worrh, while Leo Correllini, porrroying Aunr Ellie 
kepr a worchful eye over all. 

When rhe currains fell and all rerurned ro rhe 
reoliry of a modern day ciry, rhey were lefr 
wirh a warm feeling inside. They hod jusr been 
entertained by a production rhar wos rhe epit- 

ome of Shorrridge's musical and dramoric tal- 

"MANY A NEW DAY" will down before Lourey, (Ingrid 
Holllnsworrh) lers any man ger her down 

propose ro his doughrer Ado Annie 

24 Oklohoma 

IN THE MIDDLE of oil rhe confusion Curly and Lourey bursr 
our wirh o love song 

AUNT ELLEP>, a rhrifry shopper, considers wherher rhe 
bloomers All Hockhom is selling will look good under o 

Oklahoma 25 

The Stars Were Out That Night 



KING GIDEON is more rhon o lirrle shocked when rhe 
wizord's love porion badsfires 

THE CAST of "The Afrerlife of Veronica Chose" rrys ro hirch 
Q ride Will Nore Blond's sexy pose be o help or o hinder- 

Jr, VQudeville '60 

One lore foil nighr, future ocr chairmen be- 
gan ro ger ideas, incomplere ar firsr, for perfect 
Voudeville scripts, Sonne dreamt of gleaming 
fangs, others of angel wings, another of o fire 
breathing dragon. The thoughts started rolling, 
goined momentem and soon they come to- 
gether in coherent unities. Blocks away in other 
houses dancers began to tap their feet, singers 
practiced their scoles, pionists twinkled their 
ivories and comedians practiced foiling on their 

When the show-to-be had been chosen 
these ideas donced out of the minds and onto 
rhe sroge. Long afternoons were spent ogoniz- 
ing over lines, steps ond notes. Costs were 
encouraged to stretch their vocal cords ond 
"project". Unsurpressable fits of loughter befell 
even the strictest of act chairmen. To rhe sur- 
prize of all it was fun. 

The performance nights were both anticipat- 
ed and feared at the some time. The possibility 
of a sudden attack of stage fright at the wrong 
rime wos terrifying. Nevertheless spirits soared 
and lines began to sound like meoningful mes- 
sages instead of a moss of jumbled words. 

The magic that held this all together like glue 
was the fact that it was ours, oil ours. The 
writing, directing, scene building, acting, sing- 
ing, doncing, music, and lighting were all cre- 
ations out of the creative minds of Shortridge. 

26 Junior Vaudeville 

LURKING IN deep dork corners wos o chilling posnme for 
rhe CQsr of "I Love rhe Nighir Life." 

PRINCE ANTONY gets f^is kcks by rorruring poor inno- 
cenr fire-breorhing dragons (in NiKes'). 

Junior Vaudeville 27 

JOHN EASLEY AND Cord Hole roke a run for rhe roses os 
rhey gollop roword rhe finish line. 

28 Sporrs 


In This Section: 

Tennis Today 

What Happened To 
Tiie Blue Crustr? 


A Port Of The Game 

Tracii Triumphs 

MICHELLE MILLER TWE5 o new forehand srroke. The slice. 

>^. -ill 


THREE-HUNDRED 5IXTY-F0UR . . . 365 . . . only 314 more 
ro do! 

Sporrs 29 

Blue Crush Expires At End 

Towords rhe end of summer when Morher 
Norure is or her besr, scorching rhe eorrh wirh 
blistering roys and using her humid oir os o 
deadly dererenr ro all orhleres, onorher foorball 
seoson began 

As usuol rhe Shorrndge rurn our was small 
and rhe ream didn'r look very impressive, bur 
wirh excellenr coaching from Gory Drown 
(now a 6 year vereron or SHS), Richord Craw- 
ley and rhe new coach on rhe scene, Vosco 
Wolron, rhe Devils pieced rogerher a ream of 
superior rolenr. The highlighr of rhe season 
came when rhe "Blue Crush' defeored pre- 
viously ronked #1 Norrhwesr Pioneers in over- 
rime on rheir home field, 20-14. Senior quorrer- 
bock Kenny Riggins rose from his 3rd srring spor 
a year ago ro lead rhe Soran charge. Riggins 
rhrew over 10 TD posses giving rhe Ridge a 
dimension rhey hod lacked for yeors. 

Afrer gerring off ro a slow srorr, Kenny Pea- 
cock, a 1,000 yard rusher os o Junior, didn'r 
quire reach rhe mogic number (1,000 yds), bur 
added ro his rushing pass receiving which inrurn 
mode rhings difficuir for rhe opposing reom 

Alrhough rhe Devils finished wirh o mediocre 
record, rhey were nor o mediocre ream. Shor- 
rridge faced 6 Srore rored reams or one rime or 
onorher ond finished wirh 2 vicrories over 
Norrhwesr and Tech, falling in double overrime 
ro Drood Ripple and losing very close games ro 
Chorord, Marshall and Den Dovis. 

Injuries played o focror in rhese defears SHS 
losr rwo running bocks Drerr Nolcox and Darwin 
Middleron, linebacker Lesrer Rowe, leading re- 
ceiver Thomos Williams and a score of linemen. 
Srill in rhe midsr of all rhis rermoil, Coach Gory 
Drowns ream finished wirh a record of 5-5 

KENNY r>>IGGINS THROWING downfield ro Tommi Williams 
during rhe first tiolf of rfie Drood P,ipple gome ori 

Seprember 7rli 

Varsity Football 





14 OT 




Drood Ripple 


18 OT 



Den Dovis 


Arrucks - 














30 Foorboll 

TOMMI WILLIAMS corches rhe rouchdown pass from quar- 
rerbock Kenny Riggins for Shorrndge's firsr score 

RIGGINS hands off ro Drenr Nolcox on 2nd ond long bur rhe 
defense reads rhe ploy 



Football feam — Front Row: Randy DonKs, Roberr 
Carroll, Lorry Worron, Kevin Wells, Forresr Raddiffe, 
Lesrer Rowe, James Dollow, Morh Jenkins, Gerald Sar 
geanr, Kenny Peacock, Brerr Nolcox, Tim Gardner, Joe 
Cougari, Jerry Banc, Coach Brown Middle Row: Todd 
Turner, David Diggs, Jack Guilford, Kenny Doll, Jeff 
Peddigrew, Kenny Riggins, Cedric Sranron, Gregg 
Brase, Ron Alexander, Clarence Turner, Bill Holland, 

G V Fleming, Gary Davis, Som Keys, Coach Crawley 
Dock Row: Coach Hoynes, Keirh Parks, Keirh Dovis, 
Paul Vheor, Dorwin Middleron, Ray Sprodly, Royal 
Temple, Ezra Johnson, Lucio Anderson, Tommie Wil- 
liams, Henry Jordan, Kennerh Dickens, Keirh Dickens, 
Jeff Ourlaw, Brian Riechel, Corl Brown, Corr Thomos, 
Byron Temple, Wolron 

Foorboll 31 

Frosh, jy Sweat In Heat. 

Freshman Football 





Drood Ripple 















Junior Varsity Football 





Drood Ripple 





Den Dqvis 













This years season srorred with 80 degree 
days coupled with 85% humidity. The extreme 
hear mode rhings uncomfortable but undaunt- 
ed by it all, the frosh and reserve still hit the 
practice field everydoy. This years teams 
worked together during proctice, improving 
both teams offense and defense. 

Doth teams started their season v^ith victo- 
ries over Tech v^ith the freshmen continuing 
their streak in their net two games. Some of 
the keys for the freshmen were their quarter- 
back Jim Stewart and end Ron Senders out- 
standing pass work. The running bocks also 
showed great improvement. The defense olso 
hod its' star players, lineman Jim Dlonkenboker 
ond Mike Rolland both hod fine seasons. The 
reserve squad didn't hove quite as good o 
season as the frosh but with o little help from 
the varsity monoged to hove o fairly good 
year. One of the early problems was finding o 
quarterback but in the second gome Junior 
Greg Drose stepped in and the reserve hod a 
permonent QD. Fullbod-; Gory Davis and tail- 
back Randy Banks also hod good years run- 
ning the ball. The line was onother bright spot. 
Filled mostly with sophomores, they hove high- 
hopes for varsity next year. Some of the stan- 
douts were Brian Reichel, Sam Keys, Karl 
Drown and Todd Turner. 

All in oil the year was o good one, with a lor 
of progress mode and the chance for a fine 
varsity team next year. 

32 Foorball 

W&s ^'' 

KENNY PEACOCK DECIDES TO CUT upfield bur ir looks like ir 
would hove been berrer ourslde. 

FULLDACK LUCIAN ANDERSON, readies for o hondoff from 
Quarterback Bill Hollond 

DURING THE SECOND HALF Kenny gamed 7 yards on rhis 

Foorball 00 

Ridge - Hysterio Infects School 

Dos-ker-boll (bos kir bol) n, 1 q gome ployed 
by rwo reams of five ployers eoch, wirh o 
lorge, round, ir^flored boll. The players rry ro 
ross rhe boll inro elevored boskerlike gools 
placed or rhe opposire er^ds of rhe courr 

This definirion of boskerboll as inrerprerored 
by The World Book Dictionary, maybe rhe 
somewhor simplified version of rhe Blue Crush's 
definirion. The Blue definirion of boskerboll 
mighr be o fosr moving gome v^hich may 
cause ridge-hysreno when observing rhe Blue 
Devils ploy. 

The highpoinr of rhe Blue Devils season v^os 
v^hen rhey applied rhe 'Blue Crush' ro rhe 
Monuol Redskins, bearing rhem 81-66. Ar rhe 

rime, Manual was ranked 18rh in rhe Srore by 
rhe AP and UPI rorings. 

Anrhony Burns headed up rhe Devils by 
averaging 20 poinrs a gome. Also adding 
deprh ro rhe ream were Dwighr Brown, Jer- 
ome Jormon and Michael Williams. Wirh rhe 
never failing combinorion of Brown ond Burns 
("B + B") rhe Devils monoged ro pur away nor 
only rhe Monuol Redskins bur many orher 
reams such os rhe Woshingron Conrinenrols, 
Cardinal Rirrer Raiders, and rhe Orioles of 

This season will nor only be remembered by 
rhe players bur olso by rhe fans rhemselves 
who were offecred by rhe 'Ridge Hysreria'. 

WITH THE GP,EATEST OF ease Dwighr Drown glides rhrough 
rhe Qir rewards o bosker 

THE DALE FOUND ITS WAY FROM Tony Smirh's hands ro rhe 
basKer many rimes in rhis season 

34 Doys' Dasl<.erboll 

OUTJUMPING HIS MAN, Dwighr Drown purs rwo away 
againsr rhe Raiders 

1950 Doskefboll Scores 





















Ciry Tourney 






Broad Pvlpple 









1980 Doys' Varsity 


Anrhony Burns 

Jeffery P,ickerrs 

Frank Miller 

Mark Bores 

Cedraic Sraren 

Brian Whire 

Tony Smirh 

Dwighr Drown 

Jerome Jormon 

Tommy Williams 

Doys' Daskerboll 35 

How Many Points For A Pie? 

Although some people mighr think that girls 
ore better at putting pies in the oven then they 
ore at putting o boll through o hoop, the SH5 
girls bosketboll team proved them to be 

The team puts in many hours of herd wor- 
kouts and believe it or not, they sweat just like 
boys do' 

The girls basketball team was a young one 
consisting of moinly of underclassmen and only 
3 Seniors. The team displayed the tolents of 

many outstanding individuals such as freshman 
Linda Smith and Donna Stevens who once de- 
veloped to their full potential will be players to 
look out for. 

The team lost mony strong, experienced 
players early in the season due to injuries, 
Senior Sandra Petty wos out because of a 
broken ankle ond also hurt was Holly Floyd. 
This was the lost yeor of coaching girls bosket- 
boll for Mrs Wisdom and her ream finished the 
season with o record of 1-13. 

ANDP.EA FLOYD heads for q loyup ogoinsr Scecino in rhe DIANNE MURREL SHOOTS from rhe foul line during rhe 
secnonol Scecino gome 


36 Girls DoskerbQil 


1980 Girls Varsity Team 

Valerie Sharpe 
Sandra Perry 
Dawn Robinson 
Holly Floyd 
Andreo Floyd 
Linda Smirh 
Loronya Rell 
Donna Srevens 
Cynrhia Appleron 
Dionne Murrell 
Colerre Ross 
Carlo Ausrin 

IT'S UP AND AWAY where ir comes down and in whose 
honds nobody knows 



Girls Doskerboil 37 

They Ploy For Hotdogs 

Ir con surely be said ir rokes o special breed 
of person ro ploy baseball . Baseball is nor on 
easy sporr if you rhink so; moybe you would 
like ro see some choice land in rhe Florida 

The mosr proboble piece of infornnarion giv- 
en ro rhe soul who converses wirh one of our 
beloved diamond-rrorrers is rhor rhe ball player 
is nor jusr onorher prerry face bearing a wee, 
seamed, whire boll wirh o glazed wooden 
club. A reason for rhis sroremenr is orrribured ro 
circumsronces resulring from innumerable rimes 
where players have hod rhe sense knocked 
our of rhem by rhe wee, seamed, whire boll. 

AIqs, rhe SHS players hove hod rrouble bear- 
ing rhe elusive lirrle ball, for vicrories have been 
as scarce as popcorn in Anarrico. Bur following 
Q no-hir performance by SHS moundsmon 
Sreve Alley (which he losr!) improvemenr rrick- 
led in. Two dromoric vicrories come ro rhe 
Sarans; over Tech in exrro innings, and rhe 
defeor of Pork-Tudor in rhe secrionols. 

The highlighr of rhe season was rhe eve of 
rhe Spring Sporrs Banquer. Coach Trobue 
egged rhe ream on wirh "If you don'r win 
soon, you oin'r gonno ear!" Suddenly wirh 
looks of crazed wolverines rhe Shorrridge ream 
displayed whor proved ro be o cruel deorh for 
rhe Tech Tirons. 

When Mike Selby was asked whor drove 
rhe ream on, rhe reply was, "Ve were nor jusr 
playing for pride, bur for o nice, plump, juicy 
hor dog wirh kerchup, musrord, relish and po- 
roro chips." 

Whor is rhe besr parr of rhe ream? People 
asked said: 

More Bland — "The besr parr? Nore Bland, 
silly I" 

Keirh Porks — "The groupness" of rhe 
ream, you know whor I mean!" 

KEVIN HARMON eager and ready for o Ined shor ar rhird 

TIM CREAN corches rhe rhird pirched strike. 

08 Baseball 


DINO METZGEPi rakes o swing and misses on rhe firsr pirch 

Varsity Baseball 







Ind. Deaf School 








Ind Daprisr Academy 





Drood Ripple 






Park Tudor 

















Park Tudor 






Varsity Baseball 

Sreve Alley 
Joe Boiley 
Nare Blond 
Tim Creon 
Todd Gordner 
Eric Johnson 
Kevin Harmon 
Lonnie McForland 
Eugene McNoy 
Dino Merzger 
Kevin Thomas 
Brian Vhire 
Keirh Parks 

Boseball 39 

Coached by Jomes Housmon, rhe Blue Devil 
Track reom finished wirh o 40% win rorio, 
giving birrh ro o nunnber of excellent underclass 
runners ro rerurn for rhe 1980 season. 

Tommie Willioms won rhe MVP award for 
5HS, breoking his own school record in rhe low 
hurdles from :09.5 ro :08.2 seconds. Gregory 
Smirh posred rhe best rime in rhe 440 or :50.8 
and in rhe 220 in :23.0. Firsr yeor mon Cord 
Hole ran o 4:47 mile, rhe lowest rime of any 
Shorrridge disrance mon in rhe losr 7 yeors. In 
field evenrs, SHS was led by James Dollow who 
won rhe Mosr Improved Player a word. 

In rhe ciry, Shorrridge was led by Willioms 
who placed 6rh in borh rhe hurdles ond rhe 
440 yd. dash ond by Smirh who placed 3rd in 
rhe 440. Finishing forrh in rhe ciry was rhe mile 
reloy ream consisring of Marvin Harold, Kenny 
Peocock, Tommie Williams and Gregory Smirh. 

The Reserves finished wirh on excellenr sea- 
son. Keirh Tolley won rhe freshman low hurdles 
in :42,5, followed by reommore Jo Roberrs 
who rook rhird place. Anrhony Miller won rhe 
freshman rirle in rhe 100 yard dash in :10.4 

Ar 8-8, rhe girls rrock reom was led by 
Valerie Sharpe who won rhe ciry long jump 










Lawrence North 



Varren Cenrrai 







































Ridge Triumphs in City 

rirle, serring a new school and ciry record of 
17'5'/2" ond wenr on ro finish 2nd or Secrionols 
and Isr in rhe Regionols. Cynrhio Appleron won 
rhe MVP honors and placed 6rh in rhe 100 yd. 
dash in borh rhe Ciry and Secrionols. 

The Cross Counrry ream finished rheir season 
wirh Q record of 3-5. Led by Seniors John 
Easley, Kenny Crosslond and Sreve Alley, rhe 
ream hod one of rheir berrer seasons. In rhe 
Norrhwesr Invirorionol, oil rhree Seniors and 
Freshman Porrick Appleron coprured medals. 
Appleron also placed 3rd in rhe freshman ciry 
meer. The Harriers efforrs were hampered by 
rhe srrike which rheir coach, Dorr Richardson, 
was involved in bur Coach Wrighr led rhem ro 
Q successful finish. 

VALEP>IE SHAPiPE hurdles ro o second place finish or Secrion- 

RON ALEXANDER pushes up ro clear 6'1" during a meer 
wirh P>oncallL 

40 Trod-i, Cross Counrry 







Ben Dqvis 









Brood fXipple 






Lawrence North 
























Cross Country - Front Row: Greg Smirh, Floyd Workins, Sreve Alley, Scorr Gnffirh, Dorr Richardson, 
Joyner, John Eosley, Parnck Appleron, Tony Edelen Cooch 
Dock Row: Chorlie McKinnon, Richard Creveling, Ken 

Doys Track — Front Row: Phillis Miller, Alphonso Chap- 
mon, Jeffery Porks, Marvin Horrorr, Roberr Chrisrien, 
Jeff Cohen, Kenny Crosslond, Greg Smirh Row 2; Greg 
Allen, Coach, Ken Peacock, Bill Hoygood, Tim Pace, 
Ken Doll, Kevin Corpenrer, Jeff Ourlow, Joe Morhews, 
Wendell Westmoreland, Cord Hole, Lonnie Doll, Mon- 
oger Row 3: Karl Drown, Dexror Jordon, Charles Keys, 

Jerome Jormon, Leiond Drown, Charlie Drown, Gregg 
Brose, Scorr Gnffirh, Tommie Williams, John Easley, 
Fronk Ovalron, Jim Hausman, Coach, Dock Row: Phillip 
Roberts, Keith Tolley, Joe Napier, Donny Rodney, Greg 
Ellis, Tony Appleron, Rodney Avant, Robert Carroll, 
Floyd Joyner, Sam Keys 

1979 Girls Track Teom 

Belinda Kidd 

Dionne Madison 

Cynthia Appleton 

Cothy Maybury 

Korlo Austin 

Dionne Murrell 

Sheilo Bailey 

Nanette Obie 

Angelo Barnert 

Sandra Petty 

Lovetne Cannon 

Kim Poole 

Cossondro Collins 

Monico Poole 

Mary Ann Ensley 

Coro Quinones 

Holly Floyd 

RitQ Quinones 

Dionne Gore 

Valerie Shorpe 

Thereso Horns 

Debro Smith 

Renee Hayes 

Whitney Snowden 

Stephonie Hoygood 

Cotolyn Tuggles 

JoAnn Joyner 

Potticio Willioms 

Track, Cross Countty 41 

The Strikes: The Miracle Of 34th Street 

The srorr of school sow many new happen^ 
ings, onnong rhem rhe return of rhe SH5 soccer 
ream I Bursting onro rhe scene wirh oil rhe 
fanfare of minor miracle rhe ream opened ir's 
yeor wirh a smoshingly exciting soccer game 
ogoinsr Scecino. 

Decked out in on assortment of mismatched 
shirrs and shorts and locking any equipment, 
including soccer bolls, rhe team arrived at Or- 
chord school for the gome. Admittedly the 
team lool-sed a touch out of it compered to 
Scecino which sporred sparlsling red and gold 
uniforms and a sizeable collection of soccer 
balls. But looks were no deterrent to the hierar- 
chy of the SH5 team. They quickly summed up 
the siruorion ond wirh perfect aplomb osked if 
they might borrow a few of rhe bolls to prac- 
tice with. 

The gome itself pitted two sharply contrast- 
ing schools, Scecino being o private catholic 
institution and Shortridge o public collection. The 
teams themselves seemed to exemplify the 
difference in schools. The Scecino ream, intent 
upon the pomp and ceremony of a high 
school sporring evenr, proceeded to unviel boll- 
girls and on entourage of proud porents ro rhe 
scene. They obviously hod o well funded soc- 
cer program and were more than hoppy to 
flaunt it. For Shortridge, on afternoon soccer 
gome in front of a few friends was oil that was 

VILUE NEY TEACHES a Pari-; Tudor srudenr o new donee, 
while Ctnou Nguyen and Robbie Horchel rry ro sinow rlneir 
versions of rlie some donee. This donee seems ro be o 
difficuir one because ir includes dancing wirh ball berween 
your legs 

expected. With rhe enthusiasm of lovers on the 
beach, the Shortridge squad (officially dubbed 
the Strikes. The name was creorively applied in 
recognition of rhe reochers' strike.) devoured 
rhe opposition 5-2. This, of course, was fol- 
lowed by on evening of inrense celebrorion 
and parrying by rhe ream ond ir's foithful fol- 

The gome irself was o culminorion of some- 
rhing rhot hod been tried bur hod never hod a 
great amount of success. The ream wos 
formed and carried on withour ony official ries 
to Shorrridge. The Srrikes were simply a neigh- 
borhood ream whose ployers all attended 
Shorrridge. There was no school funding, no 
use of school fociliries and even rhe cooch. Dr. 
Felice Monfredi, hod no connecrion to the 
school. The procrices were informal often turn- 
ing inro scrimmages that lasted the whole after- 

noon. Ir was nor uncommon ro find everyone 
jomming ro rhe sounds of radio or ropedeck 
during pracrice or o gome. 

This simple, loosely orgonized structure com- 
bined with people who were having fun pro- 
vided on inreresting change from rhe usual 
high school athletic team. The team wound up 
playing four gomes, winning one, losing one, 
ond tieing two. One of the ties coming ogoinsr 
rhe No. 2 ranked team in the state. One player 
summed up the season with this comment, 
"Hey, we could party, kick rhe boll and hove a 
lor of fun. Whot was great was that we did ir 
with friends in on environment that was rorolly 
hip. Ir was our team and we hod o hell of o 
good time." 

KEVIN HARMON, ^ITH a Pele-lil-ie move, i^icks rhe boll 
owoy from o Pork-Tudor srrilier 

42 Soccer 



BRUCE DROSIUS' knee bone connecrs ro his ankle bone His 
ankle bone connecrs ro his foor bone His foor bone con- 
necrs ro rhe soccer ball which in rurn is kicked down rhe 

MARATHON-MAN HOPEFUL, Korben Perry, uses his offense 
rechniques ro ger rhe boll roword rhe goal. 



■t- <m^ 

1979 Soccer Team 

Aoren Perry 
Willie Ney 
Kevin Harmon 
Jocl^ Nolan 
Korben Perry 
John Payron 
Michael Johnson 
Druce Drosius 
Par McShone 
rXobbie Horchel 
Dar Nguyen 
Chau Nguyen 
Craig Harmon 
Greg Porrer 
Vi Dam 

Tropnell Kemper 
Durr Smirh 
Helmur Schwarzin 








Park Tudor 






Drood Ripple 



Soccer 40 

Spring is finally here and srudenrs or Shor- 
rridge ore recooperoring from o long, cold win- 
ter and cabin fever by stripping off rheir long 
underweor for a r-shirr and shorrs and ex- 
changing rheir hiking boors for a pair of Keds 
deck shoes. Now insreod of dragging rheir sleds 
ro Durler hill rhey head for rhe rennis courrs or 
roke a jog olong rhe conol. 

Alreody in preparation for a hard season the 
girls rennis ond boys golf teams practice doily 
with much determinorion. Although both 
teoms were fairly small, they didn't lack any 
spirit and Barbara Wollen, #1 singles player, felt 
that, "Even if only a few people showed up for 
practice we'd still ploy because it was grear just 
to be outdoors again" 

Doys Golf 



Park Tudor 



Droad P>ipple 




































5ourh Purnom 


















Long Johns For T-Shirts 

The golf team played a full season ending 
up with a record of 7-14. Coach Crowley said, 
"Our ream was young so since we only lost 
one player, we should be pretty tough next 

And though the ployers didn't hold up so 
well, the beoutiful spring weorher did. So even 
if the tennis boll flew over the fence for the 
third time or rhe golf boll is heading straight for 
rhe loke ogoin, it didn'r really morter because 
it's finally springtime! 

-t '':v"'JB«l 

l/iMiSlnJl:'^ ■^■i.^JT^ 

t.«Ateirf 'z-^ ^'t^ai\aciA«,«»-«:^0«'*'-***a«*'3fi*^^ 

WHILE WARMING UP before o morch, Keirh Collins pracrices 
swinging ar an invisible boll 

LAUPiA SMITH prepares for o backhand rerurn ogainsr Mon- 
ual which rhe Devils won 3-2 

44 Golf, Tennis 



Golf — Front Row; James Adams, Scorr Murphy, Dovid Dlonkenbaker Dock Row: Cooch Richord Crawley, Keirh 
Collir^s, Joey Cougon, Ker^ny Riggins 

1979 Girls Tennis Team 

Julie Dorrerr 
Krisren Dares 
Dersy Dlonkenbaker 
Edie Cossell 
Linda Edmonds 
Debbie Gilberr 
Corhy Hinanr 
Kim Johnson 
Michelle Molone 
Kim Miller 
Ingo Reeves 
Annerre Robinson 
Collerre Ross 
Laura Smirh 
Moeve Spicer 
Suzie Srilwell 
Darboro Vollen 

Doys Tennis 















Brood Ripple 









Girls Tennis 























Drood Ripple 









Ciry Tourney 12rh ploce 

1979 Doys Tennis Tear 

Richard Dickinson 
Jay Edwards 
Joe Srilwell 
Chris Helfr 
Todd Fechrmon 
Scorr Murphy 
Byron Temple 

Golf, Tennis 45 

spikes And Strikes 

IHSAA Volley With Ball And Davis 

Serve . . . Turkey ... No these ore nor 
terms used to describe Thanksgiving festivities 
bur insteod they ore lingo which you need to 
linow if you wont to be o port of the Shorrridge 
bowling or girls volleyball ream 

The Shorrridge bowling team competes as 
on intramural sport The bowlers ploy each 
Wednesdoy ot 421 Bowl, competing against 
each other and trying ro improve their scores 

Since rhe Shorrridge bowling teom does not 
compete against other schools, there isn't any 
pressure and anyone who wonrs ro ploy is 
welcomed. Junior Moeve Spicer bowled wirh 
rhe ream for rhe firsr rime this year. She decid- 
ed ro bowl because "I like ro bowl bur usually I 
can't find anyone to ploy Now I get the 
chance to ploy eoch week and meet new 
people OS well" 

The SHS girls volleyball team mode history 
this season Unfortunately, they didn't win store 
or even set ony school records. Bur hisrory was 

mode OS SHS provided rhe IHSAA with the first 
mole line judges ever used in a high school girls 
volleyboll game. 

Kenny Boll and Keith Davis served os honor- 
ary mole judges when SHS ployed Atrucks on 
October 18, 1979. Never before hod moles 
been used as line judges but with all the egua- 
lity issues now, why not^ 

After being briefed of all the rules by the 
referee they took rheir positions and overall did 
a very good job of judging. Unforrunarely, borh 
Shorrridge's Reserve and Vorsity reams losr in 
close marches, bur not without a good effort 
end OS always, a few orguemenrs with rhe line 

The Varsity teams' key players were Sondro 
Petty ond Volerie Shorpe. With lots of procrice 
and more fans ro cheer on rhe ream, coach 
Debbie Chrissinger hopes rhat next season will 
be o winning one 

CONCENTRATION is rhe Key ro rhe gome, as shown by 
Senior Chorlie Drown 

46 Dowling, Volleyball 

SANDRA PETTY prepares ro spike rhe boll or o march 
ogainsr Drebeuf 

STRIKEII! This is rhe roll in bowling rhor rokes much pracrice 
ro accomplish bur brings much pleasure when made 

Volleyball — Front Row: Tomar Whirred, Diane Murrell, Colerre Ross, Lynerre Obie, Carmela Zochory Dock 
Row: Coach Debbie Chnssinger, l^oren Robinson, Holly Floyd, Sandra Perry, Andrea Floyd, Valerie Sharpe, Onyerre 

. t 

BOWLING — First Row: Moeve Spicer, Chorlie Drown Second Row: Sam Drown, Chris Wood, Randy Donks, 
Henry Reed, Angie Darnerr, Edie Cossell, More DIand, Resse Radford, Rory Rodford, Garland Ford, Greg Porrer 
Third Row: Kirk Durler, Paul Craig, Perer Craig, Phillip Roberrs, Eugene Simmons, Porricio Williams, Kennerh Workins, 
Sreve Alley Fourth Row: Mr Grismore, Mrs Kendrck, Sponsors 

Dowling, Volleyball 47 

Pretzel Participants 

As day breaks, the SH5 Gymnoshc Club is up 
and rumbling Then qs rhe losr doss of rhe day 
is conduded, rhe wresriers rurn ro roke ro rhe 

The gymnosrics dub meers in rhe mornings 
before school ro procrice rheir rolenrs of flip- 
ping, rumbling, jumping and whor may appear 
as rying rheir bodies up like o prerzel. Many of 
rhe girls who porricipore in rhe club ore cheer- 
leaders or porricipore in one of rhe schools 

orhleric programs so gymnosrics helps keep 
rheir bodies flexible ond in qood shape 

The 1980 Wresriing ream was cooched by 
Greg Allen. The reams' main nucleus was cen- 
rered around senior, Kenny Doll and Joe Cou- 
gon, junior, Scorr Murphy and sophomore, Bri- 
an Reichel. 

THE WORLD lool-is Qlor berrer upside-down 




Volerie Sharp, Julie Peacock, Moeve Spicer, Decky Appen- 
felder, Liso McAhern, Wonda Edwords, 

Anira Cloyde, Andrea Floyde, Donno Hughes, Drenda 
Smirh, Ann Doniels, Rhonda Jockson, Ann Smirh, Clore 
Durnerr, Jackie Starrer 

1980 Wrestling 


Manuel Tourney 

2nd place 



Edgewood Tourney 


Ciry Tourney 


New Palesrine Tourney 


Tipron Tourney 




Adorns Cenrral 


Brood Piipple 






MICHAEL JOE Thomos-Avenr was our only exchange sru- 
denr from rhe Mozelbo Islands, where mosr norives hove 
rwo heads, four legs ond o varying number of arms 

Wresrling/Gymnosrics 49 

A RECENT STUDY hos shown rhor mechanical drowing con 
be done properly under the veil of o foce full of hair. 
Tropnell Kemper ond Dovid Weiser provide the evidence 
for rhor theory. 

EMORY BARTON PRACTICES the orr of looking rorolly non- 
cholonr while fully owore rhor on Annual photographer is 
snapping o gbssy. 

50 Studies 

In This Section: 

Special Feature 
On Europe 

Art Department: 
Woven Baskets 
To Zodiac Posters 

Is There Really 
A Timbuktu? 

TH5 15 ACTUALLY THE Shorrridge humming bond. Because 
of Q lock of insiTumenrs rhe bond was forced ro hum oil 
runes during rhe summer. Ar leosr rhor's whor rhey rold us. 

RICHARD JONES AND Mark Mossey leorn rhe finer ospecrs 
of shaping o piece of day inro o ported mosrerpiece from 
Rogier Donke. 

Srudies 51 

Yours For The Toking 

Write On! 

Adverbs, odjecrives, nouns and verbs oil ore 
basics in rhe English languoge. Analogously 
specking, rhe English Depr. is o basic parr of 
Shorrridge High School. Orchesrrared by Mr. 
Surherland, rhe English Depr. serves ro enlarge 
rhe srudenrs grasp of differenr forms of insrruc- 
rion. There ore of course, rhe rrodirional English 
classes which rraverse rhe basic areas of grom- 
nnarics, reading, ond vocabulary. Reading, es- 
pecially, has rohen o prominent ploce in rhe 
prioriries of rhe department with rhe goo! being 
ro raise each srudenrs reading level by one 
year. A new reading course in a loborirory 
serting was ser up for freshmen wirh reading 
problems and srudenrs school-wide rook pre 
and posr resrs in reading comprehension. There 
was also on abundance of inrellecrual srimula- 
tion for srudenrs looking for differenr mediums 
in communicorion and longuoge. There was 
debare ream for rhe argumenral, journalism for 
rhe Hemingways, and Humoniries for rhe philo- 
sophical, a mulrirude of speech and essoy con- 
resrs for srudenrs inro monerory reward. As 
deparrmenr heod Mr. Surherland said, "There 
is an ocriviry ro fir every srudenr's inreresr and 
on inreresr ro fir every srudenr." 

JANICE CAREY WORKS sreodiiy on o homework ossign- 
menr in English doss 

THESE FIVE ENGLISH srudenrs show off rheir ocring obiliries. 

52 English-Foreign Language 

RALPH BURNS, our "poer in residence" giggles ro himself 
cynically as he reods one of his srudenrs poems 

PAM GAYDE AND GAIL MOSELEY pucker up in French doss 
doing rheir vowel sounds. 

Utopia In Europio 

You lie rhere or nighr dreaming of coun- 
rries for across the sea. In your mind's eye 
you see places you've always heard of, 
such OS hilly srreers in Luxembourg lined 
wirh cenruries-old houses, marker places in 
Belgium, rhe flower gardens of houses in 
small German towns, and corherdrols in 
France. You pinch yourself ro woke up from 
rhis dream, only ro find rhor you've been 
Qwoke rhe whole rime and these breorh- 
toking sights are more than a figment of 
your imoginorion. 

Scenes like rhese are typical of what 28 
SHS students sow during the summer of '79 
while on o six week trip to Europe. Ms. Elfi 
Cicok organized and chaperoned the trip. 
The travellers left from Chicago's O'Hore 
Airport on June 9th on board a Loftleider/ 
Icelandic Airlines DCS. After a long flight ond 
Q brief stop in Iceland, the students disem- 
barked in Luxembourg — Delle, Luxem- 
bourg. The group lodged in youth hotels 
during their stay obrood. 

After a week in Luxembourg, everyone 
moved, via train, to Brussels, Belgium. From 
rhere it wos on to Wupperrol, West Ger- 
mony, Moulbronn, West Germany, 
Bourges, France and Poris, France. 

There are countless memories engrained 

in the minds of those who went on rhe trip. 
Everyone hod their own experiences rhe 
whole group shored Some of these were 
the agony of pushing, pulling, drogging or 
srruggling ro lifr exrremely heavy luggoge, 
the long waits in stations for rhe rrain ro 
come, the whole time hoping it was o com- 
porrment train or quire frequently, missing 
trains, the "Mousels," or cafes, and rhe losr 
night celebrorion in Luxembourg, rhe 
unique yourh hosrel in Belgium and rhe 
even more unique neighborhood ir was in, 
rhe Schwebebohn railroy sysrem in Wup- 
pertol, Andreas, rhe srudent from rhe 
boarding school in Moulbronn, being rhe 
only people in Moulbronn to celebrore rhe 
Fourrh of July, rhe fireworks or rhe lake in 
Bourges on Bosrille Day, Willie Ney gerring 
occosred on the subway in Paris, seeing oil 
rhe famous sighrs of Paris such as rhe Eiffel 
Tower, rhe Arc de Triomphe ond rhe 
Louvre, plus rhe numerous side rrips ro so 
many ciries in rhe differenr counrries visired. 
Afrer a very long airplane ride ro Chica- 
go, ond a very long bus ride bock ro Indy, 
rhe group returned home happy, bur very 
rired and ready ro see porenrs, home, a 
'•efrigeroror and rheir very own beds. 

English, Foreign Language 53 

"Lights, cornerQ, acrion!" This familiar srore- 
menr can ocrually be heard right here or Shor- 
rridge High School. No rhe sequol ro "Animal 
House" is nor being made. Srudenrs ore mak- 
ing rheir own films! Sue Cerolo, our arrisr-in- 
residence, raughr srudenrs rhe orr of filmmak- 
ing. She also had many orher inreresring and 
educorional projecrs ro offer in her classes. 

Mr. Dirk's Advanced Arr class also learned on 
Qspecr of films. They rook a course in phorogra- 
phy. There musr hove been many quoliry shors 


Polote Talk 

from rhis class if rhey hod rhe same rolenr wirh 
comeras os rhey did wirh pencils and painr 

You should 've checked our rhe display coses 
in rhe orr hall ro see rhe greor rolenr we hod or 
SHS rhis Year. Woven boskers ro zodiac posrers 
were on display. 

Ir was opporenr rhor whor Mr. Dirk said was 
rrue, "Talenr was of high grade. Srudenrs were 
very comperirive and rhey learned quickly." 

THESE FINE STUDENTS express rheir orrisnc roienrs \r\ Mrs, | 
Cerolo's orr doss 

MP, ADERSON's Arirhropology class begin rheir own borrle 
by going on rhe war porh wirh homemade war decoro- 

54 Arr — Hisrory 

"^ iWtft 

- — ^^ ' ,'• i in-^y. 

•* jV* 


TONY CEROLA AND JAMES TURNER, jusr con'r woir unril rhe 
day rhey con use rhe real voting machine 

STUDENTS IN MP, DIRK'S Arr class hove hod rhe opporruniry 
ro experimenr vi/irh many forms of orr, including boskerry, 

_^^kr ■ 

:,2. ^jgrnr^ ■ 




Aberson Beats His Own Drum 

Locored in rhe sourhwesr corner of rhe rhird 
floor is rhe onrhropology doss, also l-^nown as 
rhe Shorrridge cenrer for oboriginol srudies. Di- 
recred by Mr. Roy Aberson, rhe cenrer has 
conducred numerous srudies of various Norrh 
American and African culrures, rhe loresr being 
rhe srudy of drums. Mr. Aberson explained 
rhor, "Drums ore one of rhe mosr common 
insrrumenrs among aboriginal people and ore 
perrinenr ro mosr culrures. Because ir's such a 
basic parr of so mony culrures, I rhoughr ir 
would be helpful ro rhe srudenrs in developing 
broader undersronding of rhe people as a 

Mr. Aberson hod Keirh Davis, a srudenr here 

"IT MUST DE IN THEP-E somev^here," exclaims Darnell Riley 

or Shorrridge and on experienced drummer, sir 
in on rhe class as an insrrucror ond porriciponr. 
"I broughr in o lor of percussive insrrumenrs and 
gove rhem ro rhe srudenrs. Then I hod Keirh 
ploy differenr porrerns on rhe drum which rhey 
copied. We gor in ro some answering drum- 
ming where Keirh would ploy somerhing and 
rhe doss would answer and evenruoily we 
even played o few rounds." 

For rhe doss rhe srudies of drums and ir's role 
in communicorion were voluoble as well as 
pleasurable. As Mr. Aberson pur ir, "Ir's a vicar- 
ious experience. Ir's as dose as you con ger ro 
rhe civilizarion irself wirhour hoving lived 


Hisrory 55 


Terrific Teocliers And Clossy Coiigropliy 

Upon walking inro rhe room in rhe middle of 
closs, I am struck by on unusuol quoliry in rhe 
class. Everyone is listening otrenrivelyi As I be- 
gin ro listen, I realize the reason for this phe- 
nomenon. The teacher is using common lan- 
guage so that nor only does everyone under- 
stand his words, but all grasp the concept ex- 
pressed and ore able to relate it ro their own 

Even though the teacher is friendly, interest- 
ing, and "down-home", he maintains control 
of his students. Eoch one of rhem seems to like 

and respect him. "Mr. Crawley makes won- 
derful drawings of spermatocytes," comment- 
ed one student. 

I then turn around ro see Mr. Hoover Doker 
enrapturing his own biology students by using 
his majestic coligraphy to make rhe course 
more interesring. As Mr. Doker says, "Biology is 
no longer jusr a requirement for graduorion, 
bur it olso is on intregol parr of a persons life. Ir is 
phenomenon which encompasses rhe whole 
norurol world." 

56 Science, Morh 

MP, FMGO, known for his exaring lecrures, speokes ro his 
doss obour rhe inrngumg ospecrs of linear equonons 

MRS GPiEENVOOD, showing her morherly norure, councils 
Croig Donks while Paulo Cannon struggles on her own 

A SMALL GROUP OF srudenrs, shown here, hove invoded 
rhe compurer room ro ploy o sror wars game during a 
period break. 

No Pets Allowed? 

The big evenr for rhe morh deporrmenr rhis 
year was rhe receprion of six new PET compur- 
ers. They were so widely publicized rhor rheir 
arrival could nor hove been missed by more 
rhon Q few srudenrs. 

The compurers soon become known for 
rheir green lerrers on rhe screen os well os rheir 
seemingly magneric obiliry ro drow people inro 
rhe compurer room. 

This room, which used ro be no more rhon o 
hole in rhe wall where compuror fanatics hide 
our, rurned inro everybody's favorire place ro 
go. Ar any rime during rhe school day, people 
could usuolly be seen wriring compuror pro- 
grams, ploying compuror gomes (from 
"5harki" ro foorboll), doing orher homework, 
lounging oround, ere, ad infimrum. 

While some srudenrs displayed only o cosual 
inreresr in rhe mochines, mony rook rhe Com- 
puror Morh course. The BASIC longuoge wos 
roughr ro all srudenrs firsr semesrer, ond rhe 
odvonced srudenrs wenr on ro rhe more diffu- 
culr FORTRAN compuror longuoge rhe second 

The compurors' populonry reflecred rhe in- 
reresr and porriciparion in orher oreos of rhe 
Morh Deporrmenr. The AAarh Club became one 
of rhe mosr ocrive clubs or school, among orher 
rhings, rhey rook o rrip ro rhe Chicago Muse- 
um of Science and Industry. Also, 5horrr dge 
hod represenrorives in more morh-relored con- 
resrs rhon in recenr yeors. 

Science, Morh 57 

KIM HURT AND CHERYL ATKINS ore in rhe doro processing 
room working wirh punch cords. 


Students Get Physicol 

The hard work, rhe many exercises, rhe 
grueling lops, oil go inro molsing physically fir, 
morally srrong and ennorionolly sound srudenrs. 
This year, rhe Shorrridge P.E. Depr. orrempred 
ro do Jusr rhor. Wirh rheir exrensive exercise 

ond Training, rhe insrrucrors guided rhe new 
Devils ro prepare rhem for rhe hell rhey musr 
foce in rhe furure. The painful push-ups, rhe 
rugged rope climbing, rhe joy of jumping jocks, 
rhe srrenghrening sir-ups, rhe grueling gymnos- 
rics, all ore o porr of rhe regime gym srudenrs 
musr porricipore in ro become physicolly fir. 
Wirh all rhese imporronr facrors going, rhe sru- 
denr will be srrong, ocrive, ond on oll-oround 
good guy from rhe rime he leaves rhe floors of 
Shorrridge, unril he goes ro rhe big Physical 
Educarion course in rhe sky. 

KEVIN CALDWELL slicks up as a business man ploying bank- 
er in rhe accounring room. 

GRANT MCCANN shows off his parallel bor rourine for rhe 
odmiring girls in his gym class 

58 P.E , Business 

A TRADITION IN our gym dosses is rhe gome of volleyball Ir 
nor only enhonces coordinorion, ir assures you of a perma- 
nenr neck oche from worching rhe boll 

TIM CPiEAN IS CQughr here curhng doss and goofing off in 
rhe mom office 

These srudenrs mosrer rhe copy mochine wirh o lirrle help 
from Ms. Guerro 

Taking Core Of Business 

"osdf jkl; Qsdf jkl; Qsdf jkl; ogoz swsx dedc frfv 
grgb hyhnjujnn kik, lol. ;p;" Decoded, rhis mes- 
sage reads," I rhink rhor more college bound 
srudenrs should ger involved in business 
dosses." This is rhe view of AAs. McNeil, Doro 
Processing and Typing reocher here or Shor- 
rridge. The business courses reach srudenrs 
obour mony valuable skills rhar con be used in 

everyday life. 

Many people in rhe business field rodoy srarr- 
ed our wirh basic ryping. Our ryping 1 and 2 
classes learn rhe basics of ryping skills and rhen 
move on ro projecrs like ryping business lerrers. 
As one ryping srudenr soys, "Ir's hard ro work, 
bur rhe rhings I've learned will definirely help 
me in rhe furure." 

P E , Business 59 


Sew What! 

Yes, everyone, she has orrived! The new 
Home Economics reocher hos entered rhe 
kirchen of Shorrridge High School prepared 
ro reach Cooking I and II, Srudenrs learn 
many imporronr skills like measuring flour for 
delicious choiolore chip cookies and prepar- 
ing complete breokfosrs. Who could rhis 
wonder reocher be? Ir is Ms. Ann Holmes! 
Saved from rhe perils of having ro reach or 
Manual and Marshall, Ms. Holmes hos found 
a good secure job iwrh us. Even though her 
speciolities are clothing and child develop- 
ment, Ms. Holmes is happy in knowing thar 
she is developing student's knowledge for 

^^ > 

MS. HOLMES PRAISES one of her coolsing srudenrs, 
Crysrol Smirin offer sine corefully ser rhe roble, "Thor's 
rhe way ro handle rhe crysrol, Crysrol " 

IN ELECTRONICS CLASS, Michael nvowlond, Johnny 
DeWoIr, and Losrronio Adorns orrempr ro furnish a 
dollhouse wirh elecrriciry. 

their furure lives. "Home Economics is a 
prerequisite for living. No one suddenly 
knows how ro poy bills, sew on o burton, or 
bolonce a checkbook, the things that moke 
you succeed in life," exdoims Ms. Holmes. In 
the Home Ec. classes you'll learn these 
things ond other values that will stort you on 
your way to o knowledgable home life. 

"ONE CUP OF peonur burrer ond one roblespoon of 
vinegar in oarmeoP" wonders Lisa Jones. 

KIM CAMPBELL gives all her arrenrion ro rhe morrer or 
hand, doing on experr job of meosuring flour. 

60 Home Economics, Indusrriol Arrs 

Don't Metol 
With My Business 

"Once you ger starred, youjusr con'r sropi" 
Mr. LucQS, rhe Indusrriol Arrs Deporrmenr heod, 
explained rhis sraremenr by soying," In industri- 
al arrs, oil the math, english, science and ever- 
yrhing else you've been tal^iing oil rhese yeors, 
come rogerher ro yeild on immediore product. 
You've been studying for intangible reosons oil 
your life. Indusrriol orrs shows you what you 
con creore wirh your knowledge. 

Not only ore graphic arts students hard at 
worl'i creating the Shortridge Weel^ly Echo, but 
many students ore working solely for rhe plea- 
sure and sorisfoction of the worl^. 

JOHN CARP, AND DANNY TURNEP. sharpen rheir skills in 
merols doss 

ENTHUSIASTIC ELECTRONIC srudenrs work on rheir circuir 

Home Economics, Indusrriol Arrs 61 

DULY WOOTEN APPROVES of Lisa Dell's good "chord "mo- 

■ i 


b1 Insrrumenrol Music 

ANTHONY DICKENS procnces "Chello, Dolly i 

Yours For The Yoking 


"Excuse me, I see you ore carrying on insrru- 
mer~ir cose. You musr be ir~i rhe bond. Could 
you rell me how ro ger ro rhe bond room^" 
This quesrion was frequenrly osked by prospec- 
rive bond members here or Shorrridge directed 
towards present members. These few bur en- 
thusiastic students ore ports of two orgonizo- 
rions, the Morching Blue Devils ond the Concerr 

The Morching Blue Devils, or sometimes 
known as the Pep Bond, conducted by Mr 
Behling ployed oil sorts of crowd pleosing songs 
ot oil our home football ond bosketboll gomes 
OS well OS marching in oil sorts of porodes. With 
one yeor old uniforms thot reolly look shorp, 
the Morching Blue Devils showed everyone 
thot Shorrridge srill has style. The Concert Bond 
played two or three times this yeor unfortu- 
nately to small but oppreciotive audiences. 
Some members of the A Bond olso ployed in 
the Pit Bond which ploys for theotricol events. 

If you ore interested in taking bond be pre- 
pored for hard work, constant interruptions 
during doss, moking close friends, freezing ot 
football gomes, and having a good time. 

Insrrumenrol Music/60 


High Notes And High Goofs 

Whor ore rhe beouriful rones we hear com- 
ing from rhe 4rh floor^ The Shorrridge High 
School Music Depr.l They were very busy rhe 
firsr semesrer. Each branch of rhe Depr. wos 
hurrying ro leorn songs for rheir musicol produc- 
rion of "Ol^slohomo" and for rhe Holiday Con- 
cerr. Dorh endeavors were worrh while be- 
cause rhey came off lovely 

The choir, direcred by Mr. Myron El per- 
formed on rhe Circle in rhe Chrisrmos program, 
where rhey were rold, by on odminisrraror of 

rhe program, ro hove been rhe besr choir 
rhere rhor day. They also performed or Cosrle- 
ron Square during rhe Chrisrmos season 

The Shorrridge Acapella Choir planned o rrip 
ro Sr. Louis in April. There rhey compered 
ogoinsr choirs from across rhe Unired Srores. 
They really worked hard ro be a greor success. 

GEORGIA VOODRUFF and insrrucror Myron El sinow fellow 
choir members rheir obiliry ro sing 16 meosures wirh one 

HEIXE WE SEE PEARLY TEETH lernng rosps of oir escope from 
rhe lips rhor encompass rhem 

THE HOLIDAY CONCEn,T was o specroculor success wirh rhe 
Old of rhe A Capello Choir 

64 Vocal Music 

School Of 



Novice Artists 

Whor doss rakes rhree periods and gives 
rhree credirs^ Any doss in rhe School of Per- 
forming Arrs, rhor's whor. The many rolenred 
srudenrs involved consider rhese dosses more 
rhonjusr o change from rhe academic courses. 
They consider rhem os rhe beginning of rheir 
furure srudies ond careers. There is hard vvork 
involved for everyone bur or rhe end of rhe 
year rhe knowledge gained by rhe srudenrs is 
worrh rhe efforr. 

Many srudenrs srorr our in SPA as freshmon 
in rhe survey course. In rhe class, rhese srudenrs 
ore exposed ro mony forms of rhe Arrs The- 
arre, Music, Arr, and Dance ore jusr o few of 
rhe oreos involved. Towards rhe end of rhe firsr 
semesrer a very soul srrerching acriviry leod by 
professional dancer Chuck Davis gor many nov- 
ice dancers on our own Caleb Mills Srage. To 
rhe bear of African drums rhere were many 
swoying arms and giroring hips. All enjoyed rhe 
experience unril rhe sore muscles prevented 
further movemenr. 

CHUCK DAVIS and o srudenr shiowing off rheir abiliry in 
African dancing 

Mysteries Of Pfioroof^s Uncovered By SPA 

From rhe deprhs of rhe slide projecror 
rwo ominous block eyes follow rhe move- 
menrs of every admirer. The engravings of 
gods prorecr rhe pure gold coffin from rhose 
who doubr ir's conrenrs . . . rhe remains of 
King Tur. The deep soorhing voice rhor ac- 
companies rhis picture with o description of 
the secrets which ore hidden wirhin the 
tomb surprisingly is not the voice of on an- 
cient veteran. It is the voice of young Egyp- 
tologist, Cyrus Dehroozi, better known as a 

Shortridge student. Vhot rhe average SHS 
student does nor realize is rhor rhis omozing 
Egyprologisr has creored his own area of 
the Performing Arrs. Cyrus is rhe sole srudenr 
of the Performing Arrs class of Museum 
Srudy, under rhe direcrion of Morrin Krause, 
Jr., Indianapolis Museum of Arr Assr. Curo- 
ror. The class involves researching, corolog- 
ing, and wriring reporrs rhree days a week 
or rhe museum. 

CYP,US DEHROOZI srudies an orrifocr for one of his mony 
reporrs for rhe Indianapolis Museum of Arr 

School Of Performing Arrs 65 

Hidden away from rhe school in rhe journal- 
ism room, meeting Mondoy, Wednesday and 
Friday during rhe firsr three periods of rhe day 
rhe longuoge and lirerarure class produce lirer- 
ory works for rhe discussion and publicorion. 
The classes main objectives ore obroining a 
basic knowledge of contemporary American 
literature and putting that knowledge to work 


White Is Write 

in writing their own stories. The stories ore 
discussed and criticized within the doss by 
teacher Mr. Jored Correr ond fellow students. 
"Dosicolly it's o writing class, but the romanti- 
cism of Hemingway, the freoked our nature of 
Kafka and rhe humor of E. D. White ore whar I 
like besr about the doss," Senior Kevin Harmon 

SPA DANCE srudenrs seem ro defy oil lows of gravity 

HANNAH MEADOWS, odvonced dance srudenr, reoches 
for rhe srars 

66 School Of Performing Arrs 

SPA Curtain Coll 

Theorre Arrs come q long way this year — 
quire on occomplishmenr, since rhe SPA. only 
begon in rhe foil of 1978. Innovorions included 
classes or Civic Theorre, o vocol reocher, Mr. 
Richard Willioms and o srogecrofr insrrucror, Mr. 
Dob Miemiec. 

The doss was bigger, roo, ond under rhe 
guidance of Mory Monroe, explored improviso- 
rionol rheorre during rhe firsr semesrer. 

The classes' "improvs" resulred in rheir doss 
projecrs, which ronged fronn fururisric fonrosies 
ro rhe ancienr comedic sryle rheorre. Srories 
were invenred, and rhen eoch scene wos acr- 
ed our rhrough improvisarion. When rhe sru- 
denrs found sonnerhing rhey liked, rhey includ- 
ed ir in rhe producrion, unril rhere were rwo 
polished performonces, eoch obour 15-20 min- 
ures long. 

During rhe second semesrer, Perer 
Theomke rerurned ro reach again and rhe class 
conrinued ro procrice monologues, sharpen 
Technical skills, and enjoy class field rrips ro sru- 
dios and rheorres. 

There was olor going on in rhis doss, and 
everyone in ir wos busy, bur rhere wos no 
denying rhe focr rhor no one hod rime ro be 

GUI^UN EPIKMEN displays lier rheorncol rolenrs in rheorre 
orrs doss or Civic 

STR,ETCHING EXEIXCISES ore an imporronr srep for rhese 
beginning dance srudenrs 

CAROLE MOSS, Kevin Hormon, ond Heidi Vole compere in 
rhe conresr ro find rhe mosr comforroble v\/riring posirion 

Tiptoeing in Ttie Toe Shoes 

Who con jump inro rhe air wirh more rech- 
nlque rhon Dr. J? Who con "ocr funky" or 8:00 
A. M.? Who can perform rhe dosrordly "grand 
borremenr" (lirerolly meoning greor bearing) 
wirhour fear? Whor reenoger ore you familiar 
wirh who knows a wolrz ond a mozurko? 

The School of Performing Arrs donee sru- 
denrs, rhor's who! 

Hove you ever noriced fellow Ridgers walk- 
ing down rhe halls wirh duds feer ond wearing 
rheir hair in o bun? Well, rhese are obviously 
rhe adverse offecrs of boiler. Dur boiler is nor 
our only idiosyncrasy. Fan kicks, lore nighrs be- 

fore dance hisrory quizzes, searching for Deb- 
orah Donsby-Srill, rhe performing orrs direcror, 
improvisarion (nor rhe kind you do when 
you're sruck in rhe hall wirhour a pass), ond 
rrying ro remember wherher rhe rreble cleff 
line nores are b,j,m,g,e, ore all a parr of being 
o School of Performing Arrs dance srudenr. 

School Of Performing Arrs 67 

HARMONIZING IS whor rhe SPA vocol srudenrs really do 

VISUAL ARTS srudenrs work on srill life and deprh percep- 
non among orher rhings in rhis SPA course 

PRACTICE IS whar ir's oil obour Here we see Vaughn Miller 
ond Jocgue Starrer doing jusr rhor on rheir jozzy dormers 




f .^ 

^ ^^^ 

, m 

^^F ^^Kr^ 

* * 

^i 1 

r * %■ 







4 '-vW 




^E : i 1 


it x^^yi 

1 4 i| 

|#f;.r ■>> 

r -Hw- jIH 

^B iJr Jb 


m vwSltat^i 

**■ 1* 





IT' * 


/ / 






// m 







68 School Of Performing Arrs 

ERIC GALLOWAY, William Thomas, and Diane Maynard 
utilize rheir musical obiliries while pracricing "Jazz Rock/' 


Talent Runs Allegro In SPA 

Yes, righr here or Shorrridge, in rhe School of 
Performing Arrs we hove budding Picossos, 5in- 
orros and Gershwins. "In rhe Visual Arrs cicsses 
srudenrs wirh special rolenr ond interest in ort 
ore selected ro improve and perfect technicol 
skills through problem solving," soys Mr. Dirk of 
the Art Department. Vocal music student's tra 
la las and boom sho boops ore practiced and 
perfected to the point vv/here these singers 
produce spectacular sounds. The talented toot- 

ers in the Instrumental Music class are Instructed 
in the techniques of performing and, of course, 
playing the hits of the decode 

WILSON DURCH skerches a quorrer durifully in rhe SPA visual 
arrs closs 

ANTHONY VINSON AND Billy Whooren rickle rhe ivory pre- 
paring ro accompany rhe SPA vocal choir. 

School Of Performing Arrs 69 


THE QUICHES FOR rhe French Club dinner mighr 
hove rurned our delicious bur rlie way rhey lool<;ed 
during prepororion left o lirrle bir ro be desired. 

MOST RIDGERS AT ONE rime or onorher sold M & 
M's. They were o fomiiior sighr rhroughour rhe 




70 Services 


In This Section: 

Every Organization 

Performing Arts 
Into Its' Second 

Not All Fun 
And Games 

MR, KING IS SHOWN here awarding o member of Shor- 
rridges' distinguished ft.O.T.C. color ream 

Services 71 

JAMES DALLOW AND Stephanie Scopoleris search Through 
old yeorboote for on ideo rhor srrikes rheir journolisric fancy 

AN ECHO STORY begins nghr here, in a noreboolv Here 
Echo Ediror, Greg Smirh, begins one of his rel^nowned 

72 Echo 


Cold PizzQ And Open Windows 

A coincidence? Perhaps. Dur rhe beginning 
of rhe 1979 school year for borh publicarions, 
rhe school newspaper, "rhe Echo" and rhe 
Annual, was hecric. To srorr our wirh, borh 
publicarions had ro srorr work wirhour rheir 
advisors because of rhe reocher's srrike. Nexr, 
rhey borh had ro procricolly recruir and edu- 
care a whole new sroff because of rhe loss of 
groduares and working seniors. In rhe frenzy ro 
borh educore a sroff and meer deadlines, rhe 
posirion of ediror was more work rhon Echo 
Ediror, senior, Greg Smirh and Annual Co-Edi- 
rors, seniors, Laura Smirh and Kevin Harmon 
bargained for. 

Greg srarred rhe year anew by being rhe 

EDITING THE ECHO proofs is one of rhe mosr imporronr jobs 
ro do before rhe find issue comes our. Here Ms, Mory 
Esrerline, Echo Advisor, does jusr rhor. 

firsr Echo ediror ro orrend rhe Indiono High 
School Journalism Insrirure or Indiana Universiry 
in July. This oursronding program helped bring 
obour many changes in rhe conrenr and rhe 
former of rhe Echo. Ir also helped him develop 
more opporruniries for srudenrs ro explore in 
rhe journalism field besides wriring for rhe pa- 
per, such OS, ediring, prinring, phorogrophy and 
odverrising. Mosr noroble of rhe 1979-80 school 
year was rhe rerurn of rhe Chrisrmos Echo, a 
special large issue of rhe Echo. "I wish I wosn'r 
a senior so I could come back nexr year," soys 
Greg, "We've builr somewhor of a new foun- 
darion. Nexr years' sroff will only be berrer." 

con't on p. 74 

ECHO STAFF: Dock row: Jomes Dollow, Kim Johnson, Jas- 
min Dehrooze, Jennifer Fosrer, Jill Morford, Greg Smirh, 
Morrin P>eigQl, Second row: Emily Vesr, Edie Cossell, Leo 
Corrinelli, Lisa Gerard, Ann Fosrer, Loronya Bass, Mike 
Selby, Ms Esrerline, Advisor Front row: Norhon Dlond 

Echo 73 

Cold PizzQ 

con t 


The Annual sroff, despire popular belief, did 
work hard rhis year and did meer rheir dead- 
lines (even though if was by narrow narrow 
margins) The arnnosphere of rhe Annuol room 
IS whor made rhe Annuol unique from any 
orher orgonizorion in rhe school, Anyrhing from 
walking on wasre baskets, climbing through 
windows and eating cold pizza ot midnight on 
deodline dares went on in that room. 

Laura and Kevin olso started their term as 
editor or rhe I U, workshop, "They were the 
worst two weeks of our entire lives " Kevin 
said Dur despite the enormous amount of 
work and pressure of the Institute, both ogreed 
that it was worrh it. The moin objective of the 
year was ro make a better book rhon losr year 
by giving it a new look and a boost in morole 
The new look was achieved by the oppeor- 
once of color photographs and a complete 
cover color and sryle change. When it was 
brought to the attention to the editors that the 
Echo hod written on their door in nice block 
letters, "The Daily Echo" and the Annual door 
wos blank, the editors simply taped a sign on 
the Annual door which reod, "The Yearly An- 
nual," (yes, we know ir's redundant). This was 
not only to equalize it with the Echo but was a 
stort in giving it that boost in morale, "Hopefully 
with the education of a lot of underclassmen 
rhis year, nexr years edirors will have more 
time to oversee all rhings and work on our 
weak spots, like photography, ond continue 
the upgrade in the quality of the book," Laura 

Despite the hectic beginning, both staffs sur- 
vived and mode another year for publications 
go down in SHS's history. 

THE ANNUALS' NEWEST olrernorive ro righr roping is wosre 
bosl-ier walking Co-Ediror, Kevin Harmon, sinows rhe deli- 
care balance ir requires ro wall-; across rlie room on rop of 
a wasre bosker wirhour falling in or off. 

74 Annual 


THE ANNUALS' RESPONSE ro bold block lerrering over rhe 
Echo office door was o sign of rheir own Of course ir's nor 
rhe quoliry of rhe sign rhor morrers jusr rhe rhoughr, 

A CONTINUAL MESS con be found around deadline rime 
Picrures ore lost as well as saniry yer somehow everyrhing 
gers done. Here, Jill Morford, Advisor, Tom Dirk, Norhon 
Dlond, Chrisry Colvin and Drenr Hendon work on a loyour 

ANNUAL STAFF: Front row: Norhon Blond Second row: 
Josmin Dehroozi, Janer Molzon, Louro Smirh, Chrisry Colvin, 
Dorbaro Wollen Third row: Cyrus Behroozi, Kevin Har- 
mon, Heidi Voil, Angie Groves, Lisa Conrreos Fourth row: 
Morford, Carole Moss, Tom Dirk, Advisor 

Annual 75 


Cheerleoding: Not All Fun And Gomes 

Vhor's blue and whire and bouncy^ No, nor 
o blue end whire rubber boll. Give up? A 
Shorrridge cheerleader! Vhor is o Shorrridge 
cheerleader? One of rhose glamorous girls by 
the sidelines who encourage rhe fans ro lead 
our Devils ro vicrory. 

However, surprising as ir nnay seem, rhere is 
o "dark" side ro being o cheerleader^ Ir begins 
wirh rhose nerve racking, inrimidaring spring 
rry-ours. From rhere ir leads ro rhe grueling 
regime of a cheerleoding camp. 

The SHS cheerleaders spenr a week losr July 
or rhe Golden Eogle Cheerleoding Comp on 
rhe Indiana Universiry DIoomingron campus. Ev- 

ery single day rhe girls were mode ro learn 
one or rwo new cheers. There was a nice 
added rouch, or rhe rime rhey were orrending 
rhe camp, so was a group of baskerboll, foot- 
ball and mole rennis players, as well as a group 
of wrestlers. Unforrunorely, rhe cheerleoders 
hod ro succumb ro rhe srricr rules of rhe camp 
and be in by ren o'clod-i every nighr. This musr 
nor have held down rhe SHS cheerleaders be- 
cause rhey won a megaphone, now in rhe 
possession of Colerre Ross, for being mosr spirir- 

And rhere ore unfavorable rhings rhey hove 
con't on p. 79 

Vorsify Cheerleaders 

First row: Colerre IXoss, Juli Solrermon, Second row: Dion- 

na Gore, Moeve Spicer, Third row: Sondi Deulse, Susannah 



•'?, 'L -.1 •< . ■? 

76 Cl^eerleaders 

THE SHS DEVILETTE5 rip rheir hors ro q winning Dlue Devil 

Freshmen Pon-Pom 

First row: Cynrhio Henry, Helen Colemon, Second row: 
Anne Daniels, Third row: Rachel P>eigel, Carlo Williams, 
Fourth row: Jerronio Edwards, Lisa Conrrares, Kim Wilson, 
Corhy Edelen, Fifth row: Angela Grves, Georgio Whire, 
Cheryl Horns 

Cheerleaders 77 

'r^\ . 


"%^ '^ *^^^* 



•/^.^^ I'M 

Reserve Cheerleaders 

First row: Jocque Slorrer, Second row: Andrea Scopellris, 
Donno Hughes, Clara Durnerr, Third row: Francesco Man- 
fred!, Rhonda Jackson 

VE APiE THE Vorsiry Cheerleaders and we'd like ro say 



78 Cheerleaders 

Not All Fun And Gomes (Con't) 

ro do, like peddling Reese cups and personal- 
zed notepads. Being a cheerleader con also 
be physically painful. First of all, there's lack of 
sleep. Twice a week the SHS cheerleaders 
wake up in the wee hours of the nnorning to 
be or gymnastics class. Second and third of all, 
the cheerleaders often get windburnt from 
overexposure to the icy night cold and swollen 
feet from excess jumping and stomping. 

However, all these obstacles don't keep the 
SMS Blue Devils Cheerleaders from smiling. As 
Susannah Bloke soys, "It's still lots of fun!" 

Freshmen Cheerleaders 

First row: Anno Harper, Julionrio PeQcod<;, Second row: 

Lisa McAherri, Third row: Drenda 5mirl~i, Wondo Edwards, 
Srephanie Scopelirls, Losf row: Karen Molzan 


First row: Angela Jolnnson, Cormella Zochery, Debra 
Smirh, Pam Tipron, Monica Pryor, Renee Doyd, Srephonie 
Hoygood, Second row: Holly Floyd, Teresa Garrerr, Kim 
Johnson, LoTonya Bass, Rochelle Doyd, Rhonda McNiel, 
Third row: MaryAnn Endsley, Valerie Sharpe, Korhy Lo- 
Forge, Cheryl Vrighr, Fourth row: Dorlo Young, Undo 
Kidd, nor picrured Sandra Perry 

Cheerleoders 79 

• ' ?&'•»?! ■ ,•.'->«:»«»• ' 

..» u**" '^ -i ■ ">«(«>.. 1 

AFS Left to Right: Chnsry Colvin, Kerro Vogner Carole 
Moss, Krisren Dares, Gulson Epikmen, Drenr Hendon, Mory 
Esrerlirie, Advisor, Eric Galloway, Paul Gollowoy, Ann Wil- 
liams, Corhy Hinanr, Yosmin Dehroozi, Edie Cossell 

ONE OF THE HAIRY LEGS conresr enrranrs displays his wares 
ro rhe wondering eyes of rhe world 

80 AFS, Key Club 

Dog Shows Up Mole Exhibitionists 


Hoping ro earn money for oddirionol ocrivi- 
ries rhe 5HS branch Key club opened rhe eyes 
of students and faculty alike by exhibiting sev- 
eral photographs of mole students legs during 
November. The photogrophs were displayed 
in the main hall so rhe students could observe 
rhe curvature and development of the mole 
leg and deposit a coin or tv^o in the ballot jars 
ro determine who's was rhe favorite. Actually 
the photographs were to be judged by the 
quantity of hair each leg displayed and voted 
on occordingly bur hair wos not rhe only qualifi- 
cation the voters seemed to consider. Yer 

even wirh vores being cost purely on physical 
oppearance rhe hairiest leg come our the win- 
ner. The hoiriest leg belonged to Fluffy one of 
the Key club members dog. Noriceobly irare or 
rhe results, contest entronr Jock Nolon verbolly 
blasted the Key club. "Mole exploitorion rhors 
what I call it. Besides, who rhe hell invited rhe 
dog?" The contest proved to be a success as 
far OS fun but financially, it fell on it's face. "We 
didn't even moke enough money to pay for 
developing rhe pictures", junior Sarah Lobley 

Key Club Firsf Row: Sondi Deul-ie, Sussonnoh Dbke Sec- 
ond Row: Kennirh Workins, Andrea Scopoliris, Oneryl Win- 
rers, Dorboro Wallen. Third Row: Pvick Coles, Drion Reichel. 
Fourth Row: John Eosley, Srephonie Scopoliris, Soroh Lob- 
ley, Scorr Murphey, Francesco Monfredi 

AFS, Key Club 81 

French Club Dinners Best Any Way You ' 'Spice'' It 

If someone were ro approach you and ask 
you whar rhe word "Sarurenoliaa" meonr you 
would probably rake a wild guess and soy 
Sonne kind of mirocle vornish remover. Howev- 
er, if you were in rhe Lorin Club you would 
know rhor Sorurenaliao is on ancienr Roman 
festival celebrored in lore December, similar ro 
Chrisrmos. Every yeor rhe Lorin Club observes 
rhis holiday. 

Orher ocriviries rhe Lorin Club parrokes in ore 
rhe Srare Junior Classical League and Larin Day 
held by Durler Universiry. 

The French Club has irs notorious deserr par- 

K 'IT " 7 

ries every month. Tempting, mourhworering 
sweets ore mode by club members which 
enrice the perperuol dierer. 

Eoch spring rhe French Club Dinner is held. Ar 
this grand offoir, all cuisine suddenly has an 
exotic name. You ore told you ore having 
"vichyssoise" for apperizer only to discover 
you're earing cold potatoe soup, and it isn't 
half bod! 

Aside from earing, the French Club does 
such worrhwhile things as caroling during Chrisr- 
mosrime at a nursing home and donating mon- 
ey ro I.U. Honors Program. 

The German Club got off ro a late starr rhis 
year because rhe German Club sponsor, Mrs. 
Elfi Cicok, was taking time off to have a baby. 
Some of rhe Germon Club's favorite activities 
are viewing foreign films, having food parties, 
featuring such delicacies os blood sousoge, liv- 
erwursr, ond rorre (coke), constructing ginger- 
bread houses ond playing rheir favorire Ger- 
man gome "muhle". 

JILL MORFORD AND Joe Srilwell resr rheir cooking obiliry by 
making quiche for rhe French Club Dinner. 

82 French — German — Lorin Clubs 

German Club 

First row: Corhy Hinonr, Second row: Mrs Elfi Cicok, spon- 
sor, Donna Hughes, Maeve Spicer, Heidi Voil, Third row: 
Elizoberh Dozier, Edie Cossell, Krisren Bores, Fourth row: 
Croig Deidelmon, Phillip Dares, Top row: Keirh Porks, Jim 
Hudkins, William Whire 

French Club 

First row: Dersy DIankenbaker, Morgorer Wood, Glenda 
Wesrmoreland, Susie Sriwell, Louro Smirh, Second row: 
Jone Creveling, Suson LoFollerre, Corhy Moybury, Top row: 
Liso Flinr, Rochel Reigel, Laira Henn 

French — Germon — Lorin Clubs 83 

SHS Spotlight 

Terry Morrin, o senior rhis year or SHS, is 
one of the more rolenred orrisrs in the err 
deporrmenr. He has been drowing since 
about fourrln grode end credits Inis beginning 
ro the renowned Marvel connic bool';s. He 
started raking up art seriously during his 
freshman year and hos decided to moke it 
a career, either in foshion design, visual 
communications or Christmas cords, "I owe 
olor of my decision to the art teachers here. 
They've been really great and hove in- 
spired me o lot." he says 

His art interests center mainly oround ink 
ond watercolor, although he would evenru^ 
ally like to get into pointing His ethnic draw- 
ing interests led to his third place award in 
rhe 1979 Black History Art Contest. "He has 
o lor of patience working with fine detail 
and is a talented orrist." soys art teacher, 
Mr. Tom Dirk 

Terry was olso one of rhe students in- 
volved in getting the Art Club formed rhis 
yeor after 2 years of non-exisrance. Wirh his 
boundless enthusiasm and his strong back- 
ground in art here ot Shortridge, the future 
cerrainly looks bright for Terry 

Footlighters and Thespians: Dock Row: Kerro Wegener, 
Loverne Thomas, Duddy Porks, LoTonyo Doss, Anrhony 
Vinson, Mr Phillip Hirsh, sponsor Front Row: Drenr Hendon 

84 Arr Club, Thespions, Sroge Crew 

Stoge crew Dock Row: John Eosley, Kevin Doyer, James 
Drown, Dyron Lindsey Fronf Row: Tonyo Gray, Drenr 
Hendon. Sharon Porker, Russell Swanson 

Art Club Dock Row: Ms Wallace, advisor, Kenny Word, 
George Brown, Floyd Toyner, Harry Summers, Yosmin 
Dehroozi Second Row: Rhondo Mcneill, James Drodley, 
Todd Gordener Front Row: Terry Marrin 

Art Club, Thespions, Sroge Crew 85 

Debafe Club Left to tight: Greg Porrer, David Nosh, 
Morrin IXeigel, Paul Croig, Craig Deidelmori 

Great Docks Club Seated: Saroh Lobley, Edie Cossell, 
Krisren Dares, Mary Lynn Fosrer, Laura Henn, Subon LofoL 
lerre, Carhey Maybury, Yasmin Dehroozi 
Dock Row: Cyrus Dehroozi, Laronya Doss, Goii Mosley, 
Nancy Taylor, Cynrhio Snowden, advisor. Marry Henn 

86 Debare/Greor Dooks/Drain Game 

Meeting Of The Minds 

When rhe lights go on and the cameras srorr 
rolling or Channel 13, rhe members of rhe Drain 
Gome ream rry rheir besr ro adapr some of rhe 
quoliries of on elephanr. Nor rhor rhey rry ro 
weigh over rwo rhousand pounds or grow o 
rrunk, rhey simply musr rry ro "never forger". 
In rhe weeks leading up ro rhe march rhey 
arrempr ro absorb informorion unril all rhey con 
rolk obour is who wrore "The Odessey" and 
rhe equorion of o line. 

Drain Game Front row: Consronce Kirby, Advisor, Korher- 
ine Childers. Glendo Wesrmorelond Dock Row: John 
Drown, Morrin Reigel 

When ir comes rime for rhe show rhey musr 
morch wirs wirh another ream ro see who con 
go on ro rhe finols. Ir's nor o comperirion where 
you con slip inro o doydreom and rerurn any 
rime you wish. You've gor to be on your roes 
or all times with rhe answer on rhe rip of your 
rongue. This year our ream was beoren or ir's 
firsr shor, versus Corhedrol. This pur them out of 
rhe comperirion for rhis year. Ms. Kirby, broin 
gome sponsor, is already preparing a group of 
srudenrs for nexr year. Wirh the help of some 
79-80 porriciponrs she con hopefully reach rhe 
new members rhe art of quick memory recall 


Debore/Greor Dooks/Drom Game 87 

Computotionol Competitors Converge 

The dore: October 11, 1979. The place: The 
Shorrridge High School gymnosium, dork and 
silenr except for rhe echoing foorsreps of rhe 
jonirors. The rime: Two-rhirry Suddenly, rhe 
silence is invaded by rhe entrance of mulrirudes 
of hopeful arhleres, anriciparing rhe rhrill of vic- 
rory. However, rhere is somerhing alrogerher 
unique obour rhese arhleres, rhar is rhor mosr of 
rhenn oren'r arhleres or all. They're nnarh sru- 

Thor's righr. Ocrober 11 wos rhe dore of rhe 
SHS Marh Club's second volleyball rournannenr. 

Wirh nnuch enrhusiasm, rhe rournonnenr gor 
underv^oy or 6:30 ond finally afrer several 
grueling hours of hard playing, losr years cham- 
pions, rhe Skywolkers, pulled away wirh an- 
orher victory. 

Bur rhe rournomenr v^os only rhe beginning 
for rhese compurarionol comperirors. A chili 
supper, rhe producrion of rhe nev^spoper "The 
Shorrridge Morh Segmenr" and o rrip ro Chica- 
go v^ere all o parr of rhe clubs acrive year. 

Marli club srudenrs volley rhe ball during rhe ever popular 
annual Morh club volleyball conresr. 

Morh Club, Mu Alpha Thero 

Mu Alpha ThetQ First Row: Greg French, Scorr Gnffirh, 
Anrhony Sorren, Jeff Cohien, Glendo Wesrmorelond, Del- 
vedo Moore, Shirley Jackson, Colleen Chubb Second 
Row: John Drown, Morgorer Wood, Susan Eornhorr, Pom 
Gayde, Morylynn Fosrer, Korherine Childers, Joneen Wil- 
cox, Advisor, Corhy Moybury, Lost Row: Greg Porrer, 
Kevin Thomas, Perer Craig, Marry Henn, Karen Cormody, 
Susan LoFoilerre, Croig Deidiemon 

^ ^' H 


<**:■ J5<««^*- 

. ■> ""^X^^isStSlSw^ 

i^^. :^^r*t^i.^'^ 

Moth Club First Row: Cyrus Dehroozi, John Eosley Perer 
Craig, Buddy Porks, Teresa Chubb, Lisa Flinr, Jeff Cohen, 
Jane Creveling Second Row: Jackie Greenv^ood, Advisor, 
Sobrina Dishop, Lono Cardwell, Advisor, Jaque Slorrer, Shir- 
ley Jackson, Susan LoFoilerre, Pom Goyde, Marry Henn, 
Karen Cormody, Susan Eornhorr, Glendo Wesrmorelond, 
Greg Porrer Lost Row: Harry Warrs, Craig Deidelmon, 
David Nosh, Poul Everrs, Voiiro Freedlond, Edie Cassell, John 

Morh Club, Mu Alpha Thera 89 

Quill and Scroll' Standing: Cheryl Threre, Yosmin Deh- 
roozi, John Eosley Seated: Mary Lynn Fosrer, Susan Eorn- 
horr, Susan LoFollerre, Carhy Maybury, Marry Henn 

National Honor Society First Row: Emily Wesr, Susannah 
Blake, Sabrina Dishop, Delvida Moore, Colleen Chubb, Sec- 
ond Row: Greg Porter, Karen Carmody, Marry Henn, 
Margarer Wood, Suzie Sriiwell, Anna Srewarr, Mory Lynn 
Fosrer, Lisa Flint, Greg French Lost Row: Suson LoFollerre, 
Susan Eornhorr, John Eosley, Ponn Goyde, Peter Croig, 
Corhy Moybury, Jeff Cohen, Glendo Wesrmorelond, Cheryl 
Threre, Scott Griffirh, Kenny Riggins, John Drown 

Media Club First Row: Angelo Johnson, Morrie Johnson, 
Advisor, Yosmin Dehroozi Second Row: Tenia Groy, Mi- 
chelle Taylor, David Nosh, Keith Davis, Keirh Martin, Cheryl 
Threte, Corleno Lindsey, LaTonyo Bass, Julie Solrermon 

90 Medio Club, NHS, Quill And Scroll 

Africa Comes To SHS 

Good music, live enrerroinmenr, end inrer- 
esring orr ore many of rhe things rhor mol<;e up 
rhe Medio Club. One project they undertook 
this yeor wos to co-sponsor, olong with the 
School of Performing Arts, the appearance of 
African donee moster, Mr. Chuck Davis of New 
York City. 

Mr. Davis taught students in Performing Arts 
classes and all else who wished to participate, 
several bosic African dances occompanied 
only by a drum. Before going into o dance he 
had rhe students do o series of worm-up exer- 
cises which nor only helped limber up tight 
muscles bur olso oided the student in becoming 
aware of his body in order ro perform more 
assuredly and to his fullest. 

Africon donees ore o for cry from rhe discos 
that appeal ro rhe crowds today. But with the 
combined efforts of Mr. Davis, Mr. Billy Wooten 
and Mrs. Morrie Johnson, rhis workshop mode 
for Q fascinating and cultural experience. 

HUNDPiEDS OF SHS srudenrs received a free donee doss 
during rhe rhree days professiona! dancer Chuck Davis 
visired Shorrridoe 

Medio Club, NHS, Quill And Scroll 91 

Uncle Woods Wonts You 

The Shorrridge Junior Preserve Officers Trair^- 
ing Corps (JROTC) wirli o membership of 87 
coders, rhe minimum omounr of coders re- 
quired, once ogoin completed o successful 
year. Acriviries rhis yeor included rhe onnuol 
Military Doll, held or rhe Convention Center, 
and Q May excursion ro King's Island in oddirion 
to their usuol school functions. 

Even though there was on unusually low 
amount of codets, a second semester recruiring 
drive roised rhe number in time for the Arinuol 
Formal Inspecrion. The rise in numbers was 
ortribured ro the foreign siruotion in the mideost 
and the increased drive to re-orm our counrry. 

THE JROTC srrur rheir sruff or homecomii 



I'l I'i 

"DON'T EVEN sneeze!" whispers one sorgenr our of rhe 
corner of his mourh or rhe annual formal inspection 

JP-OTC CADETS from rhe halls of Monrezumo ro rhe halls of 



Ideos ore nor mere remprorions 

ro be discorded like o bruised apple 

bur rhe foundorior^ of o fullfilling furure 

and rhe bondodge for o severed posr. 

The degree of eloboronce or simpliciry 

is irrelevenr. 

The wQsrelonds for rhis garbage 

is a small porrion of rhe brain 

and though one's incentive has long 

since given up on carrying our rhis 

thought if has never found any 

of rhe various rrop doors out of tension. 

Over years and years rhis tension becomes 

unbearable and no marter how defionr 

or antisocial rhe idea maybe it 

must be corned our. 

The rrop doors ore 

at your fingertips. 
Korben Perry 

' >*-^ ^^-^- ^^-^j &' Vz '^ 



94 Ideas 

Thick poinr chips spin down ond moke 

yellow porchwork 

around o curled brown leof. 

And rronsporenr icicles shining in rhe sun 

hong from o roof 

benr wirh rhe weight of snow 

Artwork by Tom Dirk, Todd 
Gardiner, Craig Banks and Lonnie 

Ideas 95 

LONNIE WATSON IS momenrorily srunned by rhe 
exciremenr of Homecoming. Also, rhe taa rhor rhe 
photographer was o large chicken could hove 
added ro his surprise. Dianne Modison monoges ro 
roke rhe scene in srride. 

COFFEE, CIGAr^ETTES AND comedy provide o bir of 
relief from rhe trials of reaching. Here in rhe com- 
forroble confines of rhe teacher's lounge o few of 
rhe crew relax. 

96 Special People 


In This Section: 

Exclusive Interviews 
With Teachers 

Student Spotlights 

New And Old 

Graduation '79; 
"O/) What A 

PROM KING AND QUEEN, Damon Thomos and Colerre Ross 
dance rhe nighr owoy or rhe 79 junior-Senior Pronn l^eld or 
rhe Arhleric Club in May. 

THIS, OBVIOUSLY, IS THE RIGOROUS, structured ormosphere 
of rhe SHS soccer ream. Craig Harmon, Bruce Brosius, Chou 
Nguyen and John Weicherr srrerch our while jomming ro 
rhe ream's rape deck. 

Special People 97 

Graduation 1979 

On rhe evening of June 4, rhe 1979 Seniors 
bode farewell ro rheir "Ridge Sweer Ridge" 
end lefr behind four yeors of work, ploy, fun, 
frusrrorion, rears, ond lors of loughs. As rhey 
walked through rhe doors of Clowes Hall, rheir 
highschool days become only memories, and 
rhe furure rhey hod all prepaired for become a 
reoliry. Many chose rhe campus life, bur rhe 
nine-ro-five work day suired orhers jusr fine. 
Once ogoin rhe Shorrridge groduares faced rhe 
furure wirh success. 


June 4, 1979 
Dear Diary, 

Well, rodoy is rhe day I've been woiring for! 
Today I groduore from high school ! I am so 

I boughr my whire dress rhree months ago, 
rhonte ro Dad's charge card. Now, ler's see 
. . . Shoes; they're being repoired or All Soles 
Shoe Repair. I guess I'll pick rhem up on rhe 
way ro reheorsal. I have ro be or Clowes Hall or 
9:00 A.M., so if I leave or 8:20 I should have 
plenty of rime ... I hope. I om having my hair 
cur or 12:00. The reheorsol hod berrer be over 
by rheni I suppose ir will rake a few hours ro 
iron our my robe. Maybe Mom con help. Righr 
now ir looks like a folded hospirol gown. I mighr 
OS well forger eoring rodoy. I'll be roo busy ro 
ger hungry. Oh no!! Ir's 8:15 now! I'll check 
back lorer. 


Oh What A Night! 

FEELINGS OF ANTICIPATION stiow on rhis groduorero-be's 
face OS friends help srroighren her gown. 

Indian rem donee' NO, they've jusr received rheir diplomas 
from Mr. Johnson 

June 4, 1979, lorer rhor evening 
Dear Diory, 

You wouldn'r believe whor happened ro- 
doy! Firsr, I gor a flor rire on rhe way bock from 
All Soles Shoe Repair. Whar o mess! I lefr my 
car or All Soles ond hod o friend pick me up and 
rake me ro rehearsal. Rehearsal wenr as well 
OS could be expecred, considering rhere were 
obour 050 people rhere. I missed my hair op- 
poinrmenr since I hod ro go pick up my cor and 
change rhe rire. My big brother hod to cut my 
hair. Ar leasr I'm going ro be wearing o cop! 
Anyway, on rhe way to Commencement I got 
a run in my hose so I hod ro moke o derour ro 
Hoog's Drug Srore. I changed my hose on rhe 
way ro Clowes Holl. Whor o rrick, especially 
since I was driving a stickshift. Commencement 
went well. The Groduorion Dance was ar 
School #86. Whor con I soy? I broke my ankle! 

"I HOPE I don'r rnp," rhinks Resa Nosr before v^'olking across 
rhe sroge 



OLD MASTER DRUSH strokes ore employed os Evererr Durron 
produces on originol oil on canvas. 

THESE SENIORS ARE developing a serum ro cure senioriris in Mr. 
Irvi/in's Physics class. 

'im ii 

Dock Row — Susannah DIake, Suson Earnhorr, Dione Murrell, Cedric Sroren, Drian Whire, John Eosley, 4rh Row — Greg Porrer, Charlie Drown, Cindy Appleron, Dill Hollond, Noncy 
Toylor, Suson LoFollerre, Sreve Alley. 3rd Row — Lo Tonya Doss, More Diond, AArs Greenwood, Mrs, Klncoide, 2nd Row — Pom Srokes, Suzie Srilwell, Jeonerre Miles, Fronces 
Akers, Yqsmin Dehroozi, Sondi Deuke, Joe Cougon. Isr Row — Gail Mosley, Ken Peacock, Delvedo Moore, Morgorer Wood, Lisa Flinr, Jane Creveling, Louro Smirh, Marry Henn, 
Colleen Chubb. 

Seniors Counsel Themselves To Overcome Slow Start 

When oil of rhe members of on orgonizorion 
such OS rhe Senior Council ore involved v^irh 
orher ocriviries such os rhe yearbook, daring, 
work, sporrs, and orher school clubs, ir is very 
hard ro find rhe rime ro meer and carry on 
necessary business. Neverrheless, under rhe di- 
recrion of sponsors Mrs. Jaci-iie Greenwood and 
Mrs. Azilee Kincaide and rhe president, Gail 
Mosley, rhe 1979-80 Senior Council found rhe 
rime ro be rhe ulrimore Senior Class. 

In Augusr, rhe firsr meering was held or rhe 
home of President Mosley, ro plan o lisr of 
possible ocriviries for rhe upcoming year. The 
lisr plonned by rhe excired officers was oprimis- 
ric and included such rhings os o rrip or a cruise. 
Senior Week, including a Fifries Day, poinring 
rhe bleachers or Julius Field, A Turn-Abour 
Dance, and enrolling or a Nursing home or 
Chrisrmas rime. 

Because of rhe reocher's srrike, rhings gor off 
ro a slow srorr. Finally, rhe Class of 1980 gor 
rhings rolling by poinring rhe bleachers or rhe 
foorboll field wirh o week ond a half lefr before 

Srill blue and whire from rhe pointing, rhe 
Seniors rhen began ro consrruct the homecom- 
ing float. In record time they built o moster- 
piece or rhe home, of Tim Creon, and received 

firsr place honors the night of the gome ogoinst 
Arlingron High School. 

When November rolled around rhe corner, 
everyone groaned or rhe realization that it 
was SAT and college opplicotion time. Eating 
leftover turkey, everyone crammed or the lost 
minute for rhe December SAT rest. Finally — 
rime for Chrisrmas Vocorion! 

Dressed in Lo Cosre swearers and oxford 
shirrs rhe seniors relucrontly rerurned ro rheir 
beloved Ridge inflicred wirh rhe inevitable — 

In Jonuory, the grods hod a Fifries Day and 
dance in rheir honor. 

Those who were lefr ro suffer through sec 
ond semesrer went to the Turnabout, rhe 7 45 
A. M. meerings of rhe Council and ro Mr Do- 
zier's office ro drop Advanced Morh. 

Suddenly everyone realized rhor rheir week 
hod come! Since rhey were frosh, they hod 
dreomr of having rhe dilemmo of selecting o 
hot ro wear for hor day, collecting the most 
rogs on rag doy, or receiving o deportmenrol 
award on Awards Day, Finolly, hardly oble ro 
believe ir, rhey reolized rhor rhe next time they 
entered rhe Ridge they would no longer be 
students, but young adults 

"VANNA DUY some M & M's?" osks Senior Council sponsor 
Jocl-^ie Greenwood. 

"TO BE or nor ro bt" is nor so profound o sroremenr ro 
Susonnoh Dioise and Marry Henn 

Adams, James - Vorsiry Golf; Frosh, JV Foorbatl; Frosh, JV 
Dasl-ierbQll, Junior Policy; Senior Council; DECA; Marh Club; 

Aldridge, Deborah 

Alexander, Frank 

Alexander, Konald 

Alston, Sebastian 

Alley, Steven E. - Bowling; Vorsiry Cross-Counrry; Vorsiry 
Doseboll; Frosh, Reserve, Varsity DosUerbdl; Sopliomore 
Counci, Junior Policy; Senior Council; Morh Club; Key Club; A 
Coppello Choir, 

Anderson, Dorbora 

Anderson, Mike 

Appleton, Cynthio — Bowling; Vorsiry Track, MVP; Vorsiry 
Bosherboll; Frosh Council, Vice-pres.; Sophomore Council; 
Junior Policy; Senior Council; Srudenr Council, Minoriry Engi- 
neering; Center For Leadership Development; Morh Club; 
Wrestleretres; Girl's Leogue; Key Club; Girl's Glee; Who's 
Who Among American High School Srudenrs; Young Life, 

Avery, Jeff — Norionol Honor Society 

Asher, Dan 

Doll. Kenneth T. - JV Vorsiry Track, Frosh, JV, Vorsiry Foot- 
boll, Coptoin, Frosh, Vorsity Wrestling, Coprain; Coreer Deci- 
sion, Junior Vaudeville, Homecoming King; FCA; Lerrermen; 
Key Club; J. A,; Young Life; All City Choir; Senior Variety 
Show, A Coppello Choir, Sorgeonr of Arms 

DqIIow, James - Frosh, JV, Vorsiry Footboll; Frosh, JV Vorsiry 
Wresriing; JV Vorsiry Track; Bowling; Junior Vaudeville; Mi- 
noriry Engineering; Cenrer For Leadership Developmenr; 
Echo Stoff; Quill ond Scroll, Broin Gome; Greor Books Club; 
Morh Club; Chess Club; Medio Club; Who's Who Among 
American High School Srudenrs, 

Dornett, Kim 

Bass, Lo Tonya — Junior Policy; Senior Council; Homecoming 
Princess Condidore; French Club; Echo Staff and Editor; Quill 
ond Scroll; Greor Boote Club; Morh Club; Devilertes; Medio 
Club; Thespions; Act Choirmon, Junior Voudeville; Senior 
Voriery Show; Ploys; Spring Touring Company; SPA Dance. 

Deord, Vanessa 

Deotty, Henry 

Dehroozi, Yosmln 

Bellamy, Christino 

Beuke, Sondro — Gymnostics; Frosh Council, Sophomore 
Council; Junior Policy; Senior Council; German Club; Morh 
Club; Frosh, Reserve, Vorsiry Cheerleoder, Co-Coproin 
Cheerleoding, Key Club; Junior Voudeville; Who's Who 
Among American High School Students 

Beverly, Sondro 

Bischoff, Monica 

Bishop, Sabrino - Lorin Club, Sec'y; Morh Club; Girl's Glee, A 
Cappello; Norional Honor Society; Top Five Minoriry Sopho- 

Bloke, SusonnaJi - Vorsiry Troch; Gymnosrics; Jr. Vaudeville 
Progrom Ediror; Morh Club; Mu Alpha Thero, Reserve, Vorsi- 
ry Cheerleoding; Lerrermen; Key Club. 

Bland, Mike 

Blond, Nathon - Track; Dov^ling; Reserve Vorsiry Doseboli, 
JV, Vorsiry Vresriing; Jr. Policy; Senior Council; Echo Sroff^ 
Annuol Sroff; Broin Gome; Morh Club; Lerrermen; ROTC, 
Senior Voriery Show; Who's Who Among American High 
School Srudenrs. 

Bose, Lois 

Brodford, Clorisso - Dovv'ling. 

Bradley, Anthony 

Brandon. Curtis 

Broxron, Eileen - Track; Wresriererres; Girl's Glee; A Cop- 

Brimmer, Margaret 

Brooks, Terri 

Brown, Chorles A. - JV, Vorsiry Trod^; Bowling; Frosh Foor- 
boll; JV Doseboli; Frosh Council; Sophomore Coundl; Jr. Poli- 
cy; Senior Coundi; Minoriry Engineering, Drain Gome, Morh 
Club; Key Club; RCA Minoriry Engineering; Who's Who 
Among American High School Srudenrs. 

Brown, George A. - Bowling; Senior Council Publidry Chair- 
man; Echo Sfoff; Chess Club; Gospel Choir; Senior Voriery 
Show; SPA Visuol Arrs; Arr Club Pres.; Yearbook Cover 
Designer '78; Echo Arr Ediror. 

Brown, James 

Brown, John R. - TenniS; Trock Bowling; Cross-Counrry; Minor- 
try Engineering; Annuo! Sroff; Broin Game; Moth Qub; Mu 
Alpha There. 

Brown, Sobrino 

Brown, Thaddeus 

Bullock, Anthony 

Burrell, Stanley - Chess Club; ROTC; Pir Bond. 

Burton, Everett - Band 

Byrne, Ben 

Coge, Trovontha 

Cormody Karen - Frosh Coundl; Sophomore Council; Jr. 
Policy; Senior Coundl; Lorin Club; Echo Sroff; Great Dod<s 
Club; Morh Qub; Mu Alpha Theto; Norionol Honor Sociery. 

Cathern, Undo 

Chubb, Colleen - Frosh Coundl; Sophomore Council; Jr. Poli- 
cy; Senior Council; Mu Alpho Theto; Girl's League; Norionol 
Honor Sodety. 

Christie, Yolanda 

Coffey, Vilmo 

Cohen, Jeff - JV Trod-!; Versify Cross-Counrry; Soccer; Sopho- 
more Coundl; Jr. Policy; Senior Council; Junior Voudevile; 
Greor Books Club; Morh Club; Mu Alpha Thero; Senior Vori- 
ery Show; Norionol Honor Sociery, 

Collins, Cassandra - JV, Vorsiry Trock; Wresrlerertes. 

Colvin, Christina - Cenrer For Leadership Developmenr; Echo 
Sroff; Annuol Sroff; Key Club; AFS; Upward Bound. 

Cougon, Joseph - Vorsiry Golf; Vorsiry Cross-Counrry; Varsity 
Wresrling; Vorsiry Foorboll; Frosh Coundl; Sophomore Coun- 
dl; Jr. Policy; Senior Council; Jr. Vaudeville; Prom King Condi- 
dore; Great Bool-is Club; Moth Club, Mu Alpha Thero, FCA; 
Lerrern^^en; Key Club Vice-Pres.; Bond; Senior Voriery Show. 

Croig, Peter - Russian Club; Broin Gome; Morh Club; Mu 
Alpho Thero; Bond; Pep Bond; Jr. Voudevilte; Pir Orchesrro; 
SPUR Program; Sdence Foir '79; All Ciry Orchestra, Bowling.' 

Creon, Timothy - Gymrrasrics; Vorsiry Boseboil; Frosh Coundl; 
Sophomore Council; Jr. Policy; Senior Coundl, Lorin Club- 
Moth Club. 

Creveling, Jone Elizabeth — Frosh Council; Sophomore 
Council, Junior Policy; Senior Council, Ways ond Meons Chair- 
man; Prom Commirree; Homecoming Princess Condidore; 
Lily Endowment Leodership; French Club; Echo Sroff; Echo 
Ediror; Annual Sroff; Annual Editor, Quill ond Scroll; Great 
Doote Club, Moth Club; Girl's Glee; A Cappello; Who's Who 
In American High School Students; Key Club, Treasurer, Histo- 

Crosslond. Kenneth — Vorsiry Trod-;; Bowling; Varsity Cross- 
country, Soccer; Frosh, JV, Varsity Wrestling; Fross Council, 
Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Senior Council; Student 
Council, Ptes.; Prom Chairmen, Math Club; FCA; Lettermen; 
Key Club, Pres.; Dond, Junior Vaudeville, Senior Variety 

Cummings, Richard 

Dovis, Katrlna 

Dovisson, Lee 

Diggs, Drent 

Dozier, Elizabeth — Gymnastics, Senior Council; Student 
Council, Germon Oub; Moth Club, JA, NHS. 

Duncan, Leroy 

Eoly, Anthony - DECA. 

Eornhort, Susan — Frosh Council, Sophomore Council; Junior 
Policy; Senior Council; Prom Committee; French Club; Echo 
Stoff; Echo Editor, Annual Staff; Annuel Edirot; Annual Edifor- 
in-Chief, Quill and Scroll; Great Doote Club, Math Club, Mu 
Alpha ThetO; Key Club; NHS, Vice-Pres. 

Easley, John — Track, Co-Copt.; Crosscountty, MVP, Copt.; 
Wtesriing; Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Senior Council; 
Junior Vaudeville; Lorin Club; Echo Sroff; Echo Editor; Quill 
and Scroll; Greor Books Club; Math Club; FCA; Lertermen, 
Key Club, Tros., Pres.; Medio Club; Stage Crew; NHS; Who's 
Who in Foreign Language; AV Chief Technician 

Edwards, Jasper 

Elmore, Barbara 

Epickman, Gulsun 

Evans, Cheryl 

Fechtmon, Lori - JV, Vorsity Dosketboll, Key Club. 

Fields, Cherry 

Finnell, Vincent 

First. Karen 

Flint, Elizabeth — Frosh Council; Sophomore Council, Pres.; 
Junior Policy; Senior Council; Publicity Chairmen, Prom Choir- 
man; French Club, Treas.; Annual Editor; Great Doote Club; 
Moth Club; Mu Alpho ThetO; NHS, 

Floyd, Holly - Varsity Trock; Varsity Dosketboll; Varsity Vol- 
leyboll, Frosh Council; Junior Policy, Senior Council, Moth 
Club; Devilerres; Lettermen. 

Ford, Angela 

Ford, Garland 

Foster, Den 

Foster, Mary Lynn — Echo Sroff, Quill and Scroll; Greor Boote 
Club; Marh Club, Mu Alpha Theto. 

Honorary Seniors (citizens). Lorry, Curly ond Mo cut class in the 
main office. ■ 


106 Seniors 

Freemon, Beverly 
Freeman, Lenoro 
French, Gregory 
Gailogher, Mory 
Garrett, Joe 

Gayde, Pomelo - Frosh Council, Homecoming Chairperson; 

Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Senior Council, Hospiroliry 

Choirmon; Junior Vaudeville; French Club, Pres ; German 

Club; Annual Sroff; Greor Books Club; Morh Club; Mu Alpha 

Thero; NHS. 
Gibbs, Corl 
Girton, Kothy - Sophomore Council, Junior Policy; Senior 

Council; COE-OEA, 
Goodrich, Glen 

Griffith, Scott - JV, Vorsiry Trock; JV, Vorsiry Crosscounrry; 

Chess Club; Mu Alpho Thero; NHS; Who's Who Among 

American Srudenrs, 

Hockett, Dovida 

Harmon, Kevin — Vorsiry Soccer; Vorsiry [kiseboli; German 
Club; Echo Sroff; Annual Sroff; Annual Editor; Annuel Ediror-in- 
Chief; Quill and Scroll; Grear Books Club; Junior Vaudeville; 
SPA-Lirerory Arrs; lU Journalism Workshop; Lugor's Gov'r 
Workshop; Cry Gov'r Day; AFL-CIO Essay Conresr, 

Harney, Cheryl 

Horrow, Morvin 

Hatcher, Thomas 

Hoyes, Resa 

Helmer, Stephen — Golf; Junior Policy, Treos,; Prom King 

Henn, Mortho — junior Policy, Senior Council; Echo Sroff, 

Annuol Staff; Quill and Scroll; Grear Books Club; Marh Club; 

Mu Alpho Thero; Senior Variety Show; NHS. 
Hill, Maurice 
Hinonf, Susannoh 

Howord, Sharon 

Hughley, Elizabeth 

Ingrom, Kathy 

Jockson, Addie - Doskerboll; COE-OEA. 

Jorano, Anne 

Jenkins, Mork 
Johnson, Curtis 
Jones, Adrienne 
Jones, Effie 
Jones, Kimberly 

Joyner, Floyd — Art Club, Vice-Pres.; Track; Crosscountry; 

Football; Wrestling; Chess Club; ROTC. 
Joyner, Sylvia 
Kennedy, Deboroh 
Kidd, La Genia - Trock; Doskerboll; Wrestling; Junior Policy; 

Senion Council; Young Life; Choir. 
Kidd, Yvondo - Track; Bowling; DECA, Gospel Choir; Girl's 

Glee; A Coppello, 

Seniors 107 

Kyser, Verondo - Srudenr Council 

Locey, Lyie - Echo Sroff. 

Lq Follette, Susan — Fresh Council; Sophomore Council; Junior 
Policy; Senior Council, Senior Variety Show Direcror, Junior 
Vaudeville; French Club, Echo Editor; Annual Editor, Quill and 
Scroll, Great Doote Club; Moth Club; Mu Alpho Thero; NHS. 

Longford, Aliso 

Liffle, Fronkie 

Mock, Drendo 

Molone, Andre - Vatsity Track; Frosh, JV FootboU; Frosh, JV 

Monfredi. Luiso - Echo Sroff; Key Club 

Martin, Teresa 

Moybury, Cofherine - Vorsity Track; Frosh Council; Sopho- 
more Council, Junior Policy; Senior Council; Junior Vaudeville; 
French Club, German Club, Echo Staff; Echo Ediror, Annuol 
Editor, Quill ond Scroll; Great Books Club; Marh Club; Mu 
Alpha Theta; Key Club; NHS. 

Mc Clury. Donna 
Mc Clury, Wonno 
Mc Intosh. Lisa 
Mc Knight, Potricia 
Mc Mosfers, Brion 

Mc Millin, Lisa 

Mc Swine, Florence - DECA 

Middleton, Darwin 

Miles, Johnetta - Frosh Council; Senior Council; DECA; Wrest- 

Miles, Thereso - Senior Council, COE-OEA; Gospel Choir. 

Miller, Kim - Varsity TenniS; Gymnostics; Homecoming 
Queen Condidote; Frosh Cheerleader; Lerrermen. 

Minfon, Ingrid 

Moore, Delveda 

Morelond. Frederick - Daskerball; R,OTC 

Mosley, Gail - Frosh Council; Sophomore Counal; Junior 
Policy, Senior Council, Pres.; Junior Voudeville, Choirman; 
French Club, Echo Staff; Echo Ediror, Quill and Scroll; Great 
Books Club; Moth Club; Key Club; Thesplons; Footlighters; 
Rock Choir; Touring Co.; Ploys; SPA — Voice. 

Murrell, Dionne - Trod-;; Bosketboil; Volleyball, Wresrieretres, 
Lettermen, Media Club, Gym Assistant; Library Assistant, 

Murry, Joel - TenniS; Track; Bowling, Wrestling; Frosh Council; 
Senior Council; Prom Committee; Minority Engineering; Cen- 
ter For Leodership Development, French Club; French Club, 
Great Books Club; Moth Club; Chess Club, Mu Alpho Theta. 

Murry, Angela - Track, Basketball. 

Ney, Williom - Soccer; Mu Alpha Theto; German Club; Echo 
Stoff; Junior Voudeville; SPA — IXodio Television. 

Ngyuen, Chau 

Porks, Jeffery 

Poyton, Chorles 

Peacock, Kenneth - Vorsity Track, Bowling; Frosn, Varsity 
Football, Frosh Council; Junior Policy; Senior Council, Vice- 
Pres.; Minority Engineering; Center For Leadership Develop- 
ment, Moth Club; Lettermen; Key Club; Who's Who Among 
American High School Students; Who's Who Among Out- 
stonding American Athletes; Young Life. 

Pemberton, Anthony 

Peoples, Wendy 

108 Seniors 

JOEL AAUPiPiY AND Tina Johnson roke o srudy break on top of o regisrer 

Perkins, Deirdre - Fresh Council; Sophomore Council; Junior 
Policy; Senior Council, Prom Commirree; Prom Queen Condi- 
dore, Homecoming Princess; Morh Club; Young Life Sec'y. 

Peterson, Deborah - Junior Policy; Senior Council; DECA Pres.; 
Lorin Club Vice-Pres.; Morh Club; Girl's League, Key Club, 
PiOTC, Girl's Glee; A Coppello; Bond. 

Petfle, Richard 

Petty, Sondra - Trock; Doskerboll; Volleyball, Frosh Council, 
Frosh Cheerleading; Devilerres; Lerrermen. 

Pierson, Kevin 

Phillips, Lillian 

Poole, Sendee - Homecoming Queen. 

Polk, Melbo - Srudenr Council; Minoriry Engineering; Cenrer 
For Leadership Development; Morh Club; Mu Alpho Thero; 
Girl's League, 

Porter, Greg 

Pryor, Monico - Vorsiry Track; Bowling, Frosh Volleyball, 
Frosh Council; Sophomore Council, Junior Policy, Senior Coun- 
dl; Srudenr Council, Homecoming Princess Condidore; Morh 
Club, Devilerres Copr,; Wresriererres, Lerrermen; A Coppello, 
Who's Who Among Americon High School Srudenrs; The 
Sociery of Disringuished High School Srudenrs. 

Rolney, Robbie 

Reeves, Inga — Vorsiry Tennis, Sophomore Council; Junior 
Policy; Srudenr Council; Junior Vaudeville; DECA; Bond; Pir 
Band; Pep Bond; Senior Voriery Show, SPA — Music 

Reid, Leslie 

Riegle, Mortin 

Richardson, Ella — DECA Treasurer 

Richordson, George — Top Five Minoriry Sophomores; Up- 
word Bound; Norionol Honor Sociery. 

Richardson, Michelle 

Riggins, Kenneth - Bowling; Vorsiry Golf; Vorsiry, All-Ciry 
Honorable Menrion Foorboll, Vorsiry Boskerboll; Minoriry En- 
gineering; Lilly Endowmenr Leodership; French Club; Morh 
Club; Mu Alpho Thera Treasurer; Lerrermen; Norionol Honor 
Sociery Pres.; SPUR; LAB; Hoosier Boy's Srore. 

Robinson, Annette - Vorsiry Tennis, JV Trock; JV Doskerboll; 
Vorsiry Volleyball; DECA; Wresrlererres; Lerrermen; Who's 
Who Among American High School Srudenrs; Vocorionol 
Career Program; Police Posr Explorer. 

Ross, Collette - Tennis, JV, Vorsiry Trad<;. Gymnosrics; JV, 
Vorsiry Doskerboil, JV, Vorsiry Volleyboll, Senior Council; Sru- 
denr Council; Prom Queen; Homecoming Princess Condi- 
dare; Young Life; Senior Variety Show; A Coppello; Girl's 
Glee; Gospel Choir; n.ock Choir; All-Ciry Choir, Career Deci- 
sion; PE Leader; Spring Choral Concerr; Echo Sroff, Frosh, 
Reserve, Vorsiry Cheerleoding Copr.; Wresrlererres; Lerrer- 
men; Media Club. 

Russell, Yvonne 
Sanders, Daryl 

Sanders, Kim 

Sorgent, Gerald - TracK; Vorsiry Foorbotl; Wresriing. 

Schwortzln, Helmut - Vorsiry Soccer 

Shorpe, Valerie - Vorsiry Trod-;; Vorsiry Bosl^erboll; Vorsiry 

Volleyboll; Senior Council; Moth Oub; Devilerres; Lerrermen. 
Shields, Pomelo - Frost-i Council; Sophonnore Council; Junior 

Policy; Senior Council; Prom Commirree, COE-OEA. 

Smith, Anne 

Smith, Deborah - Vorsiry Track Monoger; Frosh Council, 

Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Prom Queen Condidore; 

Homecoming Princess Condidore; COE-OEA Pres., French 

Club; Deviierres; Pep Band. 
Smith, Louro - Vorsiry TenniS; Gymnosrics; Junior Policy Sec'y 

Senior Council; French Club; Annual Ediror; Ediror-in-Chief, 

Quill ond Scroll; Morh Club; Mu Alpho Thero; Key Club 

Norionol Honor Sociery. 
Smith, Ronald 
Smith, Theresa - DECA. 

Spoulding, Derek 
Spivey, ielvis 
Sprodley, Rita 
Storks, Eileen - COE-OEA. 
Stoten, Cedric 

Stewort, Anno - Norionol Honor Sociery. 

Stewart, Trocie 

Stilwell, Suzie - Tennis, Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; 

Senior Council; French Club; Morh Club; Mu Alpha Thero; 

Norionol Honor Society. 
Sutton, Michael 
Syoss, Corolyn 

Taylor, Karen 

Taylor, Nancy - Tennis; Frosh Council; Sophomore Council; 

Junior Policy; Senior Council; Junior Vaudeville; French Club; 

Marh Club, 
Terrell, Tonya - Lorin Club. 
Thomos, Domon - JV Foorboll; JV, Vorsiry Baseball; Frosh 

Counol, Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Senior Council; 

Prom King; Center For Leadership Development; Key Club; 

Medio Club Treasurer. 
Threte, Cherril - Echo Staff; Quill and SctoII; Morh Club; Girl's 

Leogue Sec'y; Medio Club Pres.; SPA — Longuoge/Litero- 

rure, f^adio/Television; Spanish Club Pres.; Norionol Honor 


Tipton, Pom - DECA; COE-OEA; Devilettes; Notional Honor 

Townsend, Michelle - Frosh Coundl; Sophomore Councti; 

Junior Policy; Senior Council; Srudenr Council Chairperson; 

Girl's Glee, 
Turner, Jomes 
Wogener, Kerro 
Wolloce, Carlo 

Walton, Michelle - COE-OEA Sec'y; Norionol Honor Society. 

Word, Kenneth - Trock, Golf; Foorboll; Chess Club; SPA — 
Visuol Arts. 

Word, Rene 

Warren, Dernice - Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Senior 
Council; Srudenr Council; Homecoming Queen; Homecom- 
ing Princess; DECA. 

Warren, Normon - Frosh, JV, Varsity Foorboll; Frosh, JV 
Vresrting; Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Junior Voude- 
ville, Mu Alpha Thero, 

110 Seniors 

West, Emily — Frosh Council; French Club; Echo Sraff; Echo 
Ediror; Annuo! Sroff; Quill And Scroll; Great Books Club, Mu 
Alpha Thero; AFS Pres.> Thespians Sec'y; Foorlighrers; Dond, 
Pep CJond; Jr. Vaudeville; Musicol; Touring Comp,; SPA — 
Thearre Arrs; Narionol Honor Sociery, 

Westmoreland, Glendo — French Club Sec'y; Droin Gome; 
Morh Club; Mu Alpho There Sec'y; Norionol Honor Sociery, 
Band Sec'y; Pep Bond. 

White, Brian — JV, Varsiry Baseboll; Frosh, Varsiry Baskerboll, 
Frosh Council; Sophomore Council; Junior Policy; Senior Coun- 
cil; Marh Club, Lerrermen. 

White, Mark 

White, Potricio — Frosh Council; Sophomore Council; Srudenr 
Council, Homecoming Princess Candidate, DECA; Cheer 

Wickham, Paul 

Williams. Patricia - Varsiry Track; Bowling; Math Club; Letter- 

Winters, Cheryl — Notional Honor Society, Sophomore Coun- 
cil; Junior Policy; Senior Council; Junior Vaudeville, Home- 
coming Princess Condidare, Morh Club, Key Club Sec'y; A 
CoppeKo, Bond Copr.; Pep Bond; Musical, 

Wood, Margaret 

Wood, Ronald 

Woodruff, Georgia — Tennis; Junior Policy; Senior Council, 

Senior Variery Show, A Coppella Vice-Pres.; Gospel Choir; 

Rock Choir; Young Life; Lerrermen 
Woodruff, Michelle — Frosh Council; Sophomore Council, 

Junior Policy; Senior Council; Senior Voriery Show; Young 

Wooley, Kitty 
Wright, David 
Young, Laura 

Seniors Not Pictured 

Akers, Fronces 

Jefferson, Williom 

Anderson, Dorboro 

■■••.v.. r ■ 

Johnson, Michael 

Anderson, Emma 

Jones, Greg 

Atkins, Cheryl 

Jones, Kenneth 

Dealmear, Debro 

Vj.^^-^ - ■ . 

Jones, Lisa 

Beasley, Williom 

Jones, Stephanie 

Beaty, Somuel 

Kay, Kenneth 

Blond, Michoel 

Long, Angelo 

Bledsoe, Davido 

Manuel, R.L. 

Bonner, Sheila 


Mason, Kenneth 

Boyd, Billy 


McGee, Sherry 

Buchanon, Kevin 

McKinnon, Chorles 

Caldwell, Kevin 

Nguyen, Dot 

Copier, Eddie 

Polk, Malcolm 

Christensen, Lourette 


Poole, Sondee 

Christin, Robert 


Primm, William 

Clemmons, Morion 

Rondle, Jeff 

Collins. Jill 

Reeves, Gregory 

Collier, Stocie 


Richardson, Michelle 

Dobbins. Debro 

Ricks, Marilyn 

Eaves. Thomas 

Roberson, Lonnie 

Evans. Zochory 

V , 

Sheppard, Gino 

Ford, Kalvessollono 

^|M9 i^^^ 

Smith, Gregory 

Fossett, Tommy 

Jjf^^^ ^Hfe^ 

Terry, Mario 

GJees. Julia 

^^^B ^^^^HL 

Thomas, Garry 

Goins, Wolter 

J^^B i^^^^^B 

Turner, Clarence 

Goodrich, Detra 

J^^^K. ^^^^^H 

Wade Craig 

Goodrich, Glenn 

^^^^^■j^^ ^^^^I^H 

Washington, Soroh 

Graves, Jerry 

^^^^^^^Hl^^ ^li^^^^^H 

Webster, Joy 

Hall, Jomes 


Wells, Dorryl 

Homter, Onyette 


Westmoreland, Wendell 

Hatcher, Thomas 


White, Bridget 

Holland, William 


White, Mark 

Jackson, Dennis 


Williams, Donetto 

James, Lev/is 

Willis, Eddie 

Seniors 111 

KIM MILLER, FINISHES o powerful rerurn. 

CLASS PRESIDENT, GAIL MOSLEY and fellow senior closs- 
mores proudly regard rhe banner rhor was made early losr 
foil for our foorboll ream ro run rhrouoh. 

Seniors At Work 

LOUISA MANFREDI DILIGENTLY wrires.o french lesson on rhe 
block boord. 

And At Ploy 

MARY LYNN FOSTER, one of rhe many Ridgers who work, 
picks up o bog of bogles or her ploce of employmenr, The 
Food Emporium, located or 56rh and Illinois. 

Post Annual Performances 

Yearbooks ore collections of rhe post 
year's events within a school. Athletics ore 
covered as vv'ell os Moth Club and pictures 
of every student. They ore o record, a 
memento of the year for each participant 
be it teacher or student. But they olso hove 
another purpose; they ore the records of 
Shortridge for any future student wonting to 
look back. 

Recently the editors of this years "re- 
cord" rook o trip back into Shortridge's post. 
Vithin rhe bowels of Shortridge we un- 
earthed yearbooks from as for bod^ as 1899 
when Shortridge was called Indianapolis 
High School. Ve found that the yearbook, 
though serving the same purpose as now, 
were vastly different. By far the most fasci- 
nating were the books from rhe early 
1900's. The books tended to be more of o 
creative project, utilizing artwork and cre- 
ative writing for the bulk of the text, making 
the book a medium for student expression. 

We've selected a few examples of work 
from Shorrridge's post and displayed them 
here on the pages of the present so you 
may enjoy what hos been. 


Our Annual. 
What is it, 

Worthy so much review? 
Reader, this book was made for 
To read, to laugh o'er, or to 
frown ; 
All its tales are not untrue, 
So grant to each its proper 
Humor is given its just renown, 
Yet all plays not upon the 
Shortridge spirit's on each page, 
Shortridge life in camouflage ; 
Verse, sweet mirth, deep 

thoughtful lines. 
Pictures fine of every kind are — 



In our Annual. 


This, from rhe 1918 Annuol, was rhe inrroducrion ro rhe 
book. Ir W05 o rrodirion rhroughour rhis period of Shor- 
tridge yeorbool^s to begin with on Annual poem. 

Colleen Aosen 

IXoberr Allen 

Lorry Alexander 

Lee Alexander 

Chorlene Anderson 

Dorrell Ausrin 

Stephanie Auonr 

Wallace Baker 

Jerry Donchy 

Croig Bonks 

Mark Bores 

Beverly Beoufordd 

Croig Deidlemon 

Lisa Bell 

Srephen Bell 

Anronio Berry 

Riobin Berry 

Marrhew Bischoff 

Keirhie Blone 

Bersy Blonkenboker 

Sue Bledsoe 

Jeffrey Boleyjock 

Anno Bonner 

Walter Bradley 

114 Juniors 

OrhliQ Branch 
Rurh Drondon 
Greg Drose 
Murray Draxron 
Somuel Drowri 
Tom Drown 

Chris Durch 
Anrhony Durns 
Kim M Durrell 
Foye Burns 
Keirh Bush 
Yolonda Bush 

Kirk Burler 
Bruce Caldwell 
Deborah Compbell 
Gina Canrrell 
rXoscoe D Corpenrer 
Michael Corr 

Hope Casron 
Mirhicah Casron 
Tony Cerola 
Karharine Childers 
Roberr Clardy 
Damon Clark 

Ronald Clay 
Warren Clemmons 
Helen Coleman 
Keirh Collins 
MaryJane Cougon 
Tonyo Cooley 

Anrhony Correllini 
Paul Craig 
Kurr Crosslond 
Vi Dom 

Edna Dovenporr 
Drion Davis 

Darryl Davis 
Richord Dickinson 
Lynn Dixon 
Mike Dohrenwend 
Came Driver 
Edna Duncan 

Romono Edmonson 
Felecio Edwards 
Mork Edwards 
Jeffery Ellis 
Sabrino Evans 
Freddie Fields 

Joan Fleischman 
Jennifer Fosrer 
Craig Games 
Eric Galloway 
Jennifer Gammon 
Todd Gardner 

Clarisso Gorewood 
Tony Gee 
Verchel A Gee 
Devon Girron 
Sylvia Goldsmirh 
Beverly Goodlow 

Juniors 115 

Dionno Gore 

Denise Gray 

ToniQ Gray 

Tommie Green 

Paul Guise 

Gabriel Gunsrall 

Drion Horolson 

Croig Harmor^ 

Deorlo Hamirer 

Tommy Homprori 

Vlllberr Hompron 

John Horns 

Marvin Harrow 

Andreo Hayes 

Srephonie Hoygood 

Drerr Heod 

Coroline Helmer 

Suzanne Hewlerr 

Annual Performances Con J 

These rwo clippings ore also from rhe 1918 
Annual. Ir was during World Wor 1 and rhe 
school was as busy playing rheir parr in rhe war 
OS rhe resr of rhe counrry. Former Shorrridge 
srudenrs were in Europe fighring and dying,- 
vicrory gardens were planted by currenr sru- 
denrs and, generally, a spirir of porriorism, coo- 
perarion and conservorion engulfed rhe school. 

Strangely enough war was exciring,- ir was 
odvenrurous and curiously romonric. We found 
ir beyond our comprehension ro imagine war 
OS onyrhing orher rhan deorh and desrrucrion, 
yer rhese pieces gave us insighr info o rime 
when war was rreored os a "grear experience 
for everyone." 


AT like a, 
Cigarette .smoke. 
Two bowed leg.s, 
FMce clean shaven, 
Polished brass buttons, 
Sailor of .'5ea.s. 
Ueroe.'i of aji:es, — 
This a Britisher. 

RAVE, grave forehead, 
Firm, clear mouth. 
Straight, strong and stocky, 
Full of fun. 
Lover of opera. 
Lover of song. 
Lover of Liberty, — - 
A French poilu. 

HEERY. bright smile, 
Teller of jokes, 
Writer of letters. 
Eater of cakes. 
Fighter of Fate, 
Brother of Mercy. 
Beloved of all, — 
He from the States. 



liTHOl'GH our boys over there are bu.sily engaged in the grim 
duty of winning the war with shot and shell, their thoughts still 
revert back to the days and ways of Shortridge. These fellows 
have been writing very often to the folks "back home," and it 
is really the duty of every one of us to write to them, for nothing 
relieves the monotony of trench or battle-ship life more than 
snappy, cheery letters from friends and chums. The interesting 
bits from all the war letters would fill volumes if they could 
be collected. For war is a great experience for everyone. But 
a few choice bits, ,iust to show what Shortridge war literature is 
like, are very appropriate for this patriotic U)18 number of the 
We wrote to Truman Felt, '17, who was a leading class member last year, 

and asked him to send some cop>, if he could. The letter arrived .just before 

the Annual went to press, and here it is: 

April 10, 191S. 
Dear Shortridgers : 

The editor has asked me to write as a representative of a division, but 
1 fear I am in no position to speak for so large a number of men and so many 
branches of the service. Censorship will also restrict my letter to mention of 
my own regiment, which is the 1.50th Field Artillery, The Hoosier boys have 
done actual fighting at the front, and are now holding the lines in a certain 
sector — even though their experience in the big game has but started. Half of 
the gun-.squad 1 am in, are ex-Sho?-tridgers. Horace Prunk. Bradshaw Secrist 
and Lee Rogers are those I refer to. Ma.jor Wainwright presented five men in 
one battalion with the croix-de-guerre on Plaster morning. This is a recogni- 
tion of valiant service by the French go\'ernment. 

As I write back to you, Shortridge seems very near to me. I forget the 
little dug-out T am living in; again 1 am in the old halls and such w-ell-known 
rooms as 9 and ?>1 appear to me. We realize a great change in our lives after 
coming from that "land of milk and honey" into a land of gas and shrapnel, 
yet none regrets the assuming of new hardships. We came in a spirit of 
adventure and with the desire of helping to give European powers a clear 
demonstration of the way the t'nited States backs up her convictions, and we 
believe we will come back with our purpose won. 

Wishing you all the luck in the world in your school activities, I remain, 

Sincerely yours, 


116 Juniors 

Ingnd Hollingsworrh 
David House 
Pomelo Howard 
Dill Hubord 
Mark Kennedy 
Delindo Kidd 

Kimberley Jacks 
Addie Jackson 
Rebecca Jackson 
Rhonda Jackson 
Shirley Jackson 
Anrhony Jamison 

Carolyn Johnson 
Eric Johnson 
Ezra Johnson 
Morcia Johnson 
Sandra Johnson 
Thomas Johnson 

Sven Johnsron 
Daphne Jones 
Derrick Jones 
Felicia Jones 
Kennerh Jones 
Larry Jones 

Henry Jordan 
Joann Joyner 
Angela London 
Korhleen LeForge 
Verlindo Lighrfoor 
Dyron Lindsey 

Corhy Longford 
Soroh Lobley 
Kevin Lyies 
Kim Mock 
Cheryl Madison 
Dionne Madison 

Jeffrey Morrin 
Kevin Morrin 
Angela Mornndole 
Joseph Morrhews 
Gronr McCann 
Drenda McChrisrion 

Tonyo McCrockin 
Teresa McKinney 
Homer McMillin 
Rhonda McNeill 
Dino Merzger 
Dorwin Middleron 

Dean Miller 
Richard Miller 
Joner Molzon 
John Moore 
Judy Moore 
Michele Moore 

Jill Morford 
Yvonne Morron 
Carole Moss 
Valburge Mueller 
Deborah Mukison 
J Scorr Murphy 

Juniors 117 

Dovid Murry 

Willie Murry 

Doryl Nibbs 

Don Nibbs 

John Nolan 

Drerr Nolcox 

Eric Porker 

Roberr Porrish 

Aaron Perry 

Jeffery Perrigrew 

Louro Prorr 

Wolrer Parks 

P>oberr Porrerson 

David Proffirr 

Forresr Rodcliffe 

Eric PiQine 

Anira PiOndoll 

Jacqueline Rondall 

Rondo Rondall 

Wondo fXondall 

Henry Reed 

Nedro Randolph 

Arlene Richordson 

Dorlene Richordson 

Jeff Rickerrs 

Sonmonique Robinson 

Mishon Roddy 

Brion Ross 

Carmen Ross 

Eugerea Rowe 

Chuck Rugh 

Shirley Ann Rurledge 

Anrhony Sarrin 

Linda Seorles 

Ann Smirh 

Kevin Smih 


Lorrerro Smirh 

Mono Smirh 

Penny Smirh 

Karen Snow 

Julino Roe Solrermon 

Junior Policy First Row: Foresr Radcliffe, Henry Reed, 
Eric Thompson, DeVon Girron, Samuel Brown, Dean 
Miller, Mr Richord Grismore, Advisor. Docl^ Row: Ms 
Suson McNeil, Advisor Kim Durrell, Rhondo McNeil, Shir- 
ley Jackson, Sherri Vorson, William Thomas, Moeve 
Spicer, Carole Moss, Janer Molzon, Jill Morford, Lucion 
Anderson, Derrick Jones- 

118 Juniors 




yNn^4<y PAIR. OP Pl-NK (JALLUSES \^ 
ICH tie -^ORE \x/IT^-^H BECOMl/iO 


VUMD H13 /iE UcK 
/AlAlMCi TM^==^ I 
J OR_ HIS LUAiCH \</n\ 
/OOL or- MUSI ^r^O 


\>i!?avS Du 4i <>E TO tmJre sunsmimey/-'^'^'^'^ 

"^EATMnRT IJAS H13 ^^OJ^E. SUIT 0p( 


mavChepl made his "^JWr 



SU/iCjtR. OF 'W'lT 

Av T^^/ 
lAIO E>yACl 






These features from rhe 1919 Annual are exomples of 
some of rhe creorive ideos spread rhroughour eorly 
publicorions. Combinarions of orr, writing and innovo- 
rive rypogrophy moke up mony of rhe pages. The firsr 
section was usually o collecrion of shorr stories, art 
work, ond occasionol phofogrophy meshed together; 
rhe resr of rhe book being dedicated ro clubs, orhlerics, 
and student life. 



Moeve Spicer 
Elaine Stewart 
Renira Stockdole 
Worren Stolses 
Heothet Strickland 
Dyron Temple 

Corr Thomas 
Kevin Thomas 
William Thomas 
Rhodo Townsend 
Aaron Tucker 
Ronald Tud-ier 

Todd Turner 
Melvin Underwood 
Vernon Utiey 
Dennie Venoble 
Anthony Vinson 
Dorboro Wallen 

Kennerh Watl'sins 
Lonnie Watson 
Shetri Watson 
Pearl Watts 
David Weiser 
Angela Wesrbrool<, 

Paul Wheat 
Gory White 
Tomor Whitted 
Donnetto Williams 
Michael Williams 
Sunnie Williams 

Valine Williams 
Annette Young 
Dorlo Young 
Laura Young 
Cormelo Zochery 

Juniors 119 

Lizzie Aasen 

Tonya Aker 

Vondo Alexander 

Joyce Alexander 

Albert Anderson 

Elizaberh Andrews 

Myron Ano 

Rebecca Appenfelder 

Anthony Appleton 

Kristino Armour 

Karia Austin 

Rodney Auonr 

Jerry Aueritte 

Timothy Avery 

Jonathan Baker 

Martha Baker 

Sherry Baker 

Roger Ball 

Lonnie Boll 

Lucia Bordwell 

Kivya Barlow 

Kristen Bates 

Phillip Botes 

Catol Bottle 

Geno Beverly 

Veronico Birdsong 

Robert Blond 

Kevin Bosric 

Felicia Boyd 

Anita Robinson 

Sophomores: Not All Peoches And Oeom? 

When faced with rhe dilemma of writing 
about sophomores and their activities of the 
year, I hod to reolly thinly for awhile. Besides 
rhe fact thot the Sophomore Council hadn't 
done much outside the building of rhe 
Homecoming Float and the dreaded selling 
of candy, writing about them wasn't all 
peaches and cream. 

When writing on o difficult subject, the 
writer often asks himself questions in which 
to get himself started. The first question that 
popped into my mind wos rhe simple and 
somewhat trite question of, "What is o 
sophomore?" You've passed rhe owl-sword 
age of freshmon yet you haven't reached 
rhe superior age of senior. You've lost the 
innocence of your earlier yeors ond srart 
the beginning of o school-wide repurotion 
which won't leave you until after gradu- 
ation. So, is sophomore to be only o 
transition between ninth and eleventh 
grade and innocence and deviltry? The 
question will remain unanswered for now 
OS I pick up on a second question. 

"What were rhe octiviries of rhe Sopho- 
more Council rhis year?" Well, oil I could 
come up with wos, should rhey be different 
from rhe other classes or orher years? 1 

mean, there's only so much o council con 
do and I for one get tired of reoding abour 
the some old activities year after year. Why 
con't councils do something reolly wild, 
crazy and different. Instead of the all to 

con't on p. 122 

Sophomore Council Seated: Paul Wesr, Teresa Chubb, 
Joque Slorter, Tim Avery Second row: Karhy Williams, Edie 
Cossell, Emily Debow, Horry Summers, Kivyo Barlow, Louro 
Henn Lost row Joe Srillwell, Regina Vioms, Mike Selby 

120 Sophomores 

Renee Doyd 
Rochelle Doyd 
Kevin Doyer 
Donno Durderr 
n,ory Drodford 
Jomes Dradley 

Trevor Dndgeworer 
Dorryl Drighom 
Dwighr Drown 
Gay Drown 
James Drown 
John Drown 

Feliso Druce 
Penny Durler 
r\ick Coles 
PquIo Connon 
Mark Capes 
Jonice Corey 

Pvoberr Corroll 
Edie Cossell 
Crysrol Cosron 
Alphonso Chapmon 
Darbaro Cheorhom 
Larry Childs 

Thereso Chubb 
Dorryl demons 
Aniro Cloyd 
Ciorra Cooper 
Phyllis Cooper 
Koren Corn 

Leo Cornlleni 
Paul Craig 
Debra Dowson 
David Diggs 
Emily DeDow 
Anrhony Dickens 

Keirh Dickens 
Kennerh Dickens 
Nedra Dexon 
Avo Dorn 
Debby Dougherry 
Lesho Doyb 

Mark Durhom 
IXoberr Flagg 
Andre Floyd 
Drion Floyd 
Micheol Foster 
Jocqueline Fuquo 

Lindo Edmons 
Condace Edmonson 
Joy Edwards 
LuWonno Edwards 
Mork Ellior 
Porricio Ellior 

Gregory Ellis 
Mary Ann Endsley 
Paul Everrs 
Teresa Gorrerr 
Reggie Gilberr 

Sophomores 121 

Sophomores Con J. 

con't from p. 120 

familiar bal'ie sales why don'r rhey hove 
some kind of conresr ro see who can bake 
rhe worst cookies, col^e ere. This may be on 
exoggerored example and rhere probably 
isn'r much money involved bur I'm trying ro 
ger a poinr ocross. 

Veil, ofrer going ro rhe barhroom rhree 
rimes, gerring a drink rwo and reoding a 
choprer of a dicrionary, I jusr couldn'r come 
up wirh any orher quesrions perrinenr ro rhis 
subjecr. For my conclusion I shall merely pick 
up on rhe quesrion left unanswered earlier. 

And, after conremploring rhrough rhis ques- 
rion, while wolking around rhe block a few 
rimes, I hove come ro rhe conclusion rhor 
rhe answer ro rhis quesrion and orhers can 
be yours for only $5.99. Jusr wrire ro: 

Unanswered Quesrion 
P.O. Box 101 
Goodrime, Colorado 

(Gimme a break, I hore bake soles so I hove 
ro earn money somehow.) , 

Gregory Glass 

Dione K Glenn 

Tern Groves 

Dovid Guernsey 

Jock Guilford 

Esrher Hole 

Alan Hall 

Dorryl Hompron 

Lynn Homey 

Deverly Horns 

Mourice Horns 

Aniro Hayes 

Corlron Hoygood 

Williom Hoygood 

Arrhur Hoynes 

Louro Henn 

Michelle Henss 

Corhleen Hinonr 

Andrew Hosemon 

Ingnd Hollingsworrh 

Lori Hoseclow 

Jomes Hudkins 

Chorlorre Hughes 

Donna Hughes 

Michael Hunr 

Kinnberly Hurr 

Roberr Jackson 

Derek Jeffers 

Kimberly Johnson 

Koren Jones 

Porrick Jones 

Angela Koy 

Joyce Kendnck 

Samuel Keys 

Ronold Locey 

Samuel Lomberr 

Rhonda Love 

Pvobin Monning 

Cynrhia Morrin 

Dionno Moynord 

Felicia McChnsrion 

Drionr McClung 

122 Sophomores 

SheilQ McKnighr 
Porrick McShone 
Michael Meyers 
Curns Mickel 
Krisri Miller 
Phillip Miller 

Karen Monrgomery 
Mivheol Moore 
Shawn Moore 
Mark Morgon 
James Morris 
Fronkie Murroy 

Morrhew Murrell 
Corolyn Myles 
Spencer Nonce 
Joseph Nopier 
Andrew Neff 
Anri Nguyen 

Doryl Nibbs 
DeWoyne Nibbs 
Mildred Noel 
Nonnerre Obie 
Tim Pace 
Pomelo Poige 

Sharon Parker 
Keirh Porks 
PquIq Poyron 
Jerome Paxron 
Fred Perrine 
Koren Perns 

Porn Pierson 
Angelo Pirrmon 
Silvio Prorr 
Theresa Preer 
Tom Price 
Pom Pringle 

Charles Pryor 
Kennerh Pryor 
Roberr Ronks 
Shoron P,eed 
Drion Reichel 
Jerry Richardson 

Jomes Richmond 
Helene Riggs 
Phillip Roberrs 
Aniro Robinson 
Down Robinson 
Karen Robinson 

Alif Rogers 
Dwoyne Rodgers 
Andrea Scopeliris 
Srephen Scorr 
Mike Selby 
Tim Selig 

Rickie Seymour 
Dawn Sheridan 
Kelly Show 
Tony Shockleford 
Lisa Shonk 
Eugene Simmons 

Sophomores 123 

New Furniture Brightens Cofeterio 

If new classes, new friends and new clorhes 
weren't enough for rhe dissorisfied student, this 
yeor, SHS hod sonnething for rhem — new 
cafeteria furniture. 

After several yeors of onticipotion, SHS finolly 
got the okay to go ahead and purchose new 
furniture. The money was to come out of the 
$475,000 olloted to the school in the foil of 1978 
by the school boord. 

Following the okay, Vice-Principal, Don Old- 
ham, started shopping around, going through 
brochures and began to formulate rhe type of 
toble that wos wanted. "We wanted to elimi- 
note rhe cafeteria's institutionolized aspect and 
initiate a cozier and more colorful atmo- 

sphere," he said, "But included in our final 
decision was rhe desire to bring rhe students 
something they would be proud of and toke 
core of for many years." 

Wirh rhese things in mind, the purchase was 
made ond the furniture wos delivered in rhe 
fall of 1979. 

Allen Shoh 

Jocque Starrer 

Donno Smirh 

Gory Smith 

Jackie Smirh 

Rickey Smirh 

Whirney Snowden 

Denise Sranley 

Marcus Sreworr 

Joe Snlwell 

Harry Summers 

Hiram Swifr 

Keirh Tolley 

Michelle Taylor 

Tlno Taylor 

Royal Temple 

Jackie Terrell 

Freddy Thomas 

Joseph Thomas 

Kevin Thompson 

Inize Tisdul 

Anerho Townsend 

Silas Townsend 

Derlynne Turner 

Shawn Turner 

Terry Vaden 

Sreven Vagner 

Kevin Waire 

Noral Walker 

Carlo Word 

Sharron Word 
Sharon Worrs 
Julia Wegner 

John Weicherr 
Kevin Veils 

Deborah Wesr 

124 Sophomores 

THE LONG AWAITED furnirure added o colorful new 
rouch ro our oncienr cofereno 

Paul Wesr 
Dione Whire 
Jeffrey White 
Shirley Whire 
William Whire 
John Whirfield 

Karhi Williams 
Regino Willioms 
n.ondello Williams 
Sheila Williams 
Direorha Willis 
Keirh Woods 

Rosalyn Woods 
Cheryl Wrighr 
Danny Yares 
Kennerh Yores 
Corhy Young 


Sophomores 125 

Howard Aaron 
LasrroniG Adams 

Michoel Annes 

Porrick Appleron 

Alvin Asher 

Michael Avanr 

LoVern Doiley 

Leroy Doker 

Michael Dollen 

Rondy Banks 

Sandra Donks 

Angelo Dornerr 

LoVern Denrly 

Paul Doird 

Emery Dorron 

Aoron Doss 

Cyrus Dehroozi 

James Dell 

Sererro Dell 

Sylesrer Dellomy 

Debbie Dennerr 

Yolondo Derry 

Tamorho Derryhill 

Kelly Dible 

Jeff Dindhommer 

Joy Dischoff 

Kenny Dlond 

David Diane 

Jim Dlankenbaker 

Soio Dowers 

Freshmen Council First Row: Dorrenle Wolker, Pornck 
Appleron Julianno Peocod-;, Linda Smirh, President 
Second Row: Mary Porrer, Por Gutlick, Sponsor, An 
qela Wilson, n.achel Reigel, Amy Senior Anne Daniels 
Corleno Lindsey, Susan Durron, sponsor. Third Row: ^^^ 
David Nosh, Beryl Cohen, Chris Wood, Jodi Gruver 

126 Freshman 

Willeon Bradley 
CynrhiQ Drown 
Fronces Drown 
Geory Drown 
P>odnie Dryonr 
Cloro Durnerr 

Lesrer Durse 
Srephonie Durler 
Anrhony Dyrns 
Kimberty Campbell 
John Dann 
Tonnie Carrurher 

Allison Carrer 
Francine Carrer 
Volencie Casey 
Gwendolyn Chesrer 
Arlena Clardy 
Allen Clork 

Korhy Coleman 
Joner Collier 
Lisa Conrreros 
Donna Cook 
F'vQymond Corrrell 
Charles Crobrree 

Darrell Crobrree 
John Crenshaw 
fXichord Creveling 
Nicholson Criseno 
Deryl Cohen 
Anne Darnell 

Vincenr Dovis 
Morris Derrick 
Johnny DeWolr 
Anrhony Dourhir 
Tonio Drummer 
Denise Dubord 

George Eorly 
Corhy Edelen 
Dwighr Edilin 
Alecio Edmonds 
Peggy Edmonds 
Srocey Edwards 

Jerono Edwards 
Wanda Edwords 
Todd Fechrmon 
Terrie Fischer 
Ann Mane Fosrer 
Voliro Fredlond 

Michael Gomes 
Poul Golloway 
William Gammon 
Chuck Gardner 
Alfred Gorrin 
Tonyo Gorewood 

Susan Gerard 
Lindo Gibson 
P-urh Graves 
Tracey Gray 
Jodi Gruver 
Eric Guess 

Freshmen 127 

Nighttime Shortridge 

Cafeteria Staff Sifting: Merrill Crenshaw, Violer McCoy, 
Lillie Field, Cede Reynolds, Mrs. Pollirr. Second Row^ Mary 
Clark, Doris Ellior, Cloro Franklin, Emma Burns Third Row. 
Alice McKinney, Poroleo Srevens, Gladys Veimer, Rurh 
Vhire, EInoro Hansbrough, Earnesrine Richardson, Nora 
Horr, Joe Ella Thompson. 

Ir wQs lore in rhe evening ond olreody a 
bluish nighr had formed. In rhe hallways I 
could heor voices; bur rhey didn'r belong ro 
srudenrs. They belonged ro jonirors and 
nighr worchmen, all carrying on nighrrime 
Shorrridge. For me, rhe discovery of rhis parr 
of rhe school's chorocrer was like finding a 
parch of woods wirhin your neighborhood 
rhor you've never walked rhrough, Ir was 
mysrerious, inrriguing, and ovailable. I 
couldn'r leove ir because an overwhelming 
curiousiry hod errupred in my heod. I 
walked along a second floor hallway pass- 
ing a mulrirude of near, well-piled, hills of 
dusr and gumwroppers. Up rhe darkened 
sreps I wenr leoding myself inro o holf-lir 
passage. Nexr ro me rhe sound of choins 
snapping inro place, lifring or lowering o 
caged meral box ro rhe nexr floor, srorrled 
me; elevarors hod always seemed ro frighr- 
ened me. Around rhe corner I heard rhe 
jingle of keys and o door slam. Sudden 
foorsreps heading for me! Walking around 
rhe corner, ogoinsr my berrer judgemenr, 1 
sow rhor ir wos o joniror pulling a gray rrash 
can wirh brooms orroched ro ir's side, going 

from room ro room ro polish, dusr, and 
resrore ro life rhe dirried classrooms. 

He sropped ro pluch his weapon from rhe 
diamond srudded gold rroy and un- 
sheorhed ir. The impocr as ir hir rhe ground 
was Tremendous. Ir hod rhe power ro move 
rhe everpresenr; ro shifr rhe immorrol, ro 
remove ir from ir's Temporary refuge and ro 
pur ir wirhin rhe diomond srudded, gold . , . 
gray rrash can. Vhoosr, whoosr, rhe broom 
in rhe hands of rhe mon wirh rhe cop ond 
rhe blue flannel shirr goes. Ir sweeps along 
rhe dusr which will be shoveled up ond 
heaped wirh rhe orher dusr and papers in 
rhe wide, hungry mourh of rhe half filled 
conroiner. You know, I rhoughr ro myself, 'o 
job like rhis could give you some really 
weird power rrips.' 

Aheod and ro rhe righr was rhe res- 
rroom. 1 aimed myself rowards rhe door 
and headed for ir. As rhe enrrance ap- 
proached, I wos aware rhor ir was dork, yer 
I groped my way inro rhe unyeilding block. 
My hand searched rhe walls, bur rhere was 
no swirch ro be found. I needed ro empry 
my bladder bur reolized rhor a dork res- 
rroom was no place ro do ir. There was no 
releif ro be found in rhis darkness and 1 
quickly exired. 

On my way our I heard a joniror, a 
woman pushing o corr armed ro rhe reerh 
wirh disinfecronr ond Ajox yell ro o fellow 
employee, "Dooley, Dooley! I need a lighr 
swirch for rhis here borhroom." 

You know, I needed rhor roo. Nor for rhe 
borhroom bur for rhe school. I hod gorren ir 
and hod swirched ir on. The lighr illuminored 
rhe nighrrime Shorrridge for me. 

Custodiol Staff First Row; Poul Knox, Allen Buck. 
Second Row: Bill Freeman, elecrridan. Berry Cook, 
Doniel Sounders Jr., Earnest Jones, Bennie Crowe. 

128 Freshmon 

Toro Hall 
Anno Harper 
Cheryl Horns 
Worren Howkins 
Chris Helfr 
Dorboro Helmer 

Cynrhio Henry 
Telma Hernor^idez 
Drenr HicKs 
Renee Hill 
David Hines 
Marci Howard 

Angelo Goodlow 
Aaron Howord 
Donald Howell 
Dndgerr Hunr 
Jerry Hunr 
Helen Hunrer 

Myrrle Jackson 
Melissa Jomes 
Srephen James 
Alise Jones 
Dilly Johnson 
Gobble Jones 

Kirsrin Johnson 
Shono Johnson 
Lisa Jones 
Lisa Jones 
Michoel Jones 
Linda Kimbrough 

Tropnaull Kimper 
Kennerh Kendnck 
Jackie Kidd 
David Kimbrough 
Richard Krorochvil 
Enenne Locey 

Tommy Loke 
Lisa LeForge 
n,egina Lewis 
Sharon Lewis 
Corlene LIndsey 
Mary Derh Long 

Sean Mossox 
Andrew Modison 
Leslie Marnn 
Colemon Marvin 
Harvey Mason 
Mark Mossey 

Dorboro Morney 
Anno Morrhews 
PvObin Maxey 
Pvonno McCrory 
Lisa McEochern 
Vicrona McKinney 

Angela McKnighr 
Cheryl McMiller 
Honnoh Meodows 
Julie Michael 
Voughn Miller 
Karen Molzon 

Freshman 129 

John Moore 

Lennell Moore 

Sandy Moore 

Michael Morelond 

Derrick Morns 

Louro Mouser 

Sondy Murphy 

Norolie Muse 

Sheila Myles 

Dovid Nosh 

Dung Nguyen 

Porrick Niemi 

Alonzo Noel 

Mary Nowlin 

Robert Oliver 

George Oversrreer 

Crysrol Porrerson 

Porrice Porrerson 

Juiieonno Peacock 

Korbin Perry 

Kevin Peacock 

Shoron Phelps 

Ellen Phillips 

Mary Porrer 

Srephonie Powe 

Kennerh Preer 

Ronnie Purdue 

Jerry Rasdell 

Michole Reeves 

James Richardson 

Leno Richordon 

Deneen Rickerrs 

Rachel Riegel 

Michael Rowlond 

Michoel Rugh 

Undo Rush 

Ronald Sanders 

Crisrino Sanner 

Amy Senior 

Levels Shank 

Decky Sconrlon 

Danny Schick 

Srephonie Scopeliris 

Lone Seymour 

Bruce Shorpe 

Jerry Sharp 

By Aoren Perry 

100 Freshmon 

Arthur Show 
Cornelius Show 
Rhonda Sheppord 
Joner Sherrell 
Jonice Sherrell 
JocKie Simmons 

Drendo Smirh 
Curris Smirh 
Develun Smirh 
Lindo Smirh 
Tony Smirh 
Kimberly Spivey 

Michael Spivey 
Deborah Srewarr 
Roberr Sreworr 
Tonya Srokes 
Vernon Surrle 
Tern Swarrs 

Denon Toylor 
Jerold Templeron 
Piichord Thomas 
Lisa Thompson 
Rodney Thompson 
Kennerh Thompson 

Donny Turner 
Teresa Turner 
Heidi Vail 
Karol-Liso Vale 
Dawn Vance 
Kevin Vinson 

Cherri Valker 
Derex Walker 
Jeffery Walker 
Jonorhan Wore 
Angela Worrs 
Horry Worrs 

Tonya Wearherford 
Dominic Webb 
David Weber 
Donna Wells 
Eric Wells 
Felicia Wells 

Georgia Whire 
Loren Whire 
Milino Whire 
Woodie White 
Corlo Willioms 
Chris Willioms 

Mark Willioms 
Michoel Willioms 
Ernestine Willis 
Cheryl Wills 
Angela Wilson 
Janese Wilson 

Kim Wilson 
Tomora Wilson 
Chris Wood 
Steven Woods 
Steven Yellodoy 

Freshman 131 

Legal Tussle Involves Teacher 

One of rhe hardest Things for srudenrs ro 
innogine is rhor rheir reochers ore people who 
hove lives ourside of school. Ir's much roo easy 
ro believe rhor rhey jusr go home and rhen 
rerurn in rhe morning. No, ler's ploy wirh o few 
different ideas and see if we con bring rhe 
reochers ro life. 

For one rhing, many of rhe reochers ore 
morried, some even hove l-iids. Incredible, isn'r 
ir? Ir's rrue rhough, reochers reproduce os well 
OS anyone. Teachers also own houses end 
cars. For srudenrs rhe cars oren'r quire as diffi- 
culr ro imagine as rhe living quorrers. The cars 
ore in rhe porking lor ond rhe rruly enrerprising 
srudenr con see rhor rhe Shorrridge reochers 
show no lock of chorocrer in rheir cors. For 
example, con you imagine Mr. Sutherland in 
onything but on ancient Codilloc or Mr. Dozier 
in somerhing that was not brand new^ 

An interesring way ro find our more about 
our scholarly mentors is ro ask whot rheir favor- 
ite activity is outside of school. There were 
several convenrional answers readily occept- 
obie to the imoginotion but by no means lack- 
ing uniqueness. Ms. Cicok said "I love to travel 
and I love ro worch my cor foil oporr." Ms. 
Esterline showing o rouch of romonricism said "I 
like sparkling conversarions wirh sparkling 

We ore nor wirhour our philosophically in- 
clined either. "I like ro look at myself in the 
mirror and wonder if ir is really I.", sold Mr. 
Surherlond. We also found one with o curious 

double meaning. "I like to wresrle wirh my 
legal affairs.", remarked Ms. Gullick. Double 
meaning?? Ms. Gullick's husband is a lowyer. 
So we've found rhor our reochers ore in- 
deed humon. They, for the most port, enjoy 
their job and rake a great interest in rheir 
students. They ore wirry, romantic ond, lastly, 
humane. Or at leost Ms. Repass is. Her fovorite? 
"Buying cot food". 

MR, GRISMOkE TESTS and resrs os he plots ogoinsr rhe 
srudenrs of Shorrridge. Maybe when rhe rokeover occurs 
he'll be wearing o ruxedo 

MS WALLACE IS seen here weaving o magic carper for her 
escope from Ridge, Her ocrual dream is ro become a 
member of Alodin's horem 

132 Foculry 


MRS GREENWOOD SHOWS OFF FOR our roving comero 
by revealing her hidden rolenr as a dancer. Maybe she has 
o secrer desire ro be a Devilerre, 

RIDGERS, LOOK OUH Mr Aberson is looking for on unsu- 
specring victim ro clobber We know srudenrs leave a lor ro 
be desired, bur ... 

Faculry 133 

Roy Aberson - Hisrory, Sociology, Anrhropology. 

Gregory Allen — Consrrucnon, Merols. 

Betty Allendor — Speciol Educorion, 

Mottle Dollow — Arrendence Office, 

Hoover Boker — Biology. 

John Boker — Spanish. 

Leonard Behling — Bond, Music Deporrmenr Heed. 

Thomas Blrk - Arrs, Crofrs 

Mildred DIewett - Clerical Sroff 

Gory Drown — Hisrory, Foorboll Coach. 

Susan Drown — Librarian 

Marjorie Durford — Foods 

Suson Burton — English 

Lano Cardwell — Advanced Morh, Geomerry 

Shirley Carlson — Clericol Sroff 

Sue Cerolo — Arrisr in Residence. 

Elfle Cicok - Germon, French 

Dorcas Crovens — English 

Richard Crowley — Diology, Foorboll Coach, Golf Cooch. 

Debbie Donsby — Still-Performing Arrs Direcror. 

Mory Davis — Clorhing 

Johnnie Duke — Clerical Sroff 

Myron El — Choir. 

Mary Esterline — Journalism, English. 

Charles Fitzgerold — P E. end Healrh Deporrmenr Head. 

Ronald Freeland — Algebra, General Morh 

Earnest Frigo — General Morh 

Moe Graves — Child Developmenr, Family Heolrh 

Jackie Greenwood — Algebra 

RIchord Grismore — English, Healrh, Diology 

Brendo Guerro — Careers, Clerical Procrice. 

Pat Gullick - English. 

Jo Ann Guttrich — Guidence. 

David Hommer — English 

John Haynes — Arr, Foorboll Coach. 

134 Foculry 

Shelly Higglns - Clerical 

Phillip HIrsch - English, Speech, Drama 

Ann Holmes — Foods 

GornettQ Hood — Performing Arrs 

Jomes Houseman -US Hisrory 

Robert Houston — Psychology, World Civilizanon. 

Mory Hultz - Clerical Sroff 

Sandy Hunt - Healrh, PE, Track Cooch 

Stanley Irwin — Physics, Science 

Durney Jockson — General Marh, Geomerry, Algebra. 

Mottle Johnson — Librorian 

Twylloh Kendrick - Recordkeeping, Business Arirhmerric, 

Azillee Klncoide — English 

Constance KIrby - English 

Chris Libs — Phorography, Sroge Design, Dasic Arr. 

Creature Feature 

The Staff of rhe Annual 

Has Found a very special creature. 

We'd like ro wrire o manuol, 

bur we've only room for a feorure. 

This nev^s v^orrhy creature, 
Turns out to be a teacher, 
And tells of places for and wide. 

Though Mister Allen Sutherland 
Has traveled from his motherland. 
He returns here always to reside. 

At a lofty age fifty 
He's still quite shifty. 
His lesson is much more than a granual. 

He's practiced here for years 

And has o talent for cheers 

And he's finally mode the Shortridge 


Dy Aaren Perry 

The foreign language deparrmenr head Mr Allen Suth- 
erland displays a wide vonery of reaching merhods. 
Wherher ir's an illusrrarion or on example srraighr from 
rhe horse's lips, he olwoys gets his poinr across. 

Faculry 135 

Jerry Lucas — Elecrriciry, Industry. 
Mary Lyons — Chemisrry 
Donald Monnon — Governmenr 
Dob Marasch — Arrisr in residence 

William McAlexonder - General Business, Careers 

Donald McCawley — Pnnrer 

Suson McNeil - Typing, Dora Processing. 

John Medjeski — Guitar, Orchesrra 

Helen Moeller — English 

Crosswords Prevent Insonity 

Miss Corhy Timbermon or Miss T, fondly 
colled by rhose wino know her, is rhe secre- 
tory ro Vice-Principol in chorge of financing, 
Mr. Donold Oldhom. She come ro SHS in July 
of 1970, where she starred os on exrro clerk 
in rhe moin office. In February of 1972, 
when Den Johnson (currently principal of 
SHS) hod Mr. Oldhom's job, Miss T become 
Mr. Johnson's secretory. Mr. Johnson then 
beconne prindpol. Mr. Oldham come from 
Tech to toke over Mr. Johnson's old job and 
Miss T was "willed" to him. 

Involved in her job is keeping oil the ex- 
tra-curricular accounts straight, ordering sup- 
plies, furniture ond equipment needed by 
the teachers for their classes and giving out 
the pay checl^s. She olso ossists Mr. Oldham 
in making school budgets and they both ore 
in charge of security ond maintenance. 

With all that work plus the familiar hectic 
interruption of, "Do you hove change for o 
dollar?," one might ask how one keeps 
from going insane. Miss T keeps her sanity 
by taking her mind off everything on her 
lunch hour and plunging into a juicy cross- 
word puzzle. Hardly does on Indionopolis 
Star go off her desk without that one page 
being at least started on. 

Through all the trials and tribulotions of 
this job, Miss T soys she likes her job, "most 
of the time." 

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOi Shown in rhis rare phoro, rhe firsr 
rime Mrs T. hos frowned in 20 yrs Remember, you 
sow ir here in rhe Annual. 


136 Foculry 

William Morgan — Economics, Social Srudies 

Nancy Noike — Clorhing 

Genevo Parker — Clerical Sroff 

Thomas Payne — History Deporrmenr Head, World 

Civilizorion, Governmenr, Economics 

Medordo Pope — Speool Educarlon 

Ford Ratcliff — Power Mechanics, Mechonicol Drawing, 

Grophic Arrs 

Lois Repass — Lann, Erymology, English 

Dorton Richardson — Generol Marh, Dosic Morh 

Gene Robertson — Arhleric Direcror, Diology 

David Schockly — Astronomy, Science 

Mary Seigal - 
Koy Shepard 
Mary Sloton 
Carol Smith 

Gladys Smith 

- Shorrhond, Typing, Business Mechonics 

— Clerical Stoff 

- English 

Science Deporrmenr Heod, Cheniisrry, 

— Oericol Sroff, 

Cynthia Snowden — Guidence 

Dorb Stegnach — Guidence 

Art Studeboker — Science, Dosic Morh 

Alan Sutherland — Foreign Language ond English 

Deporrmenr Heod, French, Humoniries 

Thomas Swope — Science 

Corolyn Test — English 

Charles Thomas — Drug Educorion, Heolrh 

Don Thomas — Guidence 

Cathy Timbermon — Clerical Sroff 

Steve Tolin — Special Educorion, Tennis Coach. 

Roderic Trobue — Guidence, Baseball Coach 

Kathy Wolloce — Crofrs, Visual Design. 

Ruth Webb — Accounring, Typing 

Mory Wills — Clericol Sroff 

Corrie Wilson — Arr Deporrmenr Head, Ceramics 

Harriet Wisdom — P E , Girls' BosKerboll Coach 
Gary Wood — General Business, Business Law 
James Woods — ROTC 
Ervin Wright — Heolrh, P E , Wresriing Coach 
Clarice Young — Business 

Faculty 107 

Administration Responsible For Routine 

Every day, Monday Through Friday, Shorr- 
ridge H.S. opens ir's doors ro students arriving to 
portidpote in the educotionol experience. 
Classes are held ot regulor forty-five minute 
intervals, lunch and books ore provided for o 
nominal fee, and extra curriculor activities ore 
also induded. 

To the student it is all part of the routine, 
something that will be here today ond tomor- 
row. If it is done well it is unnoticeoble, except 
to the most observont eyes, but if it is poorly 
done it is obvious to everyone. On the surfoce 
the student sees the teachers, the classes, a 
lunchroom, cooks, security guards, janitors, 
counselors and more. They form the makeup 

of the school but the actual coordination of all 
these elements is done in the main office. 

Headman Benjamin Johnson, Vice-Principals, 
Don King ond Don Oldhom, Deons, Fronds 
Carter and Betty Garret and Guidance Counsel- 
or, James Dozier, moke-up the odministrotion. 
Their responsibilities vary, they take core of 
disdplinory problems, fill out reports, handle 
public relations, implement the curriculum as 
well OS having time to tolk individually to stu- 
dents. It is job that goes, for the most port, 
unnoticed by the student body yet it is on 
intricate, complex job that keeps Shortridge 

HELLO? ... MR DON OLDHAM, Vice-PrincipoP This is your 
Co-Vice-Principol, Don King How obour o gome of bowling 

from his busy schedule ro pose for rhe yearbook phorogro- 

138 Foculry 

DON'T CALL ME Johnson Don'r coll me Toys Jusr call me 
Mr Francis Correr, Dean of rhe Boys. 

YOU'D THINK BEING Direcror of Guidance would be a hechc 
enough] job for Mr James Dozier Bur noo . . . ' This year 
he rook on rhe added responsibiliry of being Senior Coun- 
selor also 

A CLUTTER.ED DESK is o sign of a genius Does Mrs Berry 
Gorrer, Deon of Girls, know rhis? 

Foculry 139 


In this section: 

Local merchants invest 
time and money to 
support SHS 

The Index 

The closing 

140 Ads 

Congratulations and 
good luck to the class of 


Josten's Inc. 

Creators of fine doss rings, awards, announcements, yearbool<s, 

Don Hock 
1210 N. Payton 
Indpis, IN 46219 


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142 Ads 

Michelle Townsend 
Co-Woys and Means 

Jane Crevelirvg 
Co-Woys and Meofis 

1980 Senior Class Officers 

Ads 143 

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__ I %m i 4 

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u i» W'' w^ Lmt 

■nu i iyjfe'l' i u 

■ "'V«""t Tf aBi«r'~~ir"w w "wwwr ■^ _."''_r\. -,******" —."'^'^ '"«*«mf~w««» -^-nr^^r' - 




Richard's Market Basket 

2350 East 52nd St. at Keystone 

3701 East 36th St. at Sherman 

Open 24 hours a day 

Congratulations and best 
wisties to ttie class of 

\AA Ads 

Best Wishes 

to the Class of i980 

Dr. & Mrs, David M. Smith 

Congratulations to the 

Class of 1980 
and the teachers too! 

Indianapolis Teachers 

Best Wishes Class of 

from the 
















5000 E. 08 




Some people invest 
In the stock 
morket. . . We 
Invest in kids. 

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Greiner's Submarine 
Sandwich Stiop 




Best Wisties 
Class of 1930 

from tlie Fresiiman 

Seniors ** 

from the Sopliomore Council 


3 E. 38th St. 

jtl^ — i^ • yl - - " ' y — ■ — -\.-T_,*T -^^ — - • r ^r- —w L^ — - y- - . ^ — — 

5000 West 25th Street 
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Representative Publisher: 
Dick Mourer 

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Pittsburgh Points Home Decoroting 


in Brood Rippie Viiioge" 

Wayne Moss Mgr. 

6301 Guilford Ave. 

Phone 255-3174 


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The Parent-Teacher Association of Shortrldge High 

school congratulates you, the Class of 1980 on a 

most important milestone - your high school 

graduation. We wish a bright and successful future to 

you all. 

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Sxjf>v MAKMET 

54tk COLlEGEf^E 

PHONE 255-^800 


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Congratulations to the 
Class of '80 from 


Jay WhirlocU 

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Wesrfield, Ind 46074 


Complinnenrs of rhe L.H. Smirh Oil Corpororion. The lorgesr 
nninoriry-owned and operored perroleum and lubricant dealer in 
rhe srare of Indiana. 

L.H. Smith Oil Corporation 

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Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 

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3766-68 N. MERIDIANS!. 

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Congratulations to the Class of 1980 

McGill Agency 

Lorry McGill 
Life & Health Insurance 

3833 N. Meridian 

Indianapolis, Indiono 


Equity Products 

Auto Home Renters 


Norman Morford 
Retirement Programs 


Final Words 

We find ir difficult ro end this book. So nnuch has gone 
inro ir and so mony things hove resulted from it that to try 
to recapture those monnents and feelings in one piece of 
writing is a struggle we hove no urge to take on. Looking 
at other closings to yearbooks we find nostalgic refer- 
ences to last minute deadlines, fostfood dinners, lost film 
and the inevitable feeling of loss that comes from finishing 
what seemed ro be on unfinishoble task. All of these 
events and feelings we as editors experienced. They ore 
to be remembered and possibly, someday written about. 
But they ore finished and though they mean much to us 
to you they would be but senseless romblings. This, 
though, we guarantee you; those feelings and events 
hove real importance to us and are reflected within the 
book. In fact the book is a collection of moods that 
influenced the writing of every story, the positioning of 
every picture and the production os a whole. But it is not 
imporont to realize all the happenings that took place 
during the making but rather to realize all the work put 
into this production that caused all the happenings. 

Hard work and hard workers ore not easy to come by 
and we were lucky to have all the help that we did. 
Highest praise goes to Mr. Thomas Birk, our advisor. Not 
only did he advise, he stayed the long hours and even as 
he slumped, he propped us up with compliments and 
encouragement and his own hard work. Also thanks to 
Nancy Chase, who helped us with photography, Mr. 

Oldham, Miss Timbermonn, Mr. Johnson and the rest of 
the entourage that helped us with everything. Miss Ester- 
line and Mr. Sutherland you were cool too! Lastly, we 
wont to thank the few of the staff that genuinely gave 
their time and effort, Jill Morford, Carole Moss, Janet 
Molzon, Lisa Flint and Jane Creveling. We love you more 
than we could ever express. For Dick Maurer there should 
be roses. And if Mr. Grismore didn't hove fingers, we 
wouldn't hove an index and he wouldn't hove Chivos. All 
these people provided services which wirhout them there 
would be no book. 

So here it ends. It is no less difficult than when it began. 
It's with sincere hopes that you've found and continue to 
find this book on enjoyable work, one that is indicative of 
all that was put into and token away from it. 




154 Final Vords 

Final Words 155 



Aaron, Howard . . . 126 
Aasen, Colleen . . . 114 
Aasen, Lizzie . . . 120 
Adams, Lastronio . . . 60, 126 
Adams, James ... 45 
Aker, Tony ... 120 
Alexander, Joyce . . . 120 
Alexander, Larry . . . 114 
Alexander, Lee ... 17, 114 
Alexander, Ron ... 40, 31 
Alexander, Wanda ... 120 
Allen, Robert ... 114 
Alley, Steve ... 40, 41, 38, 

39, 47 
Anderson, Albert ... 120 
Anderson, Charlene . . . 114 
Anderson, Lucian ... 31, 33, 

Andrews, Elizabeth ... 120 
Annes, Michael . . . 126 
Ano, Myron . . . 120 
Appenfelder, Rebecca . . . 

Appleton, Anthony ... 22, 

Appleton, Cynthia ... 40, 41 
Appleton, Patrick ... 22, 40, 

41, 126 
Armour, Kristino . . . 120 
Asher, Alvin . . . 126 
Atkins, Cheryl ... 58 
Austin, Carlo ... 120 
Austin, Darrell . . . 114 
Austin, Korlo ... 41 
Avant, Michael . . . 126 
Avant, Rodney ... 41, 120 
Avant, Stephanie . . . 114 
Averitte, Jerry . . . 120 
Avery, Timothy . . . 120 


Doiley, Joe ... 126 
Dailey, Lovern . . . 126 
Doiley, Sheila ... 41 
Daird, Paul ... 126 
Baker, Jonothon . . . 120 
Daker, Leroy . . . 126 
Daker, Martha ... 120 
Baker, Sherry ... 120 
Baker, Wallace ... 114 
Boll, Kenney ... 20, 22, 31, 
41, 46 

Ball, Lonnie ... 41, 120 
Ballow, James ... 31, 40, 72, 

Banc, Jerry ... 31, 114 

Bonks, Craig ... 57, 114 

Bonks, Randy ... 31, 32, 47, 


Bonn, John . . . 127 

Bordwell, Lucia ... 22, 120 

Barlow, Kivya . . . 120 

Bornett, Angela ... 41, 47, 


Bornett, Julie ... 45 

Barton, Emory ... 50, 126 

Bass, Aaron . . . 126 

Boss, LoTonyo ... 17, 73, 79, 

84, 70 

Botes, Kristen ... 45, 83, 80, 


Dotes, Mark ... 114 

Botes, Phillip ... 83, 120 

Battle, Carol ... 120 

Beouford, Beverly ... 114 

Behroozi, Cyrus ... 11, 65, 

75, 89, 126 

Behroozi, Jasmin . . . 73, 75, 

80, 85, 90 

Beidelmon, Craig ... 83, 89, 


Bell, James ... 126 

Bell, Lisa ... 62, 114 

Bell, Seretta ... 126 

Dell, Stephen ... 114 

Bellamy, Sylester . . . 126 

Bennett, Debbie . . . 126 

Bentley, LoVern . . . 126 

Berry, Antonio . . . 114 

Berry, Robin . . . 114 

Berry, Yolondo . . . 126 

Beuke, Sondi ... 76, 81 

Beverly, Geno . . . 120 

Dewers, Solo ... 22 

Bible, Kelly ... 126 

Bindhommer, Jeff . . . 126 

Birdson, Veronica . . . 120 

Bischoff, Joy ... 126 

Bischoff, Matthew ... 114 

Bishop, Sobrino ... 83, 89, 90 

Blond, Kenny ... 126 

Bland, Nathan ... 16, 38, 39, 

47, 73, 75 
Blond, Robert ... 120 
Diane, David ... 126 
Diane, Keith ... 114 
Bloke, Susannah . . . 76, 79, 

81, 90 
Blonkenboker, Betsy ... 17, 

45, 83, 114 
Blonkenboker, David ... 45 
Blonkenboker, Jim . . . 32, 

DIedsoe, Sue ... 114 

DoleyJQck, Jeffrey ... 114 
Dollen, Michoel ... 126 
Donner, Anna . . . 114 
Dostic, Kevin ... 120 
Bowers, Solo . . . 126 
Boyd, Felicia ... 120 
Boyd, Renee ... 79, 121 
Boyd, Rochelle ... 79, 121 
Boyer, Kevin ... 85, 121 
Bradford, Rory ... 121 
Bradley, James ... 85, 121 
Bradley, Walter ... 114 
Bradley, Willeon ... 127 
Branch, Othlio ... 115 
Brandon, Ruth ... 115 
Brose, Gregg ... 31, 32, 41, 

Braxton, Murray . . . 115 
Bridgewoter, Trevor . . . 121 
Brighom, Darryl . . . 121 
Brosius, Bruce ... 8, 16, 43, 

Drown, Charlie ... 41, 46, 47 
Drown, Cynthia . . . 127 
Drown, Dwighf ... 121 
Drown, Frances . . . 127 
Drown, Gay . . . 121 
Drown, Geary . . . 127 
Drown, George ... 85 
Drown, James . . . 85, 121 
Drown, John ... 89, 90, 121 
Drown, Karl ... 31, 32, 41 
Drown, Lelond ... 41 
Drown, Michelle ... 22 
Drown, Som ... 47, 115, 118 
Drown, Toni . . . 115, 121 
Druce, Feliso . . . 121 
Dryont, Rodney ... 83, 127 
Durch, Chris ... 69, 115 
Durdett, Donna ... 121 
Durnett, Clara ... 22, 78, 127 
Durns, Anthony . . . 115 
Durrell, Kim ... 115, 118 
Durris, Foye . . . 115 
Durse, Lester . . . 127 
Dush, Keith ... 115 
Dutler, Keith ... 22 
Dutler, Kirk ... 47, 115 
Dutler, Penny ... 121 
Dutler, Stephanie ... 127 
Dyrns, Anthony . . . 127 


Caldwell, Druce ... 115 
Caldwell, Kevin ... 58 
Coles, Rick ... 81, 121 
Campbell, Deboroh . . . 115 

Campbell, Kim ... 60, 127 
Cannon, Loverne ... 41 
Cannon, Paulo . . . 57, 121 
Cantrell, Gino . . . 115 
Copes, Mark . . . 121 
Corey, Janice ... 52, 121 
Cormody, Karen ... 18, 89, 

Carpenter, Kevin ... 41 
Carpenter, Roscoe . . . 115 
Corr, John ... 61 
Corr, Michael . . . 115 
Carroll, Robert ... 31, 41, 121 
Corruther, Tonnie . . . 127 
Carter, Allison ... 127 
Carter, Froncine . . . 127 
Casey, Volencie . . . 127 
Cossell, Edie ... 9, 45, 47, 

73, 80, 83, 89, 120, 121 
Caston, Crystal ... 121 
Caston, Hope . . . 115 
Caston, Mifhicah . . . 115 
Cerolo, Tony . . . 55, 115 
Chapman, Alphonso ... 41, 

Cheatham, Dorboro ... 121 
Chester, Gwendolyn . . . 127 
Childers, Kotherine ... 89, 

Childs, Lorry ... 121 
Christian, Robert ... 41 
Chubb, Colleen ... 89, 90 
Chubb, Teresa ... 89, 120, 

Clordy, Arleno ... 127 
Clordy, Robert ... 115 
Clark, Allen ... 127 
Clark, Damon . . . 115 
Cloy, Ronald ... 115 
Clemmons, Dorryl ... 121 
Clemmons, Worren . . . 115 
Cloyd, Anito ... 121 
Cohen, Deryl . . . 126, 127 
Cohen, Jeff ... 9, 14, 41, 89, 

Coleman, Helen ... 77, 115 
Coleman, Kothy ... 127 
Collier, Janet ... 127 
Collins, Cassandra ... 41 
Collins, Keith ... 44, 45, 115 
Colvin, Christy ... 75, 81 
Contreos, Lisa ... 75, 77, 127 
Cook, Donna . . . 127 
Cooper, CiQtto . . . 121 
Cooper, Phyllis ... 121 
Corn, Karen ... 121 
Cortinelli, Anthony . . . 115 
Cortinelli, Leo ... 24, 73, 121 
Cotfrell, Raymond ... 127 

156 Index 

Cougon, Joe ... 31, 45 
Cougon, MoryJone . . . 115 
Crobfree, Charles ... 127 
Crobtree, Dorrell ... 127 
Croig, Paul ... 47, 115, 121 
Craig, Peter ... 22, 47, 89, 

Crean, Tim ... 9, 38, 39, 59 
Crenshaw, John . . . 127 
Creveling, Jane ... 17, 21, 

83, 89 
Creveling, Richard ... 41, 127 
Crisena, Nicholson . . . 127 
Crossland, Kenny ... 40, 41 
Crossland, Kurt ... 115 
Cooley, Tonya ... 115 


Dam, Vi . . . 43, 115 
Daniels, Anne . . . 77, 126, 

Danke, Ragier ... 51 
Dougherty, Debbie ... 7 
Davenport, Edna . . . 115 
Davis, Drian . . . 115 
Davis, Dorryl . . . 115 
Davis, Gary ... 31, 32 
Davis, Keith ... 31, 46, 55, 

Davis, Vincent . . . 127 
Dav/son, Debra ... 121 
Debov/, Emily . . . 120, 121 
Derrick, Morris ... 127 
DeWolt, Johnny ... 60, 127 
Dickens, Anthony ... 63, 121 
Dickens, Keith ... 121 
Dickens, Kenneth ... 31, 121 
Dickinson, Richard . . . 45, 115 
Diggs, David ... 31, 121 
Dixon, Lynn . . . 115 
Dixon, Nedro ... 121 
Dohrenwend, Mike ... 15, 

Dorn, Ana ... 121 
Doughterty, Debbie ... 121 
Douthit, Anthony ... 127 
Doyb, Lesha ... 121 
Dozier, Elizabeth ... 83 
Driver, Carrie . . . 115 
Drummer, Tonia . . . 127 
Dubard, Denise . . . 127 
Duncan, Edna . . . 115 
Durham, Mark ... 22, 24, 121 


Early, George . . . 127 
Earnhart, Susan ... 17, 89, 90 
Easley, John ... 28, 40, 41, 
81, 83, 85, 89, 90 
Edelen, Cathy ... 77, 127 
Edelen, Tony ... 41 
Edilin, Dwight ... 127 
Edmonds, Alecia . . . 127 
Edmonds, Linda ... 45, 121 

Edmonds, Peggy . . . 127 
Edmondson, Ramona . . . 115 
Edwards, Felecia . . . 115 
Edwards, Jay ... 45, 121 
Edwards, Jetronia . . . 77, 127 
Edwards, LuWanna . . . 121 
Edwards, Mark . . . 115 
Edwards, Stacy ... 127 
Edwards, Wandy ... 79, 127 
Elliott, Mark ... 121 
Elliot, Patricia ... 121 
Ellis, Greg ... 41, 121 
Ellis, Jeffrey ... 115 
Ensley, Mary Ann ... 7, 41, 
79, 121 

Epikmen, Gulson . . . 67, 80 
Evans, Sabrino . . . 115 
Everetts, Paul ... 89, 121 


Fechtman, Todd ... 45, 127 
Fields, Freddie . . . 115 
Flagg, Robert ... 121 
Fleischmon, Joan . . . 115 
Fleming, G. W. . . . 31 
Fischer, Terrie . . . 127 
Flint, Lisa ... 53, 83, 89, 90 
Floyd, Andrea ... 47, 121 
Floyd, Brian ... 121 
Floyd, Holly ... 41, 47, 79 
Ford, Garland ... 47 
Foster, Ann ... 73, 127 
Foster, Jennifer . . . 73, 115 
Foster, Marylynn ... 89, 90 
Foster, Michael ... 121 
Fredland, Volita ... 89, 127 
French, Greg ... 89, 90 
Fuqua, Jacqueline . . . 121 


Gaines, Craig . . . 115 
Gaines, Michael . . . 127 
Galloway, Eric ... 21, 69, 80, 

Galloway, Paul ... 22, 80, 

Gammon, Jennifer . . . 115 
Gammon, William . . . 127 
Gardiner, Todd ... 39 
Gardner, Chuck . . . 127 
Gardner, Tim ... 31 
Gardner, Todd ... 85, 115 
Garrett, Teresa ... 79, 121 
Gatewood, Clarissa . . . 115 
Gatewood, Tonya . . . 127 
Gayde, Pam ... 53, 89, 90 
Gee, Tony . . . 115 
Gee, Vetchel ... 115 
Gerard, Liso ... 73 
Gerard, Susan . . . 127 
Gibson, Linda . . . 127 
Gilbert, Debbie ... 45 
Gilbert, Reggie ... 121 

Girton, DeVon . . . 115, 118 
Glass, Gregory . . . 122 
Glenn, Diare ... 122 
Goldsmith, Sylvia . . . 115 
Goodlow, Angela . . . 129 
Goodlow, Beverly . . . 115 
Gore, Dianne ... 22, 41, 76, 

Graves, Angle . . . 75, 77 
Graves, Ruth ... 127 
Graves, Terri . . . 122 
Gray, Denise . . . 116 
Gray, Tonia ... 10, 85, 90, 

Gray, Tracey . . . 127 
Green, Tammie . . . 116 
Griffith, Scott ... 41, 89, 90 
Gruver, Jodi . . . 126, 127 
Guernsey, David ... 16, 122 
Guess, Eric . . . 127 
Guilford, Jack ... 31, 122 
Guise, Paul . . . 116 
Gunstall, Sabriel . . . 116 

Hh, li 

Hale, Cord ... 28, 40, 41 
Hale, Esther ... 122 
Hall, Alan ... 122 
Hall, Tara ... 129 
Hamiter, Dearlo . . . 116 
Hamiter, Onyette ... 47 
Hampton, Darryl ... 122 
Hampton, Tommy . . . 116 
Hampton, Wilbert . . . 116 
Haralson, Brian . . . 116 
Harmon, Craig ... 8, 43, 97, 

Harmon, Kevin . . . 38, 39, 

42, 43, 73, 74, 75 
Harney, Cheryl ... 83 
Harney, Lynn . . . 122 
Harold, Marvin ... 40 
Harper, Anno ... 79, 129 
Harris, Beverley . . . 122 
Harris, Cheryl ... 77, 129 
Harris, John . . . 116 
Harris, Maurice ... 122 
Harris, Theresa ... 41 
Harrott, Marvin ... 41 
Harrow, Marvin . . . 116 
Hatchel, Robie ... 42, 43 
Hawking, Warren . . . 129 
Hayes, Andrea . . . 116 
Hayes, Anita ... 122 
Hayes, Jessica ... 22 
Hayes, Renee ... 41 
Haygood, Bill ... 41 
Haygood, Carlton ... 122 
Haygood, Stephanie ... 41, 

79, 116 
Haygood, William . . . 122 
Haynes, Arthur ... 122 
Head, Brett ... 116 
Helft, Chris ... 15, 45, 129 
Helmer, Barbara . . . 129 

Helmer, Caroline . . . 116 
Helmer, Steve ... 18, 45 
Hendon, Brent ... 25, 75, 80, 

84, 85 
Henn, Laura ... 83, 120, 122 
Henn, Marty ... 14, 15, 89, 

Henry, Cynthio ... 77, 129 
Henss, Michelle ... 122 
Hernanidez, Telmo . . . 129 
Hewlett, Suzanne . . . 116 
Hicks, Brent ... 129 
Hill, Renee ... 129 
Hinant, Cathy ... 17, 45, 80, 

83, 122 
Hines, David ... 129 
Holland, Bill ... 31, 33 
Hollingsworth, Ingrid . . . 22, 

24, 117, 122 
Hosemon, Andrew . . , 122 
Hoseclaw, Lori ... 122 
House, David . . . 117 
Howard, Aaron . . . 129 
Howard, Marci ... 129 
Howard, Pamela . . . 117 
Howell, Donald ... 129 
Hubord, Bill ... 117 
Hudkins, Jim ... 83, 122 
Hughes, Charlotte ... 122 
Hughes, Donno ... 78, 83, 

Hunt, Bridgett ... 129 
Hunt, Jerry ... 129 
Hunt, Kimberly ... 122 
Hunt, Michael ... 122 
Hunter, Helen ... 129 
Hurt, Kim ... 58 


Jacks, Kimberley . . . 117 
Jackson, Robert ... 122 
Jackson, Addie . . . 117 
Jackson, Myrtle . . . 129 
Jackson, Rebecca . . . 117 
Jackson, Rhonda ... 10, 78, 

Jackson, Shirley ... 89, 117, 

James, Mellissa . . . 129 
James, Stephen . . . 129 
Jamison, Anthony . . . 117 
Jeffers, Derek ... 122 
Jenkins, Mark ... 31 
Johnson, Angelo . . . 79, 90 
Johnson, Billy ... 129 
Johnson, Carolyn . . . 117 
Johnson, Eric ... 21, 39, 117 
Johnson, Ezra ... 31, 117 
Johnson, Kim ... 12, 45, 73, 

79, 122 
Johnson, Marcia . . . 117 
Johnson, Michael ... 43 
Johnson, Kirsten . . . 129 
Johnson, Sandra . . . 117 
Johnson, Shona . . . 129 

Index 157 

Johnson, Thomas . . . 117 
Johnsten, Svew . , . 117 
Jones, Alise ... 129 
Jones, Bobbie ... 129 
Jones, Daphne . . . 117 
Jones, Derrick . . . 117, 118 
Jones, Felicia . . . 117 
Jones, Karen ... 122 
Jones, Kenneth . . . 117 
Jones, Larry . . . 117 
Jones, Lisa ... 60, 129 
Jones, Michael . . . 129 
Jones, Patrick ... 122 
Jones, Richard ... 51 
Jordan, Dexter ... 41 
Jordan, Henry ... 31, 117 
Jorman, Jerome ... 41 
Joyner, Floyd ... 41 
Joyner, JoAnn ... 41, 117 


Kay, Angela ... 122 

Kemper, Trapnell ... 43, 50, 


Kendrick, Joyce . . . 122 

Kendrick, Kenneth . . . 129 

Kennedy, Mark ... 117 

Keys, Charles ... 41 

Keys, Sam ... 31, 32, 41, 122 

Kidd, Belinda ... 41, 117 

Kidd, Jackie ... 129 

Kidd, Linda ... 79 

Kimbrough, David . . . 129 

Kimbrough, Linda . . . 129 

Kratochvil, Richard . . . 129 


Lacey, Etienne . . . 129 
Lacey, Ronald ... 122 
LoFollette, Susan ... 14, 83, 

89, 90 
LaForge, Kathy ... 79 
Lake, Tammy . . . 129 
Lambert, Sam . . . 122 
London, Angela . . . 117 
Longford, Cathy ... 117 
LeForge, Kathleen . . . 117 
LeForge, Lisa . . . 129 
Lewis, Regina . . . 129 
Lewis, Sharon . . . 129 
Lightfoot, Verlinda ... 117 
Lindsey, Byron ... 85, 117 
Lindsey, Corlene ... 90, 126, 

Lobley, Sarah ... 81, 117 
Long, Mory Beth ... 129 
Love, Rhonda . . . 122 
Lyies, Kevin . . . 117 


Mack, Kim ... 117 
Madison, Andrew . 


Madison,. Cheryl . . . 117 
Madison, Dianne ... 41, 96, 

Malone, Michelle ... 45 
Monfredi, Francesco ... 78, 

Manning, Robin . . . 122 
Martin, Cynthia ... 122 
Martin, Jeffrey . . . 117 
Martin, Keith ... 90 
Martin, Kevin . . . 117 
Martin, Leslie ... 127 
Mortin, Terry ... 84, 85 
Martindale, Angela . . . 117 
Marvin, Coleman . . . 129 
Mason, Harvey . . . 129 
Mossey, Mark ... 51, 129 
Mossox, Sean ... 129 
Mathews, Anna . . . 129 
Mathews, Joe ... 41, 117 
Matney, Barbara . . . 129 
Maxey, Robin ... 129 
Moybury, Gathy ... 14, 41, 

83, 89, 90 
Maynard, Dionno ... 69, 122 
McAhern, Lisa ... 79 
McCann, Grant ... 58, 117 
McChristion, Brenda . . . 117 
McChristian, Felicia ... 122 
McClung, Brant ... 122 
McCrackin, Tonya . . . 117 
McCrary, Ronno . . . 129 
McEachern, Lisa ... 129 
McForland, Lonnie ... 39 
McKinney, Teresa . . . 117 
McKinney, Victoria ... 129 
McKinnon, Charlie ... 41 
McKnight, Angela ... 129 
McKnight, Sheila ... 123 
McMillen, Homer ... 117 
McMiiler, Cheryl ... 129 
McNay, Eugene ... 39 
McNiel, Rhonda ... 79, 85, 

117, 118 
McShane, Pat ... 43, 123 
Meadows, Hannah . . . 66, 

Metzger, Dino ... 39, 117 
Meyes, Michael ... 123 
Mickel, Curtis . . .29 
Middleton, Darwin ... 30, 31, 

Miller, Anthony ... 40 
Miller, Dean . . . 117, 118 
Miller, Kim ... 17, 45, 123 
Miller, Michelle ... 29 
Miller, Phillip ... 41, 123 
Miller, Richard ... 117 
Miller, Vaugh ... 68, 129 
Molzon, Janet ... 12, 14, 75, 

117, 118 
Molzon, Karen . . . 129 
Montgomery, Karen . . . 123 
Moore, Delveda ... 89, 90 
Moore, John . . . 117, 130 
Moore, Judy . . . 117 

Moore, Lenell ... 130 
Moore, Michael . . . 123 
Moore, Michelle . . . 117 
Moore, Sandy ... 130 
Moore, Sahwn . . . 123 
Moreland, Michael ... 130 
Morford, Janet ... 99, 118 
Morford, Jill ... 73, 75, 84, 

Morgan, Mark ... 123 
Morris, Derrick ... 130 
Morris, James . . . 123 
Morton, Yvonne . . . 117 
Mosley, Gail ... 53 
Moss, Carole ... 17, 67, 75, 

80, 117, 118 
Mouser, Laura . . . 130 
Mueller, Wolburge . . . 117 
Mukison, Deborah . . . 117 
Murphy, Sandy . . . 130 
Murphy, Scott ... 45, 81, 117 
Murray, Fronkie . . . 123 
Murrell, Dianne ... 41, 47 
Murrell, Matthew ... 123 
Murry, David ... 118 
Murry, Willie ... 118 
Muse, Natalie ... 130 
Myles, Carolyn ... 123 
Myles, Sheila ... 130 


Nance, Spencer . . . 123 
Napier, Joe ... 41, 123 
Nash. David ... 89, 90, 126, 

Nasr, Reso ... 99 
Neff, Andrew ... 123 
Ney, Willie ... 8, 14, 42, 43, 

Nguyen, Anh . . . 123 
Nguyen, Chou ... 42, 43, 97 
Nguyen, Dot ... 43 
Nguyen Dung . . . 130 
Nibbs, Doryl . . . 118, 123 
Nibbs, Don ... 118 
Nibbs, DeWoyne ... 123 
Niemi, Patrick ... 130 
Noel, Alonzo ... 130 
Noel, Mildred ... 123 
Nolan, Jack ... 43, 81, 118 
Nolcox, Brett ... 30, 31, 118 
Nowlin, Mary ... 130 


Obie, Lynette ... 47 
Obie, Nanette ... 41, 123 
Oliver, Robert ... 130 
Outlaw, Jeff ... 31, 41 
Ovalton, Frank ... 41 
Overstreet, George . . . 130 

Pace, Tim ... 41, 123 
Paige, Pomelo . . . 123 
Parker, Eric ... 118 
Porker, Sharon ... 85, 123 
Porks, Buddy ... 84, 89, 118 
Porks, Jeffery ... 41 
Porks, Keith ... 8, 31, 38, 39, 

83, 123 
Parrish, Robert ... 118 
Patterson, Crystal ... 130 
Patterson, Patrice ... 130 
Patterson, Robert ... 118 
Poyton, John ... 43 
Payton, Poulo . . . 123 
Paxton, Jerome . . . 123 
Peacock, Julie ... 19, 79, 

126, 130 
Peacock, Kenny ... 30, 31, 

33, 40, 41 
Peacock, Kevin ... 130 
Peddigrew, Jeff ... 31, 118 
Perrine, Fred ... 123 
Perry, Aoren ... 43, 118, 130, 

Perry, Korben ... 43, 130 
Pettie, Karen ... 123 
Pettie, Richard ... 22 
Petty, Sandra ... 41, 46, 47, 

Phelps, Sharon ... 130 
Phillips, Ellen ... 130 
Pierson, Patti . . . 123 
Pittmon, Angela ... 123 
Poole, Kim ... 41 
Poole, Monica ... 41 
Porter, Greg ... 43, 47, 89, 

Porter, Mary . . . 126, 130 
Powe, Stephanie . . . 130 
Pratt, Laura ... 118 
Pratt, Sylvia ... 123 
Preer, Kenneth . . . 130 
Preer, Theresa . . . 123 
Price, Tom ... 123 
Pringle, Pom ... 123 
Proffitt, Dovid ... 118 
Pryor, Charles ... 123 
Pryor, Kenneth . . . 123 
Pryor, Monica ... 79 
Purdue, Ronnie . . . 130 

Quinones, Cora ... 41 
Quinones, Rita ... 41 


Pp, Qq 

Radcliffe, Forrest ... 31, 118, 

Radford, Resse ... 47 
Radford, Rory ... 47 
Roine, Eric ... 118 
Randall, Anita ... 118 
Randall, Jacqueline . . 118 
Randall, Rondo ... 118 
Randall, Wonda ... 118 
Randolph, Nedra . . . 118 

158 Index 

Ronke, Robert ... 123 
Rosdell, Jerry ... 130 
Reed, Henry ... 47, 118, 119 
Reed, Sharon . . . 123 
Reeves, Ingo ... 45 
Reeves, Michole . . . 130 
Riechel, Orion ... 31, 32, 81, 

Richardson, Arlene ... 118 
Richardson, Darlene . . . 118 
Richardson, Jomes . . . 130 
Richardson, Jerry . . . 123 
Richorson, Lena . . . 130 
Richmond, James . . . 123 
Ricketts, Deneen . . . 130 
Ricketts, Jeff ... 118 
Riegol, Martin ... 73 
Riegal, Rachel ... 77, 83, 

126, 130 
Riggins, Kenny . . . 30, 31, 

45, 90 
Riggs, Helen ... 123 
Riley, Darnell ... 55 
Roberts, Jo ... 40 
Roberts, Phillip ... 41, 47, 

Robinson, Annette ... 45, 

Robinson, Dawn . . . 123 
Robinson, Karen ... 47, 123 
Robinson, Sanmonique . . . 

Roddy, Mishon ... 118 
Rodney, Danny ... 41 
Rogers, Alif ... 123 
Rogers, Dv/ayne . . . 123 
Rolland, Mike ... 32, 60 
Ross, Brian ... 118 
Ross, Carmen . . . 118 
Ross, Colette ... 22, 45, 47, 

76, 79, 97 
Rowe, Eugenea . . . 118 
Rov/e, Lester ... 30, 31 
Rowland, Michael ... 130 
Rugh, Chuck ... 118 
Rugh, Michael ... 130 
Rush, Linda ... 130 
Rutledge, Shirley Ann . . . 118 


Sanders, Ron ... 32, 130 
Sanner, Christina . . . 130 
Sargeant, Gerald ... 31 
Sarton, Anthony ... 89 
Scatlon, Decky ... 130 
Schick, Danny ... 130 
Schwarzin, Helmut ... 43 
Scopelitis, Andrea . . . 78, 81 

Scopaletis, Stephanie ... 72, 

79, 81, 130 

Scott, Steven . 

Seorles, Linda 

Selby, Mike . 

120, 123 

. 123 
. 118 
15, 38, 73, 

Selig Tim ... 123 
Senior, Amy . . . 126, 130 
Seymour, Lone . . . 130 
Seymour, Rickie . . . 123 
Shackleford, Tony ... 123 
Shoh, Allen ... 124 
Shank, Lewis . . . 130 
Shank, Lisa ... 123 
Sharpe, Druce . . . 130 
Sharpe, Jerry . . . 130 
Sharpe, Valerie ... 40, 41, 

46, 47, 79 
Shaw, Arthur . . . 131 
Shaw, Cornelius . . . 131 
Shaw, Kelly ... 123 
Sheppard, Rhonda ... 131 
Sheridion, Dawn . . . 123 
Sherrell, Janet ... 131 
Sherrell, Janice ... 131 
Simmons, Eugene ... 47, 123 
Simmons, Jackie ... 131 
Slatter, Jacque ... 68, 78, 89, 

120, 124 
Smith, Ann ... 118 
Smith, Brenda ... 79, 131 
Smith, Burt ... 43 
Smith, Crystal ... 60 
Smith, Curtis ... 131 
Smith, Debra ... 41, 79 
Smith, Develon ... 131 
Smith, Donna ... 124 
Smith, Gary ... 124 
Smith, Greg ... 40, 41, 72, 

Smith, Jackie . . . 124 
Smith, Kevin . . . 118 
Smith, Laura . . . 44, 45, 73, 

74, 75, 83 
Smith, Linda . . . 126, 131 
Smith Lornetta ... 118 
Smith, Mono . . . 118 
Smith, Penny . . . 118 
Smith, Rickie ... 124 
Smith, Tony . . . 131 
Snow, Karen . . . 118 
Snowden, Whitney ... 41, 

Soltermon, Juli ... 76, 90, 118 
Spicer, Maeve . . . 45, 46, 47, 

76, 83, 118, 119 
Spivey, Kimberly . . . 131 
Spivey, Michael . . . 131 
Spradly, Roy ... 31 
Stanley, Denise . . . 124 
Stanton, Cedric ... 31 
Stewart, Anna ... 90 
Stewart, Deboroh . . . 131 
Stewart, Elaine ... 119 
Stewart, Jim ... 32 
Stewart, Marcus . . . 124 
Stewart, Robert ... 131 
Stilwell, Joe ... 16, 45, 83, 

120, 124 
Stilwell, Suzie ... 45, 49, 83, 

Stockdale, Renita ... 119 

Stokes, Tonya ... 131 
Stokes, Warren ... 119 
Strickland, Heather ... 119 
Summers, Harry ... 85, 120, 

Suttle, Vernon ... 131 
Swanson, Russell . . . 85 
Swatts, Terri ... 131 
Swift, Hiram ... 124 

Tt, Uu, Vv 

Talley, Keith ... 40, 411 124 
Taylor, Denon . . . 131 
Taylor, Friedo ... 99 
Taylor, Michelle ... 90, 124 
Taylor, Tina . . . 124 
Temple, Byron ... 31, 45, 119 
Temple, Royal ... 31, 124 
Templeton, Jerold ... 131 
Terrell, Jackie ... 124 
Thomas, Cort ... 31, 119 
Thomas, Damon ... 97 
Thomas, Freddie . . . 124 
Thomas, Joseph . . . 124 
Thomas, LoVern ... 84 
Thomas, Kevin ... 39, 89, 

Thomas, Richard ... 131 
Thomas, William ... 69, 118, 

Thompson, Eric . . . 118 
Thompson, Kevin . . . 124 
Thompson, Lana ... 83 
Thompson, Lisa . . . 131 
Thompson, Kenneth . . . 131 
Thompson, Rodney ... 131 
Threte, Cheryl ... 90 
Tipton, Pam ... 79 
Tisdul, Inize ... 124 
Townsend, Anetha . . . 124 
Townsend, Silas . . . 124 
Townsend, Rhodo . . . 119 
Toyner, Floyd ... 85 
Tucker, Aaron . . . 119 
Tucker, Ronald ... 119 
Tuggles, Carolyn ... 41 
Turner, Berlynne . . . 124 
Turner, Clarence ... 31 
Turner, Danny ... 61, 131 
Turner, James ... 55 
Turner, Shawn . . . 124 
Turner, Teresa . . . 131 
Turner, Todd . . . 31, 32, 119 

Underwood, Melvin . . . 119 
Utiey, Vernon ... 119 

Vaden, Terry . . . 124 
Vail Heidi ... 67, 75, 83, 131 
Vale, Karol-Lisa ... 131 
Vance, Dawn . . . 131 
Venable, Dennie . . . 119 
Vinson, Anthony ... 22, 69, 

84, 119 
Vinson, Kevin ... 131 

Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz 

Wagener, Julio ... 18, 19 
Wagner, Kerra . . . 80, 84 
Wagner, Steven . . . 124 
Waire, Kevin . . 124 
Walker, Cherri ... 131 
Walker, Derex ... 131 
Walker, Dorrenle ... 126 
Walker, Jeffrey ... 131 
Walker, Moral ... 124 
Wollen, Borboro ... 44, 45, 

75, 81, 119 
Ward, Carlo ... 124 
Ward, Kenny ... 85 
Word, Renee ... 59 
Ward, Sharon ... 124 
Ware, Jonathon . . . 131 
Warren, Bernice ... 20 
Warton, Lorry ... 31 
Wotkins, Ken ... 14, 41, 47, 

81, 119 
Watson, Lonnie ... 96, 119 
Watson, Sherri . . . 118, 119 
Watts, Angela ... 131 
Wotts, Harry ... 89, 131 
Watts, Pearl ... 119 
Watts, Shoron ... 124 
Weotherford, Tonyo ... 131 
Webb, Dominic . . . 131 
Weber, David ... 131 
Wagner, Julia . . . 124 
Weichart, John ... 97, 124 
Weiser, David ... 50, 119 
Wells, Donno ... 131 
Wells, Eric ... 131 
Wells, Felicio ... 131 
Wells, Kevin ... 31, 124 
West, Deborah ... 124 
West, Emily ... 73, 90 
West Paul ... 18, 19, 120, 

Westbrook, Angela ... 119 
Westmorelond, Glendo . . . 

89, 90 
Westmoreland, Wendall . . . 

10, 41 
Wheat, Paul ... 31, 119 
White, Brian ... 39 
White, Diane ... 125 
White, Gory ... 119 
White, Georgia ... 77, 131 
White, Jeffrey ... 125 
White, Loren ... 131 
White, Milino ... 131 
White, Shirley ... 125 
White, William ... 83, 125 
White, Woodie ... 131 
Whitfield, John ... 125 
Whitted, Tamar ... 22, 47, 

Williams, Ann ... 80 
Williams, Carlo ... 77, 131 
Williams, Chris ... 131 
Williams, Donetto ... 119 
Williams, Kothi . . . 120, 125 

Index 159 

Living On 

Williams, Mark . . . 


Wood, Chris ... 47, 126, 131 

Williams, Michael . 

. . 119, 131 

Wood, Margaret ... 83, 89, 

Williams, Patricia . 

. . 41, 47 


Williams, Regina . 

. 62, 120, 

Woodruff, Georgia ... 22, 64 


Woods, Keith ... 125 

Williams, Rondello 

. . . 125 

Woods, Rosolyn ... 125 

Williams, Sheila . . 

. 125 

Woods, Steven ... 131 

Williams, Sunnie . . 

. 119 

Wright, Cheryl ... 79, 125 

Williams, Tommie . 

. . 30, 31, 

40, 41 

Yates, Danny . . . 125 

Williams, Valine . . 

. 119 

Yates, Kenneth ... 125 

Willis, Direatha . . . 


Yelladoy, Steven ... 131 

Willis, Ernestine . . 


Young, Annette . . . 119 

Willis, Cheryl ... 131 

Young, Cathy ... 125 

Wilson, Angela . . . 

126, 131 

Young, Daria ... 24, 79, 119 

Wilson, Jonese . . . 


Young, Laura . . . 119 

Wilson, Kim ... 77 

, 131 

Wilson, Tamara . . 


Zachary, Carmella ... 47, 79, 

Winters, Cheryl . . . 



The climb seemed ro be on unending one 
yer you've reached rhor seemingly unorroino- 
ble branch. Here is o poinr of reflection, o ploce 
ro look or rhe year and all ir's happenings; here 
you look down ro see whor you've accom- 
plished. Yer ir's norhing bur a sropover, a place 
for deciding direcrlon before moving on and 
climbing higher. Ir is o poinr rhor now accom- 
plished can be revisired, possibly wirh fellow 
climbers. Dur ir is far from forgorren; nexr year 
orher dimbers will follow and resr and reflecr 
before rhey roo will move on ro anorher year 
and anorher branch. Unril rhe branch is revisir- 
ed and we garher ogoin, Peace ond may your 
climb be prosperous. 

160 Closing